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Top 9 Sight-Seeing Spots in Dharan, Nepal

Top 9 Sight-Seeing Spots in Dharan, Nepal (2024)

Located in the Sunsari district of Nepal, Dharan is a semi-urban city with a moderate population. Mostly known for its craze regarding football, this eastern Nepali city is pretty underrated. As this town is located pretty close to India, its culture and traditions are similar to India. Commonly, Dharan is regarded as ‘mini-Brazil’ due to its love for football. The entire city is located at the foothills of the majestic Mahabharata ranges. That is why it has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Even a few years back, not many tourists knew of Dharan, but now things have changed for this Nepali city.

Tourists love visiting this site for its natural beauty as well as for the multitude of activities it offers. As Dharan is located by the Koshi and Tamor river, river rafting is pretty standard over there. Apart from rafting, travelers also participate in hiking and trekking in the variety of sites situated there. With tremendous natural beauty and easy terrain, hiking in the beautiful pathways of Dharan is undoubtedly a pleasant experience. Apart from the natural allure and adventure activities, Dharan has a tremendous religious significance to the Hindu community. There are so many historical temples located in this city that seeing all of them in a couple of days would be a challenge for tourists.

The historical aspect of Dharan also makes it widely acceptable to all categories of travelers. Founded in 1580 AD, this city was as important as its neighborhood, Bijyaypur in Nepal. At that time, King Mawrong ruled the region. Later during the British reign, Dharan played a significant role in the business ventures between England and Nepal. If you are planning on visiting Dharan, you can do that at any time of the year. But the winters are the most beautiful as you get to witness the snow-capped mountains surrounding it while hiking or trekking over there. To reach Dharan, you will have to avail of the Biratnagar airport, located 37 km away from the town. Or else, you can avail the Bhadrapur airport, located 103 km away from the city.

Top 9 Sight-Seeing Spots in Dharan, Nepal

The places included in the following list are the most popular tourist destinations in Dharan. They have both religious and historical significance in Nepal.

1. Namaste Waterfall

The Namaste Waterfall is located in the Dhankuta district of Nepal. This waterfall can be reached from Dharan within half an hour and is undoubtedly the most popular site over there. With a height of 80 meters, this cascading fall makes for a beautiful spectacle. If you visit there, you will genuinely be surprised by its spectacular scenic view. One of the best things about this waterfall is its locality. As it is situated in a secluded region full of lush green forests, you will get to enjoy it in tranquility.

Namaste Waterfall - Sight-Seeing Spot in Dharan, Nepal

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It does get its fair share of tourists, but the crowd never gets too rowdy. Moreover, there are so many roadside stalls located by this waterfall. Hence, tourists do not get to litter in this area. As we have mentioned earlier, Namaste waterfall is located inside the beautiful village of Bhedetar. To reach the site, you will have to hike for 2 km in Bhedetar. This hike is absolutely fantastic as you get to see the rural life of Nepal. Moreover, the picturesque settings of this village also help a lot while walking for a long distance. While visiting Namaste Waterfall, do not forget to carry your water bottle and food as there are no shops located in its surroundings.

Address: Dharan Dhankuta Rajmarga, Dhankuta 56800, Nepal.

Entry Timings: 8 am to 5 pm.

2. Buddha Subba Temple

Judging by its outer appearance, you will might guess that Buddha Subba temple is a regular tiny temple in Dharan, but after knowing its history will want to change your mind. Originally built on the tomb of the last Limbu King of the Morang district of Nepal, King Buddhi Karna Raya Rai, a wide variety of folklores surrounds the Buddha Subba Temple. The folklores primarily arise from the assassination of King Buddhi Karna Raya Rai. The King was killed by the influence of King Prithvi Narayan Shah, the then King of Nepal. By alluring King Buddhi Karna in Bijaypur-Dharan, Shah was able to help in his murder.

Local people of Dharan still believe that the spirit of King Buddhi Karna wanders around this temple. But they believe him to be harmless and helpful. Many residents even worshipped the King’s tomb to get blessings from him. These stories are the main reasons why such a tiny temple as Buddha Subba gets so many visitors. Even if you do not believe in superstition, you will find the location of this site fascinating.

Address: Budhasubba Path, Dharan 56700, Nepal.

3. Namche Bazaar

Located 125 km away from Dharan, Namche Bazaar should not have been on this list, but its tremendous natural beauty and importance make it a great addition to the list. With an altitude of 11,482 feet, the Namche Bazaar is undoubtedly chilly. Many people start their trekking to Mount Everest from this area. It would be great for you to go to Namche Bazaar while visiting Dharan because you will get to see one of the unique markets in the world by visiting there. This area was specifically created to cater to the mountaineers and trekkers. Earlier, only trekking equipment was found over there.

Now, all kinds of Tibetan and Nepali items are available in the different shops of this market. If you go there, do not forget to shop for a wide range of homemade products, including butter, yak cheese, traditional Nepalese handicraft items, and others. Apart from the shops, the fascinating thing about Namche is its scenic views. From any point of the valley, you will get to witness the majestic Himalayan peaks. The surrounding snow-capped mountains will make you forget every worry of your life. If you visit this phenomenal site on a Saturday, you will get to visit the Tibetan market that sells authentic items from Tibet at cheap rates.

4. Pindeshwor Temple

Located right at the heart of Dharan, the Pindeshwor temple is one of the most visited places in the city. As this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple genuinely gets lit up during Maha Shivratri. Devotees from different parts of Nepal and India visit there to pay their tribute and worship the deity. If you want to witness the Mahashivratri celebration in the Pindeshwor temple, try visiting Dharan in July. Many Hindu pilgrims go there barefoot to maintain the authenticity of the rituals. One of the most common ways for paying tribute to the Shiva Linga in the Pindeshwor temple is by carrying the water of the sacred Koshi river.

As the Saptakoshi or Koshi river is located by the Barahachetra temple, pilgrims have to walk for a long distance to reach there. One of the unique things about the temple is the eternal flame of its lamp. At all costs, the lamp is always kept burning. Even though the Pindeshwor temple’s architecture is not spectacular and does not have a rich cultural history, visiting there would connect you to the indigenous people of Nepal.

5. Dharan Clock Tower

One of the most notable things in Dharan is certainly its massive clock tower. This tower was constructed in 1991 and is 75.6 feet high. Due to the immense height of the tower, it stands out in the city. You can notice it from different points of Dharam without any problem. The Government of Nepal constructed this clock tower to commemorate the victims of the 1988-earthquake in Nepal. You will be shocked to know that only 5000 residents of Dharan were left due to this immensely impactful earthquake. The rest of them fell prey to the devastating natural calamity.

You can get a panoramic view of the entire town from the top of the clock tower. At a time, only 50 people can stand there. The architecture of this tower is eerily similar to a famous clock tower in Hong Kong. The actual reason for this similarity is that the Dharan Hong Kong Manch constructed it. This committee consists of people who immigrated to Macao and Hong Kong. The committee helped Nepal Government in the construction of this project by providing financial assistance. This clock tower can be found in the Bhanuchowk area of Dharan.

6. Bijaypur

Bijyapur is a village located highly close to Dharan. If you are staying at the main city center of Dharan, you could quickly go there by walking for ten to twenty minutes. This Dharan region is popular among tourists as it is home to the famous Buddha Subba temple and the Dantakali Temple. Both of these temples have substantial religious significance to the Hindu community of Nepal and India. As these sites are located in this area, people tend to stay in Bijaypur while exploring Dharan.

Bijaypur is one of the most famous localities in Dharan. Located quite close to H08 road, this area can be reached without any hassle. Other major tourist attractions in Dharan, including the famous Pindeshwor Temple, are located pretty close to this neighborhood in Dharan.

7. Dantakali Temple

Located only 3 km away from the Bhanuchowk area of Dharan, the Dantakali temple is one of Nepal’s most important Hindu temples. This site is one of the 52 Shakti Peeths in the world. It is believed the Goddess Sati’s teeth fell in this region, and that is why the name ‘Dantakali’ is conferred to this temple. As ‘Danta’ in English means, teeth. As this site is located in the Bijaypur area of Dharan, the view surrounding it is pretty beautiful. Surrounded by green mountains and a serene atmosphere, visiting the Dantakali temple will transport you to another world. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and was constructed by the locals of Dharan in 1978 AD.

Even though the Dantakali temple is built with only three roofs, cement, and a metal pinnacle, it is pretty intriguing to view. If you enter the temple premises, you will see the teeth that are believed to be of Goddess Parvati. The Hindu devotees worship a string of silver-plated rocks. During the time of Navaratri, this temple gets a lot of devotees and visitors. Goat sacrifice is pretty shared in this temple complex during the Maha Asthami day of the festival.

8. Sunkoshi

Originating from the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Sunkoshi is one of the major rivers of Nepal. Due to its proximity to Dharan, many people prefer visiting there to participate in river rafting. Commonly known as the ‘river of gold,’ Sunkoshi is magnificent and the perfect site to get into some adventurous activities in Dharan. Apart from river rafting, kayaking is also an everyday activity that is conducted in this river. The length of this river is around 270 km. If you are an expert river rafter, you can embark on the river rafting trip on Sunkoshi while visiting Dharan.

In case you do not have much interest in river rafting, you can always visit Sunkoshi to appreciate its beauty. The surrounding area of Sunkoshi is equally majestic. The lush green mountains and the thick forests make the area otherworldly. You can enjoy the splendor of the river by relaxing by the golden beach of Sunkoshi.

9. Chinde Dada

Chinde Dada is one of the most beautiful areas of Daharan that is quite popular among adventure enthusiasts. This spot is located only 5 km from the Bhanuchowk area of Dharan and can be reached by hiking. One of the main reasons behind this site’s popularity is its natural beauty. The panoramic view of Dharan that you will get to see from Chinde Dada is genuinely unparalleled. Not only the spot but the path leading to the point is also breathtakingly beautiful.

It is one of the only spots for paragliding in Dharan. If you have always dreamt about paragliding, have a go at it while exploring Dharan. Chinde Dada is also an excellent site for witnessing mesmerizingly beautiful sunsets and sunrises in Dharan.

Dharan is one of the most underrated sites in Nepal. This city might not have the Himalayas views, but it has a rustic ambiance that makes it pretty different from the other major tourist attractions in Nepal. We hope you got a lot of important information by reading this blog.

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