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Discover The 9 Best Tourist Attractions in Kanatal and Surrounding (2024)

Kanatal is a beautiful and picturesque hill station in Uttarakhand in India, and the opulent and majestic Himalayas and lush green forests surround it. Encased amongst abundant natural scenic beauty, this quaint laid-back town in the hills, at almost 2590 meters or 8500 feet above sea level, is a peaceful and serene getaway for travelers. In the Garhwal region, Kanatal offers tourists a relaxed environment, unbeatable natural beauty, and glorious panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Bird watching, rock climbing, rappelling, camping, nature walks, photography and so much more await visitors here. Whether you stay at a budget hotel, a luxury resort or a campsite, you can enjoy a few comfortable days here as you let the fresh, natural air rejuvenate your insides. Let us tell you at a glance what Kanatal has in store for you. There are many places to intrigue the visitor, but we list the best places to visit in and around Kanatal.

The surrounding Kaudia Forest is a photographer’s delight and is thus a favourite hub for travellers. Many visitors visit the forest to check out the unique birds, go hiking, and explore the greens of this rejuvenating getaway.

9 Best Tourist Attractions in Kanatal and Surrounding Areas

Pave your way to the intriguing Dhanaulti and the heritage temples. Let’s learn in more detail:

1. Surkanda Devi Temple:

Surkanda Devi Temple is a famous pilgrimage at approximately 2,756 meters. The surrounding valleys and the breathtaking views with a dash of spirituality are heaven for a tired and harassed visitor. This quaint temple is a holy shrine of Goddess Parvati and hundreds of devotees visit here to pay their respects.

Visitors can enjoy several attractions and activities in and around Kanatal, besides a glorious view of the majestic mountain peaks. This popular Devi Temple is roughly a 3 kms walk from the Kaddukhal village and is a major tourist attraction because of its breathtaking scenes and spiritual ambiance.

According to folklore, this was where the head of Goddess Sati fell when Lord Shiva carried her body when he was returning to Kailash. Thus, the temple was named Sirkandha. The grandeur of this temple during Navratri and Ganga Dussehra is unbeatable!

2. Mussoorie:

Although around 40 kilometers from Kanatal, tourists cannot resist heading to Mussoorie to spend the day for entertainment and fun. This famous hill station, or the “Queen of Hills,” has stunning scenic splendor, fantastic views, excellent weather, and several tourist attractions like Gun Hill, Kempty Falls, and Mall Road to keep visitors busy.

3. Tehri Dam:

Tehri Dam, at a height of 1700 meters, is an eye-striking tall dam lying near Kanatal that is famous worldwide for its height and hydroelectricity powering properties. The dam offers a stunning and breathtaking view of majestic hills surrounding the bright blue waters of the beautiful Tehri Lake. The Tehri Dam is one of Asia’s most famous and highest dams. The massive dam is 260 meters above sea level and is the world’s tenth-tallest dam construction!

People go to the lake to enjoy water sports such as boating, water zorbing, skiing, etc. The joy of treading waters in the middle of the mountains has a strange excitement and is a serene experience for the traveller. The floating huts here need a mention for their residential comforts and exquisite beauty.

Whether you are a nature lover, an adventure enthusiast, or a thrill seeker, the Tehri Dam has plenty of opportunities to keep you busy and active. The sight is mesmerizing, and the calm waters flowing at the height hold a significant attraction for the people. Water from the Bhagirathi River is diverted, and the reservoir of Tehri Lake stores it, adding to the area’s visual appeal. Enjoy Kayaking, paragliding, canoeing, and hot air balloon rides, besides the other activities listed here.

4. Kaudia Jungle:

Rich biodiversity greets the traveler who visits the Kaudia jungle. A delight for the trekking community and nature enthusiasts, the Kaudia jungle is a dense green forest that hosts awesomely glorious waterfalls, natural springs, stretches of land, plenty of colourful and green flora and majestic flora in the middle of scenic glory. If you are lucky you can spot kakars, ghoral, musk deer, wild boars, and many bird species in the forests.

Trek the easy first 5 to 6 kms and admire the green cover as you walk along the stretch of hills and valleys, or go for a short peaceful walk in the wilderness of the Kaudia jungle. The forest is ideal for adventure lovers, photographers, and nature enthusiasts and excellent for bird-watching, picnics, hiking, and nature photography. Take a picnic basket full of yummy goodies to munch on because you will not find anything in this spotless Kaudia Forest.

The serene forest ends and embraces a fantastic view of majestic hills and glorious valleys. As you finish your forest walk breathe in the clear mysterious air. The sound of the gurgling waters and the chirping birds are a delight. You can also avail of a Jeep Safari after getting appropriate permission from the authorities.

5. New Tehri:

The old town of Tehri was flooded due to the Tehri Dam’s construction, triggering the construction of the present-day city of New Tehri. It provides excellent perspectives of both the dam and the nearby Himalayan peaks. Additionally, you can enjoy unique water sports such as jet skiing and banana boat excursions organised by Tehri adventure tourist complex and explore the floating huts in Tehri Lake.

New Tehri, is probably the only well-designed and superbly constructed township and a popular tourist destination in Kanatal. The city, is famous for a massive and lucrative hydroelectricity project recognized worldwide. The town, positioned tall and high at a staggering height of 1950 metres above sea level, offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the magnificent Tehri Lake and the well-known Tehri Dam. A superb panoramic view of the mountains and the sprawling waters of the Tehri Dam surrounds this gorgeous place. This enticing sight includes an incredible splendour of nature and is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

When organizing a tranquil and rejuvenating excursion, many people go to New Tehri. The town’s geographical placement is outstanding. The beautiful snow-clad Himalayas and the blue-turquoise Tehri Lake flank it. This hill station is an ideal romantic retreat and an extraordinary place for a family vacation. If you want to spend rejuvenating days with your friends and family for a holiday, or peacefully spend an intimate and idyllic vacation, then escape here and enter nature’s loving embrace.

6. Temples in the Tehri Region:

The artificially manufactured Tehri Lake Reservoir, with its bright blue emerald waters, stands where the Bhilangana and Bhagirathi Rivers converge. The city is considered spiritual and pious because of the Chandrabadni, Sem Mukhem, and other temples here. Today, Old Tehri lies immersed in water at one end. On the other end stands New Tehri, bustling with aerial and water activities depicting a perfect blend of old traditions greeting modernity.

The Tehri Dam is the town’s main appeal. It brings in thousands of visitors yearly, which is not only why Tehri is famous. As the tourists stare and admire the mesmerising sights of the large dam’s size and unblemished beauty of the blue waters, the temples here trigger the spiritual streak in the travellers.

The town is home to numerous temples, including the famous Buda Kedar, where Kaurav’s son Duryodhana is alleged to have served Tarpana, Sem Mukhem Temple of the snake god, and Chandrarabadni Temple devoted to Sati, Lord Shiva’s consort. These temples are held in high esteem by the locals and other devotees. Local people and many pilgrims routinely travel to this town to offer prayers to the deity.

7. Dhanaulti:

Dhanaulti is a nearby hill station located only 15 kms from Kanatal but considered a “must visit” hill station. Even though it officially isn’t in Kanatal and lies nearby, it is proximity, and exciting activities make it unique for people. A short drive away, it provides visitors with incredible and breathtaking vistas of snow-capped mountains.

Engage in adventure sports like rappelling and zip-lining and participate in other exciting activities. A few kilometres from Kanatal, Dhanaulti is recognised as a well-liked vacation spot, renowned for its panoramic views and pleasant weather. Whether going horseback riding, visiting camping sites, or spending time at Eco Park, Dhanaulti has plenty to keep you occupied. A Visit to the eco-parks and unwinding in the peaceful setting can rejuvenate your senses.

Dhanaulti gradually seeps into your senses as a lovely dreamland, and embraces the visitor calmly and quietly. If you need to unwind and take a much-needed break from your regular chores and mundane everyday existence, if you want to spend a few hours with minimal human involvement, come here. The place greets the traveller and delights the senses without overloading or overpowering them.

Dhanaulti’s main attraction, the Eco Park has two sections, Amber and Dhara, managed by the Uttarakhand Forest Department. Deodar and Pine forests surround the park and are home to various wildlife and bird species. Plan to visit this natural refuge near Kanatal to experience a great time outdoors.

The sunrise and sunset views from Eco Park are exquisite and the spectacular surroundings delight the visitor. Organise treks through the exciting forest trails and admire the incredible scenery. The vast expanse of crystal clear waters, fresh air to breathe and awe-striking panoramas can be seen in plenty in Dhanaulti.

The elevation of almost 2,286 meters above the sea level, makes adventure camping at this unspoiled hamlet a viral activity. Travel companies organize trips, hill climbing, treks, trailing, and foresting here. Another popular camp spot that needs special mention is the Burma Bridge, a popular camping site for a superb perfect campfire experience.

Admire the snow shining on the glaciers of Gangotri and Bandarpoonch from here. Click a few pics and trek away the trails to enjoy these sights from far. If you are in Kanatal, visiting here should be a mandatory bucket list item!

8. Apple Orchards:

Do you admire the luscious red apples and long to dig your teeth into them? Plan a visit to the famous apple orchards of Kanatal. This beautiful hill-town is surrounded and encased warmly by apple orchards. Visit the orchards to admire nature from a close range and experience the delightful sight of the trees bent double under the weight of the apples in the apple season. Take a rejuvenating walk through the lush green orchards, carry a basket, pluck fresh apples, and delight in the delicious flavours.

9. Chamba:

Well, farfetched as it may seem- Chamba it is! As we end, we can’t resist mentioning Chamba, which may be hours away from Kanatal but is an excellent place for an overnight stay. Increase a day in your holiday, and don’t miss this chance to breathe in this quaint hill town’s fresh, clean spiritual breeze. Chamba, maybe hours away from Kanatal, is unique and renowned for its scenic beauty, historic temples, caves, and edifices. It is a great spiritual and rejuvenating spot ideal for relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty. This charming town offers panoramic views of the Himalayas, surrounded by the pure, pristine beauty of the regal Bhagirathi River to refresh and revitalise the senses.

Its stunning Pir Panjal sights, views of Zanskar, and the majestic Dhauladhar ranges are picture perfect for tired eyes. This area is home to several ancient caves, old temples, and buildings with rich and unmatched historical significance. This Himalayan town, at the height of 996 meters, overlooks the banks of the River Ravi.

Kanatal and the surrounding areas are a spectacular retreat ideal for a holiday, miles away from the humdrum of the cities. This tranquil getaway is awash with brightly colored homes and crystal clear rivers and lakes to mesmerize visitors. It offers a pleasing ambiance, great weather, and beautiful landscapes for rejuvenation and revitalization. “Bliss sheer spiritual bliss,” along with the perfect blend of adventure, scenic beauty, and relaxation, is what Kanatal spells for the traveller.

Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport is about 75 kms away from the charming Kanatal and the hill-station is also well-connected by train, car and bus.

We include the best tourist attractions in Kanatal and gorgeous surrounding areas here. The region offers scenic beauty and plenty of natural exploration, adventure, fun, and frolic opportunities. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance and savour the beauty of the Himalayas during your Kanatal visit.

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