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Budapest - Hungary FAQs for Tourists Visiting Hungary

Visit Hungary: FAQs for Tourists Visiting Hungary (2024)

Hungary is one of the central European countries. The capital town of Budapest is located along the Danube river. The entire country of Hungary has a spectacular landscape, medieval architectural buildings, palaces, and monasteries. The Hungarian culture displays ancient and Roman influence. Hungary is a safe country. There are few crimes in larger cities like Budapest that involves local disagreements. Tourists should be careful about driving in any city in Hungary. The driving is treacherous and at times stressful since many drivers do not follow the traffic rules.

Visit Hungary: FAQs for Tourists Visiting Hungary

Capital Town of Hungary:-



Official Language of Hungary:-


Other Languages Are Spoken In Hungary :-

  • German
  • Croatian
  • Romani
  • Slovak
  • Romanian
  • Serbian
  • Slovene and
  • English

Geography of Hungary:-

Hungary is located in the central part of Europe and surrounded by several other European countries.

Borders of Hungary- Following countries share a border with Hungary-

  • North- Slovakia
  • Northeast- Ukraine
  • East and Southeast- Romania
  • South- Serbia
  • Southwest- Croatia, and Slovenia
  • West- Austria

Area of Hungary-

93,030 square kilometer (35,900 square miles)

Population of Hungary –

9.8 Million

Ethnic Group of Hungary –

  • Hungarian- 94%
  • Romani- 3.5%
  • Germans- 1.5%
  • Others- 1%

Currency Used in Hungary-

  • The Hungarian currency is known as Forint (HUF)
  • One US Dollar = 310.22 Hungarian Forint
  • One Euro = 363.45 Hungarian Forint

Does a US Citizen Need Visa To Visit Hungary?

U.S. citizens can travel to Hungary without Visa. US citizens can spend 90 days in Hungary or Schengen area without any visa. Twenty-six European countries form the European Union. These countries are known as Schengen Province. US citizen can travel from Hungary to any of the other 25 countries of the European Union without VISA once entered into Hungary. The tourist from the USA must carry a passport valid for more than 6 months.

Does A European Citizen Need Visa To Visit Hungary?

26 countries from the European Union. These countries are known as Schengen Province. Citizens of the European Union can travel with photo identity or passport from one European country to another country within the European Union (Schengen Province) and stay up to 90 days.

How Much Money Do I Need To Visit Hungary?

The cost of living in Hungary is reasonable. The decent 3 stars hotel rooms at Budapest are available for $ 30 to 40, and five star hotel one night may cost $ 70 to $ 150. The cost of 3 meals is about $ 30 to 50 per person. Most tourists spend about $ 90 to $100 per person that includes travel expenses.

Is Budapest Dangerous At Night?

Budapest is a safe city for individuals, families, and group tourists. One can walk in the city near the shopping center and hotels as well as a residential area. One must be careful if visiting an unknown place.

What Is Included In Hungarian Traditional Breakfast?

Hungarians like to eat sandwiches for breakfast at home and in the restaurant. Most elderly prefer fresh bread and toast. The toasted bread is covered by butter. The sandwich includes cheese, ham, liver pate, salami, bacon, sausages, and eggs. Besides, orange juice and fruits are preferred to end the heavy breakfast.

What Is Traditional Hungarian Food?

There are several Hungarian dishes liked by the tourist. The most favored dish is known as Goulash also spelled as Gulyas. The dish is made from meat (beef, pork, or chicken). The following traditional dishes are liked by tourists and locals are

  • Fisherman’s soup (Halászlé) …
  • Főzelék. …
  • Somlói Galuska. …
  • Pörkölt and Paprikás. …
  • Dobos Torte. …
  • Töltött Káposzta (stuffed cabbage leaves) …
  • Kürtös Kalács.

What Is The National Drink Of Hungary?

The Hungarian drink is known as “Unicum”. Unicum is served as an appetizer. The liqueur is manufactured by a company known as Zwack. The liqueur is made from 40 undisclosed herbs.

What Do They Wear In Hungary?

Hungarians like all other Europeans wear casual dresses during summer and winter jackets and cap during winter. The preferred casual dress during summer is Jeans pants and ½ t-shirts or golf shirts. Few elderly and youth may wear a baseball hat. During summer one must carry a summer jacket if going out for dinner just in case the climate becomes cold. Tourist needs to be aware of the lower temperature during winter before going outside the hotel or rental property un the evening.

What Is The Winter Temperature In Hungary?

The winter months are from November to April. The temperature is colder in January and February and may fluctuate around -100 C (140 F). The temperature during the beginning and end of winter fluctuates between – 50 C (230 F) and -10 C (340 F).

What Is The Summer Temperature In Hungary?

The summer months are from May to October. The warmest months are June, July, and August. The temperature often remains cold in April and October. The severe winter is observed from December to February. The summer temperature fluctuates between 200 C (680 F) to 250 C (770 F).

Do They Speak English in Budapest?

Most senior citizens speak Hungarian and are rarely able to speak other languages. Most employees working in the hospitality business do speak English. Few specialists working as a guide or front desk employee of the hotel can speak French, German and Spanish language.

Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water In Budapest?

The water purification plants are built according to European standards and monitored by the European Union. It is safe to drink water from tap and same water can be used for cooking. The ice cubes are safe to use.

What Culture is Hungarian?

Most Hungarians are religious and enjoy folk dances. The family gathering or any family get together always includes a family dance. Most school gathering also involves folk dance.

Can I Pay With Euros In Budapest?

Travelers arriving from other countries must convert their currencies into Euros. The euro is accepted in all shops, local public transport, restaurants, and hotels. The Euro is also easy to change to the dollar or other currencies at the airport during departure. Most locals prefer to be paid in Hungarian Forint and the cost of gift items, as well as payment of restaurant, is less in amount than in Euros.

What Does An Average Meal Cost In Budapest?

Most breakfasts in fast-food restaurants cost about $ 6 to $ 8 per person and a full-service restaurant $ 18 to $ 20 per person. Similarly, lunch and dinner cost varies from $ 16 to $ 40 per person depending on the restaurant and dishes.

What Is The Main Religion In Hungary?

  • Christianity- 54%,
  • Protestant- 12%
  • Unaffiliated- 18%
  • Other religions- 16%

The Population of Gypsies in Hungary?

Less than 3% of the population (300,000) are gypsies in modern Hungary. Gypsies speak the Hungarian language and belong to either Karpat or Vlach group of gypsies. There are 9 to 10 million gypsies living in Europe.

Do & Don’t for Tourists in Budapest

Tourists should visit all attractions located in Budapest. There are scheduled ½ or full-day tours that may include lunch and transportation at a reasonable price. Alternatively, the tourist can take a taxi, public transport or rent a car. Visitors should try Hungarian wine and authentic Hungarian meal.

Tourists should avoid exchanging money on the street side or in shops. Because of currency exchange and higher denominator for a dollar exchanged one may get cheated. Be careful while hiring a taxi. Make sure to know how much is the fare to your destination before starting the journey. Follow GPS on your phone to the final destination.

Is It Better To Stay In Buda Or Pest?

Budapest is divided by a River Danube into tow cities across each other known as Buda and Pest. Several 19th-century chain bridges connect the two cities. The city Buda lies over the hills and city Pest lies over the flat land. Buda is a much calmer town than Pest and there is not much to do during night time. Buda has a predominantly residential building and fewer hotels. Most rental properties and hotels are available at Buda for a short and long stay.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Budapest, Hungary?

Most tourists avoid winter and prefer to visit Budapest and Hungary in April, May as well as September. The weather is most comfortable during this time, occasionally night could be a little Cold. June, July, and August can be hot during day time.

What’s The Best Area To Stay In Budapest?

The group and individual tourists prefer to stay in the 5th District. The district has hotels, restaurants, gift shops, and a mall. There are several tourist buses available for local tours around the District 5. It is much easy to find public transport and taxi around the district area.

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