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Popular Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss

16 Popular Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss (2023)

Ever got warnings from adults for eating too much street food? Yeah foodaholics, they are just jealous that they can’t enjoy as much street food as you. People might judge it as an unhealthy habit but for foodies, nothing fills their heart and stomach better than their favorite street foods.

So Lace up your shoes to pay a visit to the streets of the city of Nawabs, Lucknow.
It’d be better if you leave with an empty stomach, as the street food joints of Lucknow aren’t just about the famous Lucknowi cuisine, but the streets out there are a collection of each and every street food item you can find all over India.

Already tempting enough? No, we’ve got you more. A journey through the best street food joints in Lucknow, discussing their unique and famous dishes, and what are their major constituents.

16 Popular Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss

1. Tunday Kababi

Starting off our journey with this wonderful street food stall, famous for its variety of grilled, spicy kebabs. Located nearby Naaz Cinema Hall in the Aminabad Market, Tunday Kababi is the central hub of the Mughlai cuisine in the whole area.

Tunday Kababi - Popular Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss

Credit : Dilsefoodie Official  Image Source

After looking at this really long menu of kebabs, you might wonder which one to start with. Yes, Tunday Kebabi can leave you clueless, if you’re a fan of kebabs or particularly Mughlai cuisine. Tunday Kebabi is a must-visit street food joint of Lucknow.

2. GPO Dahi Bada

What else would be a better option to beat the heat of summer, especially when you are roaming the streets of crowded Lalbagh than the freezing Dahi Bade of GPO Dahi Bada?

Dahi Bada, made of urad dal and yogurt is one of the most popular desserts too and this place is a go-to street food joint in Lucknow for Dahi Bada (Dahi Wada)..

3. Rahim Ke Kulche Nihari

Well, it’s been a while we are talking about all other cuisines by avoiding the best street food place that serves you with the real smack of Lucknowi cuisine. The Kulcha Nihari is made of flour, desi ghee, and white creamy milk which is spiced up to serve you with one of the best foods of Lucknowi cuisine.

Rahim Ke Kulche Nihari - Popular Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss

Image Source

With more such dishes of Mughlai and Lucknowi cuisine, Rahim Ke Kulcha Nihari is located at Akbari Gate in Chowk Bazaar.

4. Prakash Kulfi

Even after being a portion of street food, you can’t find many people passing judgments over a Kulfi. The Kulfi Falooda served cold at Prakash Kulfi of Aminabad Market, will make you like it more. This desi version of Ice cream is a must for beating the summer heat.
Prakash Kulfi - Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss Image Source

5. Madhurima

It means no offense, but don’t call yourself a foodie, if you haven’t tasted the ‘veg egg’. Yes, Madhurima street food stall of Aminabad in Lucknow is famous for its unique ‘veg egg’ dish, which is, without any doubt, a completely vegetarian dish, with no eggs in it. Madhurima is famous for its other Indian desserts too, which basically serves all types of Indian cuisine.
Madhurima - Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss Image Source

6. Sharma Tea Corner

According to tea lovers, tea should be the national drink of our country and trust me, they are millions in number. It is an inheritance we have carried over decades, a perfect glass of tea, and some snacks to crack up the crispiness. No tea lover in Lucknow would’ve missed out a glass of tea from Sharma Tea Corner, which is undoubtedly the best street tea stall of Lucknow in business. A bun Muska, which is made up of butter and bun, stuffed up by raisins with a glass of tea from Sharma Tea Corner, yes, you won’t be able to stop with one. They are equally good with a bunch of crispy, spicy samosas, served at Lalbagh, near Novelty Cinema.
Sharma Tea Corner - Popular Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss Image Source

7. Parag Dairy

The usual dairy products like varieties of milk, curd, paneer, yogurt, Ice cream, peda, and the never-ending list has a huge fan base whose love for these dairy products are never-ending.

Milk and Ghee sweets are essential in the Indian cuisine and Parag Dairy of Vijay Khand in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow is a perfect example of why Indians go all crazy over the quality dairy products.

8. Wahid Biryani

Even though it’s more of a middle Eastern dish, India has more varieties of Biryani than any other country. The aromatic spices and cooked biryani rice served with salad or chicken curry and fried chicken will just turn everyone into a biryani monster.

Wahid Biryani - Popular Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss

Image Source

When you are visiting the Aminabad Market in Lucknow, you’ll eventually enter Wahid Biryani stall as not everyone can resist the temptations on air. Apart from biryani, the combination of chicken and rumali roti is also a famous dish at Wahid Biryani. This street food joint in Lucknow is a must-visit place for all non-veg food lovers.

9. Awadh Juice Center

For some reason, we tagged along with the different varieties of street foods in Lucknow and completely forgot about the thirst. When you are somewhere around Gomti Nagar, make a dash to the Awadh Juice Center in Patrakarpuram, Gomti Nagar.

All of the fruit juices are really famous for its blend of extracts and the plain liquid.

10. Nainital Momos

One of the first words which can be connected to Momos is our national capital Delhi. But Nainital Momos of Vikram Khand, Gomti Nagar is known for the varieties of Momos which are even unknown to the Delhiites. If you don’t believe this information, take a tour to this street food stall in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, and place your order for a ‘Dragon Fire Fried Momos’.

11. Moti Mahal

The name itself strikes a royal line in the city of Nawabs and yes it’s a palace made of all kinds of cuisines, mostly Indian, served hot. There’s every chance of you losing yourself in front of the tangled up imarti rabri, a sweet dessert, available at Moti Mahal, located in MG Marg, Lalbagh, Lucknow. The sweet is best served hot, which adds to its crispiness, with all the sugary juice filling up in your mouth is just heavenly.
Moti Mahal - Popular Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss Image Source

12. Sardar ke Chole Bhature

Looking for the best place to check out your cravings for Punjabi cuisine in the streets of Lucknow? Walk up to the novelty cinema area in Lalbagh and here you are. This is the second home of Punjab delicacies, and you may regret that you’re filled up without even trying a reasonable amount of the dishes here. Chole Bhature, best served with spicy Aloo and Paneer kulcha.

Sardar ke Chole Bhature - Popular Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss

Credit : Indian Food Loves You  Image Source

Overeating these, which was supposed to happen may burn up things for you, where you’ll meet the ‘sooji halwa’ one of the sweet dishes in Punjab cuisine.

13. Ram Asrey

This place is famous for its traditional Indian dessert, the one, and only Malai Paan. Having a Malai Paan after any meal, gives the whole meal a fresh new experience. It is what completes the meal. Ram Asrey street food stall, located in Nawal Kishore Road in the Hazratganj Market, takes you back to the old school taste of Malai Paan and other products.

Ram Asrey - Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss

Image Source

This street food joint in Lucknow is also famous for its sweet Rasgullas and Chena Mithai.

Finally, you can’t say no to a full glass of lassi Malai, after the special snack at Ram Asrey, Nakul, which is made up of nothing but Sweet Chana Dal.

14. Maa Durga Maa Restaurant

Not much of a restaurant but a quite big street food joint, serving the best North Indian cuisine you can ever imagine of on street stalls. Lalbagh is blessed with a number of street food stalls, which has a good fanbase. The food in Maa Durgama Restaurant mostly feels like it’s homemade.

Thaalis are an important part of north Indian cuisine and the thalli they got are just impossible to forget. Walk down the streets of Trilok Nath Marg to have a piece of North Indian cuisine.

15. Alamgir Hotel

This is one of thosestreet food joint in Lucknow which serves you with royal dishes. Alamgir hotel has major varieties in the Mughlai cuisine, the royal delicacy of Nawabs. Mughlai cuisine, consisting of mostly the non-veg dishes is a perfect treat to the non-veg lovers. The Shahi Tukda, which is considered as the royal dish of Mughals. This bread, fried with the help of ghee and added with saffron, nuts, etc has a separate fanbase.

Alamgir Hotel - Popular Street Food Joints in Lucknow That One Must Not Miss

Image Source

This is another major dish you may love to try out among the street food joints of Aminabad Market, Lucknow.

16. Jain Chaat Corner

The love story of street food stalls and Lalbagh is an epic saga that is still carried on by the best Chaat Corner in Lucknow, Jain Chaat Corner. We Indians drool over the Chaat items like it’s been a part of our culture since the evolution of humanity.

But as a foodaholic, Chaat is simply unbeatable, when it comes to an anytime snack. The batches and gol gappa, paint the streets of Lalbagh with the never-ending love for the street foods.

You’ll have a longer discussion on this love story if you have Aloo Tikki and Matar Chaat too from Jain Chaat Corner of Lalbagh.

There are a couple of other street food joints in Lucknow which deserves a mention here. Bajpayee Kachori Bandar of Hazratganj, Shukla ki chaat of Shahnajaf road, Hazratganj, Thapa of Indira Nagar, and Ram Narayan Tiwari and Sons of Aminabad Market.

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