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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Lakewood, CO (2024)

The City of Lakewood is the most populous and home-rule municipality of Jefferson County, Colorado, United States. It lies immediately west of Denver. This city was founded in 1889 and was incorporated in 1969. Lakewood is considered a city blessed with a bounty of gorgeous Colorado scenery. To experience that, you need to visit the top tourist attractions in Lakewood. This city is a gem for tourist destinations in Colorado. It is not just a beautiful place but a city that offers various ways for visitors to enjoy their trip by admiring the natural surroundings while spending more time in outdoor areas. On that note, the outdoor area of Lakewood has over 99 different parks to choose from, nature trails, and greenbelts. Many of these places are overlooked by the stunning Green Mountains, which are in the background. So, if you love getting outside, this makes it a perfect choice. There is no shortage of flora or fauna here, which is why Lakewood is called the powerhouse of flora and fauna.

Apart from outdoor places, if you have an inclination towards exploring culture, then you would love to know that an entire district is dedicated to art installations and galleries. Lakewood’s downtown Belmar area, consisting of many shops, pedestrian-friendly spots, Live music places, movie theaters, and restaurants, attracts visitors who consider this place a nice spot for a local hangout. In addition to it, Lakewood also has a lively nightlife so you can have the best of both worlds – day and night. So, if you’re planning to visit Lakewood anytime soon then refer to these top tourist attractions in Lakewood given below.

Top Tourist Attractions in Lakewood

1. Bear Creek Lake Park:

If you are looking for a wide range of activities that you can do in only one place, then surely visit Bear Creek Lake Park. It is located at 15600 W Morrison Rd, Lakewood, Colorado 80228, and is centered around Lakewood’s Foothills’ three different lakes. It is scattered over a huge land area and is a bit hidden from the city. This park has fifteen miles of trails which are very famous and will take you all over the local area. On the way, you will be able to witness some stunning views. You can also carry a yoga mat with you as it’s a nice place for a good workout. The different activities which include biking, fishing, hiking, camping, and boating makes this park a great visit. Apart from these, if you want to do something different and new, then you can try archery in the archery range present in the park. This park is also home to Big Soda Lake where you can go fishing and boating.

Bear Creek Lake Park has 15 miles of trails and has three cabins, horseback riding facility, and forty-seven campsites. You can visit this place with your pals or family. Dogs are permitted but should always be on a leash and on sand areas at the beach, they are not permitted.

Best Time To Visit Bear Creek Lake Park: The park hours are from May to September- 6am to 10pm, March, April and October- 7am to 8pm, and November to February- 8am to 6pm. The visitor center opens daily from 9am to 4pm. Boating is only allowed from March 15 to November 15, so plan accordingly.

2. William Frederick Hayden Green Mountain Park:

Scattered over 2400 acres of land, William Frederick Hayden Green Mountain Park is the second largest in Lakewood. It is located at 1000 S Rooney Rd, Lakewood, Colorado 80228, United States. The grounds of William Frederick Hayden Green Mountain Park’s grounds were once home to buffalo. But now has a vast range of fauna, such as Rattlesnakes, Bluebirds, Mule Deer, Hawks, Rabbits, Coyotes and so on. A multi-use trail network leads to the summit of Green Mountains as this park is situated on the majestic green mountains. You can either hike or bike around the trails and can have absolutely stunning views of the mountain’s highest peak. Hiking through this way will take you to an elevation of sixty-eight hundred feet which is quite high. So only go this much above if you know it and are comfortable. Park also provides a restroom facility. If you want to have a firsthand experience of Colorado’s gorgeous scenery and fresh air, then definitely head out to this park.

Best Time To Visit William Frederick Hayden Green Mountain Park: It opens daily from 5am to 10pm.

3. Colorado Mills:

Tired by visiting different places everyday then try shopping at Colorado Mills. It is one the largest shopping malls in Lakewood and is scattered over one million square feet of area. It was opened in November 2002 and is managed by Simon Property Group. This premium shopping complex has 180 stores and services. The total number of anchor tenants here are twelve out of which eleven are open and one is vacant. The mall overall has only one floor, but a store named “Forever 21” has two floors for their own store. Over ninety different stores here sell clothes, accessories, shoes, and other items like home furnishings.

The twelve anchor stores in the mall include Burlington, Nike Factory Outlet, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Super Target, H&M, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, Forever 21 and United Artist Theater & IMAX. It’s not only limited to showrooms, but if you fancy a bite to eat in some good, relaxed cafes or restaurants, then this place has got you covered. Some of them are Yard House, Cinnabon, Qdoba Mexican Eats, and Sarku Japan. The scenic promenade of Colorado Mills makes shopping easier.

Best Time To Visit Colorado Mills: The opening hours are from Monday to Saturday- 10am to 8pm and on Sunday- 11am to 6pm.

4. Lakewood Heritage Center:

Want to make your trip to Lakewood a bit informative or are interested in the history of the city then a visit to Lakewood Heritage Center is a must which is situated in the center of picturesque Belmar Park. This center showcases the local history, inventions, numerous changes, and lifestyles of the twentieth century. It is located at 801 S. Yarrow Street. The center has many historic buildings, an outdoor amphitheater, thirty thousand artifacts, and an area for festivals. The Lakewood Heritage Center also has a gallery and a gift shop which are open for visitors from Tuesdays to Saturdays for free of cost. It is recommended to reserve a spot for a tour in advance if you’re interested in avoiding a mess there.

Best Time To Visit Lakewood Heritage Center: The opening hours are 10am to 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday. It remains closed on Sunday and Monday. It is recommended to visit on Saturdays because Tours of the historic buildings are usually offered then only at certain times.

5. Great Frontier Brewing Company:

Great Frontier Brewing Company is known for brewing and serving great tasting, handcrafted and quality beer that include Gluten-Free beer and Gluten-Reduced beer. The initials of the Great Frontier which is “GF” stands for specialization of the beer company in Gluten-Free brews. It is located at 2010 S Oak St, Lakewood, Colorado 80227, United States. This brewing company was started when Mike Plungis received it for Father’s Day. Mike Plungis started making gluten free beers when his family decided to go gluten-free because of some issues. His aim was to make these gluten free beers taste like any regular beers only. It’s a really great place to add to your list of traveling destinations in Lakewood. Spend an evening here drinking their most famous healthy beers while not compromising its taste. The interior of Great Frontier Brewing Company looks absolutely stunning, nice, and clean. They have a wide range of beers on their menu. You can also add some specific “fruit shots” such as blackberry, coconut, and blood orange, and more into your beers to enhance its taste. They also let you try samples before ordering and have a nice selection of different brews. Everything there is well organized in addition to it, the staff there is super friendly and helpful. It’s definitely a cool hangout place with a great atmosphere.

Best Time To Visit Great Frontier Brewing Company: It remains closed on Mondays. The opening hours are Tuesday to Friday from 3-9 pm, Saturday from 12-9pm and Sunday from 12-8pm.

Lakewood is a great travel destination which has everything for everyone, it’s an all-in-one destination for relaxation, history, leisure, and arts. To have an unforgettable experience in Lakewood, definitely visit the above-mentioned top tourist attractions in Lakewood here.

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