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Treetop Walkway - Top Attractions of London's Kew Gardens

Ultimate Guide to Kew Gardens, London: Top Attractions & Tips (2024)

Immerse yourself in Kew Gardens, London’s captivating natural haven. Imagine yourself suspended in a treetop haven, surrounded by the vibrant chatter of birds, the intricate dance of insects, and the subtle beauty of fungi and lichen. Picture yourself inside a living beehive, experiencing firsthand the marvels of nature’s most diligent workers.

Kew Gardens in London is not just a garden; it’s a symphony of botanical wonders waiting to enchant you. Nestled in London’s Richmond upon Thames, it is a UNESCO site and the world’s largest botanical collection. Reflecting 18th-20th century techniques, Kew Garden is home to 95% of vascular plants and 60% of fungi. Beyond beauty, this scientific hub was established back in 1759 and since then has been a popular tourist landmark. In fact, today, Kew Garden host 2.1 million annual visitors, especially for its impressive Herbarium and enchanting Christmas illuminations. 

Exploring the Top 18 Attractions of London’s Kew Gardens

Ready to explore this beauty from the inside? Join us for the A to Z Kew Garden Exploring Guide. 

  1. Treetop Walkway: Imagine climbing up to the sky, where you’re greeted by a treetop walkway that lets you see the world just like a bird does. This picturesque stroll above the ground winds through the treetops offers a safe, immersive experience close to nature. This isn’t just a chance to adventure but an opportunity to appreciate the intricate beauty of nature. 
  2. Hive Experience: Ever wondered what life is like inside a beehive? Prepare to be amazed as you step into a real beehive, where you can witness the intricate dance of bees and their symphony of harmony. It goes beyond visuals and engages your senses through immersive lights and sounds. This exhibit is a blend of science and art and is a must-visit at Kew Gardens. 
  3. Botanical Art Galleries: Step into galleries that are like a marriage of creativity and nature. This attraction at Kew Gardens is a vibrant fusion of creativity and nature. Each brushstroke and color palette brings botanical wonders to life, and a visit here is a feast for the human imagination.
  4. Rose Garden: Lose yourself in a fragrant haven where vibrant colors and delicate scents fill the air. The rose gardens at Kew Gardens are part of the diverse array of attractions that the garden offers. Walk where rows of exquisite roses bloom and get delighted with the fragrances in the air.
  5. Waterlily House: Step into a tranquil aquatic oasis where water lilies reign supreme. This glasshouse boasts the enchanting beauty of water lilies surrounded by an aquatic paradise. It’s a space of quiet contemplation where visitors can escape the bustling world outside. 
  6. Royal Kitchens: Stepping into Kew Garden’s Royal Kitchen is like stepping back in time. These kitchens once buzzed with activity though today, visitors can check out cooking utensils and tools along with other interactive displays. The layout, tools, and ambiance here unfold age-old culinary secrets before your eyes. 
  7. The Pagoda: Ascend the iconic Pagoda for a breathtaking view that stretches over the picturesque landscapes. This testament to architectural beauty allows visitors to reach out to the top, touch the sky, and have the world laid down on their feet. From this vantage point, the landscapes stretch out like a mesmerizing tapestry.
  8. Davies Alpine House: More than a house of glass and steel, Davies Alpine is a getaway to the world where rare alpine plants thrive. This RIBA award-winning structure is built by combining the latest technology and traditional practice. As you will step inside, you can feel the crispness of mountain air and the magic of these unique ecosystems. 
  9. Palm House: When you step into the Palm House, it’s like entering a page from the Victorian era. It is nothing less than a tropical paradise with warm and humid air. This grand glasshouse cradles a world of wonders towering palms, vibrant blooms, and a symphony of colors. 
  10. Temperate House: Imagine walking into a colossal glass structure that feels like a sanctuary for plants from all corners of the temperate world. A visit here allows enthusiasts to encounter a tapestry of botanical beauty that spans the globe. This landmark has everything that thrives in a perfect ecological balance, be those might trees or the delicate blooms.  
  11. Princess of Wales Conservatory: This glasshouse is like a treasure trove of climates under one roof. Stepping inside this attraction in Kew Garden will introduce you to deserts, jungles, and beyond as if you are at ten different worlds in one place. From prickly cacti to exquisite orchids, every corner is alive with the splendor of nature’s diversity. Spending some time here is truly a marvelous experience that none should miss. 
  12. Queen Charlotte’s Cottage: Imagine strolling into a rustic hideaway that seems to whisper secrets of yesteryears. The Queen Charlotte’s Cottage is a place of nostalgia, an 18th-century cottage on the banks of the River Thames. A visit here is like a portal to another time, showcasing the charm of elegant Georgian architecture. Inside the cottage lies a cherished piece of history, making it a must-visit for royal family enthusiasts. 
  13. Kew Palace: Embark on a voyage that whisks you back in time to the world of Georgian royalty. Kew Palace is a 1631 British Royal structure famous for exhibiting Georgian kings and queens’ intimate personal and domestic life. A visit inside this age-old structure is stepping into a treasure trove of stories. It is the smallest of all the royal palaces. However a must-visit for a lot of heritage stories and whispers of centuries past.
  14. The Japanese Collection (Chokushi-Mon and Minka House): A visit to these houses is nothing less than immersing yourself in the elegance of Japanese culture. The Chokushi-Mon gate is basically a guardian that invites visitors to the world of tradition and beauty. Whereas the Minka House is where time has stood still, preserving the essence of a culture rich with history. A visit here transports individuals to the heart of artistic and architectural heritage of Japan.
  15. Nash Conservatory: Step into a world where architecture and nature embrace in perfect harmony. This architectural gem on the borders of Kew Gardens is a bright and sophisticated glasshouse. It’s not just a conservatory; it’s a stage for the changing seasons, where plants take center stage, and the delicate choreography between design and nature unfolds. The conservatory is also used for hosting civil ceremonies.
  16. Orangery: Imagine walking into a grand structure that once cradled citrus trees and now hosts the laughter and music of events and gatherings. It is one of the first few buildings (out of several) built for Kew Gardens. The Orangery is home to some of the most diverse plant life around; however, it was originally designed for overwintering exotic fruits. A visit here is like stepping into a slice of history.
  17. The Princess Of Wales Conservatory: Venture into a glasshouse that’s like a portal to diverse climates. This landmark in Kew Garden is a relatively new one, opened in 1987 by Princess Diana. Each step here will take you through a different world, a sensory exploration showcasing the incredible variety of life on our planet.
  18. Kew Gardens’ Christmas: The Christmas season at Kew Garden is simply magical and surreal. It is when this botanical landmark transforms into a winter wonderland featuring luminous displays, illuminated trails, festive markets, seasonal food and drinks, live music, and of course, the Santa Claus. Christmas at Kew is surely not an experience that you should dare to miss.

Kew Garden Address and Location

Kew Gardens, Richmond, TW9 3AE, United Kingdom. It is nestled in Richmond, a picturesque suburban town in southwestern London.

Kew Garden Operating Hours 

The Operating Hours at Kew Gardens change seasonally, and there’s a different schedule year-round. While Kew Gardens is open 10 am year round, its closing hours may range from 4 pm to 8 pm, depending on the season. 

Which Is The Best Time To Visit Kew Gardens In London?

The best time to visit Kew Gardens largely depends upon individuals’ preferences. The Spring season is ideal for those who enjoy colorful displays and pleasant weather. At the same time, the Autumn season is ideal for those who enjoy changing foliage. Winters are often less crowded, but a great time to visit Kew Garden if you are a Christmas enthusiast.

How to Reach Kew Garden in London?

To reach Kew Garden in Richmond, take the London Underground (District Line) to Kew Gardens station, followed by a short walk to the main entrance. Or check the local bus services since many of them connect to Kew Gardens. Driving or Cycling are other great options but avoid them on busy days to relax from the hassle of traffic and parking.

How Long Does It Take To Explore Kew Gardens Fully?

Kew Gardens is like a small town in itself; therefore, a single visit is never enough to explore it all. The gardens’ length is one mile across, and completing one sidewalk takes 40 to 50 minutes. However, since it isn’t a simple walk and there are multiple attractions, it can easily take 3 to 6 hours to explore Kew Gardens. A half-day visit will allow you to walk across all the major attractions and enjoy a meal or snack at one of the on-site eateries. 

A Visit to Kew Gardens in London- Tips, Tricks, Do’s, and Don’ts

  • Do Plan Ahead: Check the official website for opening hours, special events, and any COVID-related guidelines before your visit.
  • Don’t Rush: Take your time to explore; Kew Gardens is vast and best enjoyed at a leisurely pace.
  • Do Wear Comfortable Shoes: Wear comfy footwear as you’ll be doing a fair bit of walking.
  • Don’t Forget the Map: Grab a map at the entrance to help navigate the expansive gardens.
  • Do Visit Early or Late: To avoid crowds, consider visiting during off-peak hours.
  • Don’t Forget Water and Snacks: Stay hydrated and keep some snacks handy for energy.
  • Do Explore Glasshouses: Despite the season, weather, and climate, never miss visiting the glasshouses. 
  • Don’t Skip Guided Tours: Guided tours are perhaps the best way to explore Kew Garden; thus, do not miss them.  
  • Do Capture Memories: Bring your mobile phone or a camera to capture the beauty around you.
  • Don’t Disturb Wildlife: Respect the flora and fauna by not disturbing them.
  • Do Check for Events: Look out for special events, like “Christmas at Kew,” for unique experiences.
  • Don’t Miss the Highlights: Prioritize iconic attractions like the Pagoda and Waterlily House.
  • Do Relax: Take a break at one of the cafes to soak in the ambiance.
  • Don’t Litter: Keep the gardens clean by disposing of trash properly.
  • Do Dress for the Weather: London weather can change, so be prepared with layers.
  • Don’t Forget Mask and Hand Sanitizer: Follow any COVID safety guidelines during your visit.

We wish you a memorable visit since you have all the information regarding Kew Gardens in London.

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