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Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar

Top 7 Temples to Visit in Haridwar (2023)

Haridwar in Uttarakhand is a popular pilgrimage for Hindus and has exquisite temples that can mesmerize the visitor. These ancient shrines are the abode of various Gods, goddesses, and spiritual gurus and are revered.

Many of these Temples are located at a height on the hilltops. The panoramic view of Haridwar and river Ganga is stunning from the height and is a sight to behold. This holy city is also the chosen site for one of the famous Kumbh Melas, where millions of devotees gather from all over the world once every 12 years to pay their respects to the divine idols encased in the Temples.

The list of Temples in Haridwar is very long, and it is impossible to visit each one in a short period. You can join in and be a part of the massive religious gatherings in this holy town during your vacation.

Top 7 Temples To Visit In Haridwar 

Thus, we bring you the top seven Temples to visit in Haridwar on this prominent pilgrimage.

1. Mansa Devi Temple:

Haridwar is famous for its Mansa Devi temple, which is dedicated to the Mansa Devi Goddess and is on top of the Bilwa Parvat. This is one of the most visited temples in this holy city and is encased in the Shivalik Hills. To try and please the Goddess, devotees offer coconut, flowers, and even expensive jewelry. A ropeway takes you to the temple’s peak, where the scenic beauty is breathtaking. Try to book a hotel near the railway station in Haridwar to make travel relatively easy and convenient.

Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar

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Legend says the holy deity of Goddess Mansa Devi is said to have been conceived from Mahadev’s mind. Thus, the temple is said to be a “Panch Tirth” and is one of the five holy pilgrimages sacred in Hinduism. Goddess Mansa is said to be a form of “Shakti” who fulfills wishes and desires if prayers are true and from the heart. Go straight to the Bypass road in Haridwar if you want to pay your respects to the divine Goddess. Try to plan a trip here during the Navratras, the whole town and the temple shine with delight and beauty!

2. Chandi Devi Temple:

The Chandi Devi Temple is high on the Neel Parvat in the majestic Shivalik Hills. Looking down at the glorious spiritual divine town, the temple is said to be one of Haridwar’s most charming religious sites. This well-known popular pilgrimage has a huge footfall of devotees all the time.

The temple also earns the title of Siddha Peetha, and devotees come here to pay their respects and pray for their wishes to be granted. The ropeway cable car makes the tourist reach here easily. It makes the whole topology and hilly region look magnificently beautiful—the lush green trees and vegetation complement the divine aura of the hills and the city.

It was constructed in 1929 by the King ruling Kashmir during that era. It is said that Chandi Devi’s idol was positioned in the temple around the 8th century. Enjoy this spiritual and historical brush with the city. Take a long comfortable walk through the lush vegetation and the heavenly atmosphere to the top of the mountain. The Chandi Mandir is on National Highway 58, Haridwar, and the best time to visit here is during the Kumbh Mela, Chandi Chaudas, and Navratri.

3. Bharat Mata Mandir:

People from India and abroad visit the Bharat Mata Mandir on Vidyapeeth Road. The temple is 180 feet tall eight. The storeyed structure is beautifully built, white in color, and is one of the most important temples in the center of Haridwar.

The holy shrine, regarded as one of the greatest and most well-known religious sites, is considered unique because it is among the few temples devoted to the Motherland, Mother India. Devotees find this location a magnificent transcendental and mystical retreat where one can feel peace and respect India, their motherland, and the deities held within.

Amazing Temple To Visit In Haridwar-Bharat Mata Mandir


Lord Vishnu is the presiding god here. The temple also enshrines many other sacred idols such as Lord Shiva, other Gods, freedom fighters and warriors who gave up their lives for the country, and famous women such as Meera and Savitri. The place of worship is also mentioned in several well-known Hindu religious books, including the Vishnu Purana and the epic Mahabharata. The Best Time to visit the Bharat Mata Mandir is Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day, and Republic Day.

4. Maya Devi Temple:

One of the most significant religious sites to visit in Haridwar is the Maya Devi Temple, which is thought to have been built in the eleventh century. The temple honors the Hindu Goddess Maya, who is regarded as a manifestation of Adi Shakti or Absolute Power.

According to legend, Sati, Lord Shiva’s divine wife, married him, rebelling against her father. When Sati’s father, Daksh Prajapati, chose to conduct a Yagya, he invited Gods and Goddesses but purposely left Lord Shiva out. Despite being aware of this, Sati believed it was an oversight and went to her father’s house and asked him to invite Lord Shiva. Daksh, however, denigrated both Lord Shiva and his daughter. In a temper, Sati self-immolated herself in the holy fire because she could not handle her husband’s slander. After learning about Sati’s offering, Lord Shiva ordered Virbhadra and Khali to kill Daksha and obliterate the Yagya. The furious Lord, wailing and angry, did the tandava dance and carried his wife’s burnt body in his arms. Lord Vishnu cut Goddess Sati’s body into parts with his Sudarshan Chakra to liberate the universe from Shiva’s fury.

Hindu mythology states that her body parts were scattered in 52 locations throughout India, and each of these places was known as Shakti Peeth. One of the most revered shakti peeths is the Goddess Maya Devi Temple, built on Sati’s heart navel site. The temple has been constructed to honor Adi-Shakti Sati.

Also, it is amongst the revered three Shaktipeeths in the sacred town of Haridwar. In honor of the deity, Haridwar was even given the name Mayapuri in the past. The shrine has three heads and four arms and is one of the city’s Siddh Peetha temples. Along with the presiding deity, the temple is enshrined with statues of the Adi para shakti-inspired goddesses Kali and Kamakhya. If you want to see the enthralling splendor of the temple, then visit here during the Kumbh Mela and the popular Navratri days.

5. Shri Chintamani Parswanath Jain Temple:

Shri Chintamani Parswanath Jain Temple is one of Haridwar’s most distinct and well-known Jain temples. The Jains hold this popular holy place in high esteem because of its distinct identity and religious foundation. It is also regularly visited by people of different religions because of its unique architectural style.

The divine aura, aesthetic value, and grandeur of this area add to the holiness of this temple and are spellbinding. The temple was constructed during the 1990s under the patronage of Saint Padam Sagar Suri Maharaj.

The sanctuary is built in Jaisalmer stone and is bordered by lush Himalayan ranges. The majestic temple is a class apart and is constructed in Jain architectural style spanning a pretty sizeable area. You can visit this temple anytime throughout the year; it is always open to devotees!

6. Har ki Pauri:

Har Ki Pauri is regarded as one of the most revered Ghats in Haridwar and India. Many devotees and visitors in quest of blessings of the Sacred Ganga visit here daily. A bath in the Ganga and its mystical waters cleanses impurities and washes away one’s sins.

A dip in the Ganga and its mystical waters cleanses the human body of impurities and washes away sins. The evening and morning prayers or aarti occur at the holy ‘Brahmakund’ in Haridwar. This is among the four sacred places where Amrit, the life-giving nectar, was randomly spilled by Lord Vishnu’s heavenly bird Garuda.

In the evening, uncountable diyas and brightly lighted candles offered by devotees illuminate the river in golden hues. It’s a mesmerizing sight, and people from around the world visit Haridwar to see this enthralling splendor.

River Ganga regally and proudly flows through the Himalayan ranges and greets the plains at Har Ki Pauri. Thus, it is a divine, tranquil and blissful place where one can meditate to attain salvation. People sit here and chant their prayers and the holy mantras. The loud sound of the temple gongs, the sages praying, the holy aarti of the Ganges, and the spiritual ambiance of Haridwar exude serenity and peace of mind.

The Ganga aarti should be noticed when you are in Haridwar. Standing at the Har Ki Pauri and looking down at the gleaming deeyas illuminating the sacred river is a sight to behold.

The Best Time to visit Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar is between March and October. Try to se the splendor of the atmosphere in Haridwar during Diwali, Chhath, Vaisakhi, and Kumbh Mela.

7. Daksha Mahadev Temple:

This Lord Shiva’s temple in Kankhal is flooded with ardent devotees during the holy month of Sawan in August, and there is hardly any place to stand. Just about 4 kms from Haridwar lies this magnificently beautiful temple named after King Daksha Prajapati. Sati, Lord Shiva’s wife, was the daughter of King Daksh.

Haridwar Daksha Mahadev Temple, a well-known Shiva temple in Kankhal, is thronged with worshipers during the auspicious month of Sawan in August. Daksha is among the Creator and guardian deities or 14 Prajapatis, responsible for reproduction, procreation, and guardians in Hindu mythology. The temple is near the popular, well-known Das Mahavidya temple, devoted to the Mahavidyas. A visit to Haridwar is incomplete without a visit to one of the above-mentioned sacred shrines in Haridwar.

Haridwar is the ideal vacation destination for anyone looking for spiritual guidance. The holy city allows its visitors to engage in spiritual experiences and blend in the natural surroundings and pervasively mystical atmosphere. The historic city, at one time, was recognized for its famous “Ganga snan or bath to wash off sins” and immersing the ashes of the dead.

But times have changed, and the holy town reverberates with its lively and enthralling fusion of traditions and cultural heritage and remains a popular Hindu pilgrimage site. Nowadays, Haridwar is a leading center for meditation, yoga, and learning the ancient Sanskrit language.

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