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Discover the Best Breweries in Canada: 8 Popular Beer Spots to Explore (2024)

Wondering where to do Beer-Cheers in Canada? Looking for the Best Breweries in Canada? Relax; we have got you all sorted.

Canada has a rich brewing tradition, and the Canadian Beer can fairly be called Pride of the Nation. Canadians love their Beer, and it was ever since the 1600s when European settlers brought Beer into the Nation. From then till now, Beer has been a part of the Nation’s fabric featuring many varietals. Canada is known for producing high-quality beers, from ales and stouts to lagers and pilsners. Some popular beers to try in Canada include Molson, Labatt, Sleeman, Alexander Keith’s, Moosehead, Steam Whistle, and Granville Island Brewing. Each Beer has its own characteristics and flavor; hence there’s something for different palettes.

Besides Beer, Canada is also known for its craft beer scene, along with numerous microbreweries and brewpubs. These facilities produce different but small-batch specialty beers that are a must-try. Breweries like these often dare to experiment with unique ingredients and brewing techniques. It is quite possible that you may find something very new and unique to try here.

Discover the Best Breweries in Canada: 8 Popular Beer Spots to Explore

So, whether you want refreshing beers or bold, are looking for flavorful brews, or something light, try out these Popular Beer Spots in Canada. Have a look:

1. Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel in Quebec

Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel in Quebec is a legendary and highly regarded Canadian brewery. Having been in the country for over 2 decades, Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel has seen immense growth with no sign of slowness. Not only nationally, but they have also gained international popularity for their exceptional beer scenes. Microbrasserie is extremely loved for its imperial coffee stout, particularly the Peché Mortel. Other notables you may find here include Aphrodisiaque, Péché Mortel Bourbon, Rosée d’Hibiscus, Solstice d’été aux Framboises and Route des Épices a must try.

Besides coffee, Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel uses exotic fruits, atypical spices, and unconventional blends to create their unique unconventional flavor combinations. They have Beer in every form, be it sour, spicy, bitter, or sweet. Their being highly experimental and successful in the same makes them stand out in the beer business. Apart from Quebec, Microbrassserie Dieu du Ciel also operates a cozy brewpub in Montreal.

2. Phillips Brewing & Malting Beer Shop

Based in Victoria on Vancouver Island, the Phillips Brewing & Malting Beer Shop is a popular beer spot in Canada. Known for its unconventional approach to brewing, the brewery has been operating for a few years now. Back then, when it started, the young beer entrepreneur just had a windowless apartment and a lot of debt. Initially, even with small operations, the owner’s passion and dedication gave a boost to the business and today brought it into the beloved category.

Phillips Brewing is renowned for its unique and flavorful beers. It isn’t just a brewery but a soda company, distillery, and also the only malting facility in Canada. Some of the must-try beer varietals here include Amnesiac Double IPA, a strong and hoppy one; Hopocalypse Meow Anniversary Ale, which has bitterness and hop and Crookeder Tooth Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Ale, one with vivid flavors and additional depth. The lineup at Philips Brewing is constantly evolving, and they often have something new to try.

3. McAuslan Brewing in Montreal and Quebec

McAuslan Brewing, established in 1989, is one of the pioneering microbreweries in Quebec. It has played an important role in the craft beer scene in Quebec. McAuslan is popular for its flagship beer, St-Ambroise Pale Ale. In fact, it is regarded as the first microbrewery beer to be produced in bottles in Quebec. After the immense popularity of St-Ambroise Pale Ale, McAuslan Brewing expanded its portfolio and introduced St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout as well. This was a popular beer from the start, and during the 1990s, it was even exported to New England.

It was nearly two decades ago when McAuslan Brewing began producing seasonal beers. The facility since then celebrates different times of the year with new options. An apricot wheat ale for spring, a spiced pumpkin for autumn, a raspberry ale for summer, and, similarly, a strong ale for winter. Besides Beer, they also offer cider for cider lovers. Visiting McAuslan Brewing offers an opportunity to live the rich history and craftsmanship of one of Quebec’s leading microbreweries. For beer enthusiasts, it is an excellent destination to check out in Canada.

4. Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto

A highly influential and iconic craft brewery Bellwoods Brewery is based in Toronto, Canada. It isn’t just another beer facility but an organization that has contributed significantly to Canada’s craft beer scene. Bellwoods has, in fact, gotten international recognition for its exceptional beers. For the lesser-knowns, this Canadian brewery also collaborated with renowned breweries in the United States and Europe. Such efforts allow breweries to exchange knowledge while trying different brewing techniques.

Bellwoods Brewery offers multiple beer varieties to try. Their hoppy beers, stouts, and excellence in the sour and barrel-aged program make them truly loved. Beer enthusiasts can always have their hands full of options whenever they are in Bellwoods. The versatility and commitment to quality across various styles here make the facility truly a beloved one. Bellwoods Brewery is also known for its striking and visually pleasing graphic design. The labels and packaging they use on their beer bottles make them aesthetically pleasing and unique amongst the lot.

5. Four Winds Brewing Co. in British Columbia

The craft beer scene in British Columbia is in the forefront since the 1980s. The warm climate and proximity to vineyards here have always made British Columbia a popular choice for talented and growing brewers. A popular brewery in Delta, British Columbia, goes by the name Four Winds Brewing Co., and you need to visit here. It doesn’t just embrace the local appreciation for craft and quality but also creates unique and refined beers. The facility follows an elegant and restrained approach and uses Belgian influence that can blend with local tastes. Their mixed-fermentation and barrel-aged farmhouse ales are some of the most popular to try. From their beer catalog, do not miss the rustic and funky Saison called Operis. This Beer aged in local red wine barrels has unique depth and complexity.

Four Winds also offers different styles ranging from session ales to crisp lagers and innovative hoppy brews. Their beer collection suits different preferences and palates. However, despite the style, everything they offer is crafted with a focus on quality, distinction, and dedication.

6. Alley Kat Brewing Company in Alberta

Another popular brewery in Canada is Alley Kat Brewing Company, an Alberta hotspot. The facility is precisely nestled in Edmonton and is perhaps amongst the oldest craft brewery in Alberta. It has been operating since 1995 and is known for its flavorful and tasty craft beers that attract not only locals but tourists as well. The best part about Alley Kat is its team which is extremely passionate about Beer. Their large army works tirelessly to craft a diverse selection of brews. A visit here will allow beet enthusiasts to try everyday beers as well as specialty brews. The menu may change occasionally.

Some of the notables at Alley Kat Brewing Company include stalwarts like the Aprikat apricot ale and the Scona Gold Kolsch. The latter one is a Germal-style crisp and refreshing beer and a must-try. The Main Squeeze grapefruit wheat ale is also a popular and refreshing choice. Beer enthusiasts can also try their hands on seasonal favorites, the Pumpkin Pie spiced ale. It is, in fact, the perfect choice for fall and is excitingly aromatic. The facility offers both classic and creative beers and always has reliable and delicious options to try. For beer enthusiasts in Edmonton, it is a must-visit place.

7. Prince Edward Island Brewing Company

The Prince Edward Island Brewing Company is where you spend hours without falling short of options. This dynamic establishment isn’t just a brewery but a gathering landmark on its own. Besides producing and offering Beer, the facility also host a range of events. You can often find international comedic performances and tribute bands adding to the lively and entertaining atmosphere here. The Prince Edward Island Brewing Company’s first production was Beach Chair Lager, which is also Atlantic Canada’s first canned craft beer. It has a refreshing and easy-drinking experience and is ideal for having on a sunny day.

In addition to the Beach Chair Lager, other popular ones to try here include Island Red Premium Red Ale, Blueberry Ale, Iron Bridge Brown Ale, 1772 IPA, and Sydney Street Premium Stout. For a beer-some experience with hints of entertainment, do visit the Prince Edward Island Brewing Company in Canada at least once.

8. Brasserie Dunham at East of Montreal

Last but not least is Brasserie Dunham, a standout brewery nestled in the Eastern Townships in a vibrant agricultural region east of Montreal. The brewery is known for its innovative and flavorful beers and truly mesmerizing location. The surrounding vineyards, orchards, and farmland draw beer lovers and brewery enthusiasts both to this unique location. The facility specializes in crafting funky Saisons and bold, aromatic IPAs. Their farmhouse ales are influenced by Belgian brewing traditions and have a rustic and refreshing character to them. Brasserie Dunham is true to its Belgian roots and has a clear passion for hops.

The beer options at Brasserie Dunham’s are artfully created, offering a unique twist on classic beer styles. The options here combine the best of both worlds using traditional techniques and innovative hop profiles. Besides Beer, their IPAs stand out for their juicy and resinous characteristics. Whether you’re a fan of farmhouse ales, hop-forward IPAs, or simply seeking a taste of the Eastern Townships’ unique beer culture, Brasserie Dunham is a must-visit.

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