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The Boardwalk - Top Attractions to Visit in Atlantic City Besides Gambling

Top 10 Attractions to Visit in Atlantic City Besides Gambling (2024)

Atlantic City is one of the best places in New Jersey, known for its seaside resorts. It has some beautiful long beaches, which contain a multitude of entertainment facilities. Atlantic City is so attractive for tourists that it is called the Las Vegas of the East due to the plethora of casinos that this city offers to its visitors! This tag is also due to the enormous number of theaters and theatre-like events that hold events like boxing and beauty pageants in Atlantic City. There are multiple restaurants and other entertainment places, including a large and beautiful promenade in front of the sea. There are multiple best places to see in Atlantic City besides gambling in different casinos. The place is full of surprises because even though it is the entertainment hub for most people, it can offer calm, with its historically significant places.

This growth and direction of the business are highly surprising because the Atlantic city started as a tiny, tranquil village, mainly known for fishing. However, as early as the 1850s, it had changed its scene entirely and grew into a resort. It has some of the best options for Entertainment, including surfing, sailing, and swimming. Atlantic city is now one of the most prominent places for tourist destinations in the United States.

Top 10 Attractions to Visit in Atlantic City Besides Gambling

1. The Boardwalk

This is one of the most popular places, also being famous as a landmark in Atlantic City. It has a multitude of things to do. They include stretches of wood, which are almost four miles long. These survived the 2012 Hurricane, which almost destroyed anything. They have been standing since the 1870s and are a source of immense popularity.

The Boardwalk - Top Attractions to Visit in Atlantic City Besides Gambling

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This is easy to go to. You can travel on foot, or choose to use a tram or a rolling chair. This rolling chair is a fun thing to experience as it is like a rickshaw, wherein chairs are pushed for you. Other attractive destinations include the “Entrance to the Stars,” which is a rip off from Hollywood’s walk of fame, but has its value and beauty! It also has the handprints of some of the greatest stars, including Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra.

2. The Steel Pier

The steel pier is one of the best places to visit. It is to Atlantic City what Coney Island is to New York. It has a rich history and has been standing tall since 1898. It is one of America’s best-visited places, as it was rebuilt and made better in 1993. There is a whole myriad of rides that are available for all age groups. There’s teacups and trains for kids and some huge roller coasters for the adults to enjoy. Some of the more adventurous thrills include the Flyer or the Slingshot.

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There are some fantastic views that you would be able to experience amidst the excitement. The most recent addition here has been the wheel, which is an absolute royalty. It is ticket-based and family-friendly. It stands at 227 feet and would give you the view of a lifetime. Just a little walk later, you can find another pier, which too is quite old. It is called Ocean One. This has been famous since a captain opened his pier.

This has a high-end shopping mall and is a beautiful landmark, with spectacular sights like a musical fountain.

3. Absecon Lighthouse

Being a seaside town, lighthouses are bound to be on the list. The Absecon Lighthouse is actually an ancient structure that has been standing since 1857. It offers some of the best views, and you would definitely be thrilled at having visited it. You could also find the lighthouse keeper’s house as it is interesting to visit along with a museum that offers a wholesome history about lighthouse keepers and their work.

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4. Lucy the Margate Elephant

There are a few incredible landmarks, and the Elephant is one of the seaside treats. It is a 65 foot, and six-story long Elephant made of tin and wood. It was built in 1881 so that more people would buy property in a particular place. Hence, Lucy was used as a deck for observation. It was almost to be dismantled in the 1960s but was saved.

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Today, it stands at Josephine park and is a Registered Historical Landmark. There is a tiny structure on its back, and it has one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the place that anyone could ever imagine. This is one of its biggest attractions, as the view from the top is a much-awaited stance.

5. Boardwalk Hall

This is one of the most famous places in Atlantic City. If you are fortunate enough to stay in the city, you should check out this concert hall. It even hosts the Miss America finals. If you are into music, you should take a look at some of the most prominent musical instruments that it is home to.

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It was opened in 1929, and has been a structure of pride and reverence ever since! You would be surprised to see the vibe it gives off compared to the city’s general entertainment hub.

6. Atlantic City Aquarium

This place has some of the best and most interactive things to see. It showcases marine life from all over the world, using attractive and hands-on exhibits that visitors can see. Some of the most famous attractions include tiger sharks, sea bass, stingrays, reefs, and predators.

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Many children visit this place and enjoy watching the sharks, reptiles, amphibians, and think tanks. There are also exotic displays, and there are shows twice a day to visitors who are interested in them.

7. Atlantic City Historical Museum

This museum in Atlantic City is the basic commemoration of how a tiny fishing village turned into one of the biggest Entertainment faces and took over the industry. It includes exhibits like costumes and photographs but ranges to postcards and Miss America’s memories.

There is footage from the pageant that is there in the archives and also some beach shots of Thomas Edison. There are also collections and research papers that refer to the city’s development, cultural and paradigm changes in cultures.

8. War Memorials

There are multiple war memorials to visit and stand at awe in Atlantic City. One of the oldest is a World War 1 memorial, a tribute to those who lost their lives in the fight. It was built in 1922. There is also a Korean War Memorial that is very famous and was built as a tribute to the people who lost their lives while fighting for a righteous democracy in Korea.

Top Attraction to Visit in Atlantic City-War Memorials

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9. Gardner’s Basin

This is a waterfront park in Atlantic City that has some of the most exciting things to look at. It has exhibits like the Steel Pier Diving Bell. This was used to take any visitors to the sea bed level. Many cruises help people participate in activities like dolphin watching or fishing. There are also some fascinating stores right in front of the water with incredible views of the ocean.

10. Atlantic City Art Center

The Atlantic City Art Center is exclusive because it stands on a municipal pier. The art it showcases is by both regional and national artists. It is a beautiful place and includes photos, sculptors, and paintings, making it a collection of a diverse range of media. It also holds many concerts, including demonstrations about art and poetic and story readings.

If you have the taste of art, this is a quaint little place, a calm in the middle of Atlantic City’s hustle.


Time for you to have a gala time in Atlantic City! It is a beautiful place and the above were the best places to see in Atlantic City besides gambling in some casinos. However, you can do some more research as this place is an epiphany of wonders and has the potential to be very surprising. There are multiple hotels, including budget range and luxury ones, that you could stay in and enjoy one of the greatest cities on the planet.

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