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Uspenski Cathedral Birds Eye View, Helsinki Travel

Helsinki Travel: FAQ on Helsinki For Tourists (2024)

Helsinki is the largest town in Finland. Helsinki is located on the southern border of Finland, next to the Baltic Sea. The residence and visitors can enjoy the warm weather and landscape of this coastal city during June, July, and August. The population of Helsinki is 670,000. Helsinki has the largest International airport in Finland. Tourists from all over the world come to Helsinki during summer to travel and visit several other attractions of Finland. Most visitors come from Russia, Scandinavia, and neighboring countries like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The tourists arrive at Helsinki by the airport, seaport, train and by road. The cost of traveling is a lot less by train and ferries. Few Europeans drive to take their car on the boat at Stockholm, Sweden, or Tallinn, Estonia, that lands at Helsinki.

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How Much Does It Cost To Travel To Helsinki?

The expense of local traveling within Helsinki by bus and train is about $ 30 to 40 per person. The cost of traveling per person is the same for a group of 4 to 6 individuals who may decide to travel by rental car or taxi.

Stay in Helsinki: How Much Does It Cost To Stay in Hotel For A Night in Helsinki?

The cost for a night stay at hotels in Helsinki ranges from $ 50 to $ 600. The average price to stay at a 3-star hotel for a couple is $ 90 to $ 110. Similarly, the range of cost to stay at 4-star hotels is $ 110 to $ 210, and a 5-star hotel stay ranges from $ 210 to $ 650.

How Much Should One Expect To Spend On Meals When in Helsinki?

Most travelers prefer to skip lunch, take a late breakfast. The average cost of breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a Finnish restaurant ranges between $ 40 to 45 per day for one person. The cost of three meals ranges from $ 30 to $ 35 if one decides to eat in fast-food restaurants. The cost of a meal for a day is $ 65 to $ 150 at a 5-star restaurant.

How Much Money Will You Need For Your Trip To Helsinki?

The cost for two individuals or couple to stay at Helsinki for seven days range from $ 1700 to $ 2,250. The expenses include the price of a decent hotel room that costs about $ 800 to $950 for seven days, a meal for two individuals for seven days ranges about $ 700 to 850 and traveling expenses within Helsinki for two individuals for seven days is about $ 200 to 450 for seven days.

Places To See At Helsinki

A. Market Square (Kauppatori)

The market square is located along the Baltic Sea in the center of the city of Helsinki. Most tourists to Helsinki in Finland spend a couple of hours in Market square and then walk across the street to see Presidential Palace and Helsinki city hall. Several visitors to Helsinki prefer to take a ferry from market place to see nearby islands. Most prefer to see the island of Suomenlinna. The market place in Helsinki has several coffee shops and traditional Finnish restaurants. Tourists also like to do some shopping to pick souvenirs to give as a gift and memory of Helsinki to their friends and relatives. The market square is located in a town known as Kauppatori. There are several two and 4-star hotels in Kauppatori. Visitors can travel in public buses as well as trains to other tourist places from Kauppatori. The harbor next to the market square is a popular gathering place for locals. The people gather to drink coffee, purchase fresh vegetables and fruits.

Market Square, Kauppatori, Helsinki Travel

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B. Esplanadi

Esplanadi is an urban park in Helsinki. The park was designed by a famous architect Carl Engel in 1818. Next to the park, visitors can see a beautiful architect of a Carl Engel Theatre that was the first building constructed in Helsinki in 1827. There are several coffee and souvenir shops around the park.

Beautiful Esplanadi Park, Helsinki Travel

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C. Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski cathedral is an eastern orthodox church. The Cathedral was designed by Russian architect Aleksey Gormostayev and built after his death. It took six years to build Cathedral, and construction was finished in 1868. Uspenski Cathedral is the most fabulous Orthodox Church in western Europe. There is no admission fee. Every year close to 1 million people come to see Cathedral.

Uspenski Cathedral Birds Eye View, Helsinki Travel

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D. Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna is an island and is accessible only by passenger boat. There are several frequently scheduled passenger boats to leave from market place to Suomenlinna. There are also private boats available for rent, but the cost is high. Tourists can reach the island in 15 to 20 minutes from the market place. Several visitors come to visit the island during winter to experience traveling through the sea covered with ice. Suomenlinna is known for an 18th-century sea fortress. The wall of the fortress spreads across six islands. Most tourists like to spend time at the restaurant located around the sea and a local brewery. The fortress is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island is a great picnic spot, as well as a place to take fantastic pictures. The fortress was built to restrict Russian expansion in 1918.

Suomenlinna Birds Eye View, Helsinki Travel

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E. Port of Helsinki

The port of Helsinki is used to transport cargos to and from Helsinki to other European countries. Most of the cargo ships come from Tallinn, Stockholm, and St. Petersburg, Russia. The tourist and locals also travel by ferries to neighboring countries. In 2018, port had to support 11.6 million passengers arriving and departing from Helsinki port. Port is divided into 3 harbors recognized as South, West, and Vuosaari harbor.

Port of Helsinki Birds Eye View

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F. Museums: Helsinki

Helsinki Art Museum HAM- This Museum of Helsinki exhibits 9000 artworks. The artwork displayed is modern art and contemporary art. The entry fee is limited to a few areas. The tourist can relax at a coffee place, a museum book shop, or a large screen cinema complex.

Helsinki Art Museum-Helsinki Travel

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Ateneum Art Museum- The art museum is the place to see some of the best Finnish art. The museum also hosts a periodic exhibition of the artwork of local talents. The museum has art collections of over 100 years. Tourists can see some artwork of Tove Jansson, Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, and Helene Schjerfbeck

Ateneum Art Museum-Helsinki Travel

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Sinebrychoff Art Museum- The most spectacular art collection is observed at Sinebrychoff Art Museum. The tourist can see the paintings of artists of Europe and Russia from the 14th to 19th centuries at this museum. The entry fee is waived after 5 PM on the first Wednesday of each month.

Sinebrychoff Art Museum-Helsinki Travel

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G. Temppeliaukio Church

The Temppeliaukio Church is a Lutheran church. The church was built by two brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen, who were architects. The construction was completed and opened for the public in 1969. The church is also known as the church of rock since it was built out of one stone. The construction of the church was an experience of creating a holy place out of a single massive rock. A rounded, woven copper roof covers the roof of a church. Concrete spokes support the roof. The unique acoustics are created by sound reflection from copper, cement, and stone wall.

Temppeliaukio Church-Helsinki Travel

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