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Bhongir Fort: The Hilltop Sentinel

Exploring the Forgotten Forts of Telangana: A Journey Through History and Architecture (2024)

Bhongir Fort: The Hilltop Sentinel

Perched atop a unique egg-shaped rock formation, Bhongir Fort lies in the town of Bhongir, about 50 km from Hyderabad. Built in the 12th century by the Western Chalukya ruler Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI, the fort’s design is a testament to the engineering genius of the time.

Unique Features and History of Bhongir Fort

  • The fort is built on a monolithic rock, standing at a height of around 500 feet.
  • It was later expanded by the Kakatiya rulers and played a significant role in their defense strategies.
  • The fort offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area, which was a strategic advantage in wartime.

Bhongir Fort Architectural Highlights

  • The fort’s architecture features wide moats, grand entrances, and intricate stonework.
  • It houses several ruins of palaces, barracks, and granaries, each telling tales of the past.

Visitor Experience

  • Trekking to the top of the fort is a popular activity, offering breathtaking views of the landscape.
  • The fort comes alive during sunrise and sunset, making it a favorite spot for photographers.

Medak Fort: A Blend of Architectures

Medak Fort, located in Medak town, is an architectural marvel built by the Kakatiya kings. Over time, it saw modifications by the Qutub Shahi and Asaf Jahi rulers, blending various architectural styles.

Unique Features and History of Medak Fort

  • The fort is renowned for its strategic location and robust construction, which made it almost impregnable.
  • It was a pivotal center during the reign of the Kakatiyas and later the Qutub Shahis.

Medak Fort Architectural Highlights

  • The fort showcases a blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles.
  • Notable features include a 17th-century cannon and a mosque built by the Qutub Shahi rulers.
  • The fort’s main entrance, known as the “Prathana Darwaza,” is adorned with intricate carvings and motifs.

Visitor Experience

  • Exploring the fort gives visitors a sense of various historical eras.
  • The fort’s elevated position offers stunning views of the Medak Cathedral and the surrounding regions.

Khammam Fort: The Citadel of Culture

Khammam Fort, located in Khammam city, is an embodiment of the cultural heritage of Telangana. The fort’s history dates back to the 9th century and showcases the legacy of multiple dynasties, from the Kakatiyas to the Nizams.

Unique Features and History of Khammam Fort

  • The fort has been a witness to several historical transitions, reflected in its architecture.
  • It was a significant stronghold for the Kakatiyas and later for the rulers of the Qutub Shahi and Asaf Jahi dynasties.

Khammam Fort Architectural Highlights

  • The fort features a unique mix of Hindu and Muslim architectural influences.
  • The intricate carvings, bastions, and watchtowers are significant attractions.

Visitor Experience

  • The fort’s rich history makes it a perfect destination for history buffs.
  • The fort provides an excellent view of the city and the nearby Munneru River.


The forgotten forts of Telangana, including Bhongir, Medak, and Khammam Forts, are more than just historical structures. They are the gateways to understanding the region’s rich past, architectural brilliance, and diverse cultural influences. Visiting these forts offers a unique experience, transporting one back in time and providing a deeper appreciation for Telangana’s heritage and historical significance.

Travel Tips

  • Best Time to Visit: October to March, when the weather is pleasant.
  • Accessibility: All three forts are accessible by road from Hyderabad.
  • Essentials: Comfortable footwear for trekking, water, and a camera to capture the scenic views.

Embarking on a tour of these forts not only enriches one’s knowledge of Telangana’s history but also offers a unique adventure into the heart of India’s cultural diversity.

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