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Phi Phi Reggae Bar - The Party-Goers List Of Top Phi Phi Nightlife Place

The Party-Goers List Of Top 7 Phi Phi Nightlife Places (2024)

Travellers from all over the world come to Thailand to enjoy some great parties. Phi Phi island is considered as one of the best party spots in the country as it houses a number of exciting and fun bars. Most of the bar options in Phi Phi go for two contrasting styles and approaches. There are bars which have a laid back and more of a relaxing vibe, while on the other hand, the second type is the one which has a wild, pumping and peppy vibes.

However, if you are someone who prefers parties which have a blend of both of these types, then don’t worry because there are also some bars in Phi Phi that succeed in wrapping both ambiences in one single venue. The bar with the laid – back vibes is usually spent on the cushions of a bamboo and thatch bar set right on the beach with good music and few chilled beers. The other type is more of a frantic night out that involves loud blaring music, wild dance floors right on the sand and a plentiful of bucket cocktails. When in Phi Phi, there is literally no shortage of party places for anyone. Still if you want to know some of the best ones, we have already shortlisted them for you!

The Party-Goers List Of Top 7 Phi Phi Nightlife Places

1. Phi Phi Reggae Bar

This bar has been standing proudly in the Tonsai village since long. It is a rather large and spacious venue featuring all the elements for the guests to have the best night party of their life. Located in the eastern part of the village, right between the Tonsai and Loh Dalum bays, this party place features large screen broadcasting sports events, five bars with talented and friendly bartenders, loud music, pool tables and a Thai boxing ring right in the centre. You may feel that the boxing ring is out of place, but Muay Thai boxing is the main attraction of this bar. Every night professional demonstrations are held and often spectators are also invited to fight. Probably it is the association of alcohol and friendly fighting, which makes it such a fun party place.

Phi Phi Reggae Bar - The Party-Goers List Of Top Phi Phi Nightlife Place

Photo Courtesy Reggae Bar Phi Phi Islands Thailand Image Source

Location: Central Tonsai by Jordan’s Irish Pub

Timings: 5 PM to 2 AM

2. Carlito’s Beach Bar & Night Club

Blessed with a great location along the path leading to the eastern end of Tonsai Bay, Carlito’s Beach bar and nightclub is set in two buildings, one on either side of the path. It is just the right place to party like in an open – air disco to the beats of Thai as well as international DJs. During the afternoon hours, the place has more relaxing vibe and the guests can get yoga lessons, check mails using free WiFi, play a game of backgammon or practice unlit-fire chain handling. However, it is at the night that the vibe of the place changes drastically. Flooded with loud music and daring fire shows on the beach, guests can enjoy mixed cocktails and dance to the tunes until late.

Top Phi Phi Nightlife Place-Carlito’s Beach Bar & Night Club

Photo Courtesy Carlito’s Bar  Image Source

Location: On the way out of Tonsai Village towards Long Beach and Tonsai East

Timings: 12 PM to 2 AM

3. Banana Rooftop Bar

Set on the roof of the Sombrero Mexican Restaurant, Banana Rooftop Bar is accessible by a wonky spiral staircase. One can say that the place has managed to remain one of the top favourite party places for the people of Phi Phi, since 2008, the year in which the place opened. Banana rooftop bar offers stunning views over Lah Dalum, including mesmerising sunsets and it even houses half a dozen of bamboo salas which are further provided with mats and cushions. To ensure that the guests remain entertained, the banana rooftop bar offers great music, exciting fire shows and even a hula hoop content which are performed in the evening. It is an actually good hangout and party spot.

Banana Rooftop Bar-Top Phi Phi Nightlife PlaceImage Source

Location: Central Tonsai

Timings: 4 PM to late at night

4. Sun Flower Beach Bar and Restaurant

Though a party place, but it has comparatively a very relaxed venue. So, if your idea of party resonates sipping your favourite drinks, listening to light music and relaxing, then this bar is the place for you. Located right on the beach, sun flower beach bar features salas, hammocks and mat which are set around a bamboo and thatch building. This entire set up provides the place a pure hippie – era spirit. Another advantage of the place is that the view of the bay from here is just stunning and the whole ambience is so laid – back, that you can be completely carefree and party like no one’s watching.

Top Phi Phi Nightlife Place-Sun Flower Beach Bar and Restaurant

Photo Courtesy Sunflower Beach Bar & Restaurant  Image Source

Location: Viewpoint end of the northern side of the Loh Dalum Beach

Timings: 11 AM to 11.30 PM

5. Stockholm Syndrome

Featuring two storeys, Stockholm syndrome is one great venue to have a fun night party in Phi Phi island. Though two storeyed, but the major action happens on the ground floor with pool tables, small dance floor and beer pong tables. In comparison to the ground floor, the second floor is rather quite and is more of a comfortable lounge where you can sip in and enjoy your drink in peace. The entire atmosphere is pretty peppy and festive. Moreover, you would also be pleased to know that the prices at which the drinks are offered here are on par with the usual rates on the Phi Phi island, so you don’t have to worry about any added expense.


Best Phi Phi Nightlife Place-Stockholm SyndromeImage Source

Location: In the same area as the Reggae Bar

Timings: 2 PM to late at night

6. Slinky Bar

Slinky bar is a large open air disco located right on the sandy beach offering the party animals a huge number of cool choices. Some of the entertainment opportunities that are offered to the guests at Slinky bar include dancing, face and body painting, exciting fire shows, fire skipping, fire limbo, a mechanical bull ride and a lot more. Since the cocktail buckets and drinks are pretty affordable, don’t get too lost and drunk. Music is played here on a huge sound system and is quite in sync with some of the trendiest European clubs. The energy here is crazy and the ambience addictive. Slinky Bar is also known to celebrate full, half and black moon parties in style.

Top Phi Phi Nightlife Place-Slinky BarImage Source

Location: Central Loh Dalum Beach

Timings: 4 PM to late at night

7. Dubliner Irish Pub

Right in the centre of things, Dubliner Irish Pub is a popular pub in Phi Phi island. With an in-house DJ, occasional live Irish music and a bar designed in a way so that everyone has to face each other, socialising has become too easy. The energy at Dubliner Irish Pub is just insane. Some days it is frenetic and some days it is packed busy. Whether you wish to dance, hang out with friends, play pool or just literally chill while watching the life happening outside, Dubliner Irish Pub is suitable for everyone.

 Dubliner Irish Pub in Phi Phi Nightlife PlaceImage Source

Location: Central Tonsai by Reggae Bar

Timings: 10 AM to late at night

Now that you know these amazing nightlife places in Phi Phi, we hope that you create the best memories on your vacation!

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