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Riga Town Hall Square

Riga Tourism: Things To Do and See In The Capital of Latvia (2024)

Riga tourism is one of the top preferences for tourists. Riga is the capital city of Latvia. It is the bowl of spirituality and also is one of the world’s greenest places for planning a tour. Its greenery is attributed to its location on the Baltic Sea, which is between Lithuania and Estonia. Even if you would have never been interested in beaches, the beauty of the place will drag your soul to crave for a stay.

One must visit the amazing and exciting places of Latvia to know its enriched culture, grandeur. Its beauty is attributed to the presence of parks, waterways, open-air museums, and wildlife reserves.

Riga is one of the most populated cities as it accounts for one-third of the country’s population, Latvia. Ventas Rumba, one of the oldest & widest waterfalls of Europe, is very popular among tourists. Also, it has Vecriga, one of the oldest world heritage sites of UNESCO. German Christians are known to have discovered this country, and now the majority of the population here is following Christianity.

Riga is located on the bank of the River Daugava on the Baltic Sea. It is known for its prominent open museums and long concert halls. One should easily be overwhelmed by seeing the beauty of the place. Riga’s good number of attractions would surely grab your attention! Thus, if you visit this amazing place, you should be aware of its tourist hubs.

Attractions of Latvia


The center of appeals, which also provides Riga tourism an upper edge than others, is its beauty. It possesses a blend of two eras, i.e., old tradition with a crisp touch of modern lifestyle. There are many attractions outside on the road that give your eyes a sense of pleasure. On every step, something is exciting, heartwarming, and amazing to watch. It is one of the most exciting metropolia of Latvia as the footsteps of Europeans had inspired it. This old town is full of views of cobblestones, Gothic spires, and calming river views. Food has always been one of the essential ingredients for tourists. It’s famous for its tasteful cafes and adventurous bistros. The capital city is big enough to make you busy all over the day and keep you indulge in its beauty.


2. Jelgava

It is one of the oldest cities in Latvia, also called the Jewel of Zemgale. It’s known for its hospitality for tourists and newcomers. All the guests are always welcomed and appreciated to Jelgava, as it is in the neighborhood of capital city Riga which also makes it a center of attention. There is an enrichment of the architecture and culture over time, and now it is ready to blossom its glory to the world. In the old times, it has been an economic, educational, and cultural center of the Zemgale. The art and culture industry is found on every street corner, showing its precious and magnificent architecture, history, and natural monuments. Thus, it is one of the must-visit places for adventurous individuals who have interests in the past.


3. Ventspils

This city-port of Latvia is full of public art, maritime heritage, and beaches. It gives a glimpse of Latvia’s sea places being the oldest seaport and one of the best tourist places in Latvia. It has now become the industrial spot for refined souls showing that over these years, how Ventspils Tourism has grown up in these years. The city is filled with an exciting monument with the expression of the cow parades. It fills the colorful and joyous streets of the country.


4. Kemeri National Park

It is the third-largest national park in the country and full of green forests & mires. This park is well known for its therapeutic mud, kemeri bog, biological diversity & mineral waters. It is the sweet home for the moss, ferns, and transitional bogs because of its wetlands. A nature lover can go on a walk to see the beautiful, enriched nature, birdwatch at lakes and meadows, and can spend time seeing the bogs. This park is also a forest house and resort, which is nearly 2km away from the Kemeri.

Kemeri National Park

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5. Jurmala

It’s just another beauty of Latvia. It gives a resort view for the tourists, which has interests in the food, architecture, wide sandy beaches, pine trees. It is an ideal place to spend holidays. It is just another beautiful place which is only 30 minutes away from the city capital, Riga. It is famous for its seaside view destination for tourists over the years. It gives a blend of traditional architecture as a grown-up by old folks, and it was previously a group of fishing villages. A clean environment, pendant pine trees, and it’s fresh air adds a sense of tranquility to the tourists.


6. Gauja National Park & Zvarts Rock

It is one of the first national parks in the country. It comprises different forms of sandstones, landforms, biological diversity, mesmerizing views, natural springs, historical and cultural monuments. One can easily explore as there are many caves all around, and one of these is Zvarts Rocks, a must-watch for the tourists. The name is coined so because of its plantation after the Second World War. It is fond of many visitors centers, which is the best place for leisure and recreational activities. It is the best spot to visit, along with friends and family.

Gauja National Park & Zvarts Rock

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7. Cesis Castle

The Cesis Castle is built around the 13th Century, so to trace its actual information, one must look back 800 years ago to our glorious past. It’s very well preserved so that it’s grace and beauty do not fade away over time compared to other castles of the same period. This castle creates a very appealing view in both morning and night, when one may go to the top of the tower by climbing through the towers with the burning candle in their hand. Tourists can enjoy the view of the night of the castle park and old towns. The castle view is very amusing to watch as one descends from the castle prison.

Cesis Castle

8. Sigulda

This is one of the most interesting places to visit during Riga tourism. It gives a glimpse of Medieval Europe. Its beauty and view are so appreciating that it has inspired the lives of many people, poets, painters, and couples which embrace its beauty. Its beauty is in the park in the autumn season as its history and scenery are joyful to watch. There are many places to visit, some of which are Tarzan’s Adventure Park, The Aerodium, Old Sigulda Castle, and many more. It will surely fill the tourists with a sense of Latvian Spirituality.


9. Riga Town Hall Square

Riga is full of surprising, amusing, and beautiful places to travel, watch, and feel the glorified pasts from the observer’s eyes. One such example of craftsmanship is Riga Town Hall Square. During World War second, it was destroyed completely, but now it has been rebuilt completely. Now, everyone is welcome to see it’s beauty as it is a perfect example of craftsmanship, skill, and beauty. Everything is worth watching, and one can easily explore and access its beauty in the footsteps.

Riga Town Hall Square

10. Riga Dome Cathedral or Saint Mary’s Dome Cathedral

It is one of the oldest sacred buildings of Latvia & Cathedral is the center of attention for the Archbishop of Church. In the beginning, the only Cathedral was built in the year 1211, but later on, cathedral schools, monasteries were built. It comprises 140 meters of towers, which are considered one of the longest of that time. The building gives a glimpse of early Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and nouveau styles.

Riga Dome Cathedral or Saint Mary's Dome Cathedral

11. Latvian National Theater Riga

It is one of the oldest and main theaters of Riga. This place is considered of historical importance as the Latvian Independence was announced first at this place. It is located in the heart of the Riga, and it is named after its Independence. This building is a classic combination of elements of Baroque and Art Nouveau, and it’s styling, which was extremely popular at that time. This theater has a capacity of 850 people and 100 people in the Actor’s hall.

Latvian National Theater Riga

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12. Taka Spa

It’s one of the hidden gems of the Riga and is thus one of the best places to visit during Riga tourism. After having so much journey and tiredness of the job, tourists must have a visit to this place to relax. There is one sole purpose of the individual, which is relaxation. On the second floor, there is a provision for the massage for couples with the curtains on the bed, and the customers are being serviced privately. It’s heaven on the earth for the tourists.

Taka Spa

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13. Riga’s Central Market

It is one of the largest markets of Europe in the 20th Century. It’s best to place foodies for recipes varying from freshly smoked eel to pickled cucumber. It is a unique place of Riga, not in terms of food, the variety only but also in terms of its old warehouses, pavilion, which is now restored and converted to entertainment spots.

Riga's Central Market

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14. National Library of Latvia, Riga

It is a beautiful, modern, perfectly functional monument. Apart from the source of all books, it is also a host of a wide variety of educational and cultural events. The interior design is just perfect and very breathtaking for the reader to engage in the reading with a sense of calmness and tranquility. Also, this 7th-floor building offers a very amazing view.

National Library of Latvia, Riga


While reading the above-mentioned tourist attractions in Riga, you might have by now attained an idea associated with Riga tourism. These would fill up your time in Riga with the finest memories and plenty of fun all the time! This destination is worth a visit, so you should explore its beautiful regions once in a lifetime.

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