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Natural Landscape in Tuscany

What to Know for a Perfect Autumn Trip to Tuscany (2024)

Tuscany is very beautiful in autumn as September and October are when the leaves turn red, yellow, and orange, making for a beautiful landscape. Autumn is when the rolling hills of this region start looking like a painting. If you have never been to Tuscany, autumn is a great time to go, and we will be exploring everything you need to know for a great trip.

The Kind of Weather to Expect

The Tuscany autumn season starts on September 21 and ends on December 21 when the winter starts. Temperatures are warm in September as summer fades and get colder as winter approaches.

You can get away with wearing a light jacket or none at all in late September, switching to a warmer one in October. However, October is still warm enough to spend some time outdoors. 

November is typically rainy, so you will want waterproof items and clothing. December is when you want to start getting wrapped up and layered. It is also a great time to visit the different attractions such as the restaurants and museums.

As Christmas approaches, you might have light rain in Tuscany, but it should not be enough to dampen your mood during your trip.

What to Pack

Since this is a time when the seasons change, what you pack will depend on the time you decide to go. If you are visiting towards the end of summer and at the beginning of autumn, you can carry what you normally would for any other summer visit. The weather will still be bright and mild enough that you will not need any special clothing.

For this early part of autumn, you will get away with wearing sneakers for most of the trip. You can choose from any of the reliable sneaker options available including women’s Gucci sneakers because there will be quite some walking. If you spend most of your time around your accommodations, you can bring some sandals. Check out the on trend Gucci sandals for FW22 to see the different available fashion sandals options. You will need these sneakers as the floors can get cold at this time even during the day because this is a mountainous region.

However, the weather will get colder as December approaches which means you need to think about bringing layers if you will be staying past September. You will need some jackets and scarves for this part of the season, both of which are recommended for those who prefer staying in the countryside.

In summary, this is what you should consider packing:

  • Long pants
  • Long and short sleeve tops for layering
  • Sweaters
  • A waterproof mid-season jacket
  • Water shoes and swimsuit if you would like to visit the springs
  • Light scarf
  • Travel documents and electronics
  • Comfortable walking shoes (sneakers) and sandals

Best Things to Do in Tuscany

There are lots of things to do and see in Tuscany, starting with a car trip to Val d’Orcia. This area lies to the south of Tuscany, and it is known for its cypress trees and rolling hills. The area has scenic roads, a historical town, hilltop villages, olive groves and rolling vineyards.

Val d’Orcia is so amazing that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To see and get the most of Val d’Orcia, you should explore it by car. Because of how much there is to see and do here, it is best to plan for a few weeks so that you get to see and enjoy all of it.

Enjoy the Hot Springs

The best time to enjoy the hot springs of Tuscany is in autumn. Once the weather starts cooling down, the free hot springs and hot waters of the spas welcome and relax you. You can choose the hot springs located in Bagni San Filipino or Saturnia or go with organized and elegant options like those you find in Bagno Vignoni and Chianciano.

Apart from relaxing in and enjoying the springs here, you should also take lots of pictures. The springs are so blue that they look unreal, and you might never see springs that are as clear or blue as these.

Visit the Hilltop Villages

Autumn is also a great time to visit and explore the hilltop villages. Here, you can explore the churches, alleys, and corners that make these villages so special. You also get amazing views of the countryside and its golden colors as it changes.

The hues of dark green leaves from the vineyards, olive groves and foresters break up the golden hues of the countryside, providing an unmatched picturesque view. There are lots of villages and small towns you will love in Tuscany, which is another reason why you should take an extended vacation here.

Tuscany is a glorious destination especially in autumn as the hillsides start changing. There are lots of places to see and visit, things to do and experiences to have. When you visit in autumn will determine how you plan for your trip and your experience so understand how Tuscany changes as autumn progresses.

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