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20 Amazing Sight-Seeing Destinations in Budapest (Hungary)

20 Amazing Sight-Seeing Destinations in Budapest (Hungary) (2024)

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. One million and seven hundred people live in Budapest. Budapest city is bisected into two cities, Buda and Pest by the River Danube. There are several parallel bridges connect the town of Buda and Pest. Budapest is also known as the “City of Spas” for good reason. There are several therapeutic spas in the town. Most spa offers massage, dry sauna, steam room, thermal baths, and sunroom. Tourists can visit churches, castles, museums, opera houses, and palaces in Budapest town. Most of the town is granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

There are several traditional folk dance shows in the town and visitors should consider seeing one of the shows. Most attractions and places to see in Budapest are located within 1 to 8 km from Parliament Building. Tourists can come to the promenade by bus or taxi and pick a few places to see that is within walking distance from the starting point. Parliament in HungaryImage Source

20 Amazing Sight-Seeing Destinations in Budapest (Hungary)

1. Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament Building is close to the hotel district. Parliament building is about 2 miles from most of the city center hotels. The construction of the Gothic Hungarian Parliament Building begins in 1885 and was completed in 1904. Every year close to 700,000 tourists visits the parliament building in Budapest. It is often necessary to book the entry tickets a few days ahead of the visit.Hungarian Parliament - Amazing Sight-Seeing Destinations in Budapest (Hungary) Image Source

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