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Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles Helicopter Tour

Top 5 Helicopter Tours in Canada for Aerial Adventures : Discover Canada’s Untamed Beauty (2024)

Canada, the second largest country, draws tourists for its vast land brimming with untamed beauty. Canada’s breathtaking landscapes and exciting tourism opportunities draw travelers from around the globe. While visitors often choose to explore Canada on foot or by road, an exhilarating way that unfolds another grandeur of experience is the Canadian Helicopter Tours. 

Not known to many, but Canada can be best explored via a range of Helicopter tours. Simply imagine yourself soaring high above snow-capped mountains, plunging into awe-inspiring canyons, and witnessing the remote wilderness of Canada. And all this when you are strapped inside a helicopter with unmatchable views below you. Sounds like a thrilling and remarkable journey, right? 

If yes, then join us as we bring you the Most Popular Helicopter Tours in Canada. This article will unveil a selection of carefully curated aerial adventures. While only reading about them may leave you spellbound imagining living them. So, without wasting any time, get ready for your experience of the thrill of flying. Try these Canada Helicopter Tours and enjoy your visit to this mesmerizing country. 

5 Most Exciting Helicopter Tours Over Canada

1. Niagara Falls CANADA Helicopter Tour

The Niagara Falls, CANADA Helicopter Tour is a bucket-list adventure like no other. And why not? With its unparalleled perspective of nature’s one of greatest wonders, adventure enthusiasts cannot turn it down. The tour takes participants on Airbus H130 aircraft to an exhilarating height. Tour participants get to witness the awe-inspiring American, Bridal Veil, and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. And all of this is while soaring close to the gigantic and beautiful Niagara River and its Whirlpool Rapids.

As you ascend into the skies, each passenger is equipped with a personal headset. This immerses participants in a captivating narrative that reveals intriguing insights about the falls and their surrounding landmarks. Make sure you bring your camera along to picture Niagara Falls for a bird eye view. This Helicopter tour in Canada is time-efficient and budget-friendly. The flight takes 12 minutes (including loading and photos). However, despite such less time, it grants participants with an extraordinary view of Niagara Falls. The flight lands from where it took off, adding ease to visitors’ experience and convenience.  

2. Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles Helicopter Tour

Explore Canadian Rockies with the Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles Helicopter Tour. It is undoubtedly the most exciting helicopter tour in Canada. This unforgettable and exhilarating takes participants over a section of Banff National Park. It showcases breathtaking aerial views, majestic glaciers, pristine lakes, and an extraordinary snowshoeing expedition. As you will fly above six stunning glaciers amidst frozen lakes and cascading waterfalls, you will forget anything you have seen before. The best part about this helicopter tour in Canada is witnessing the natural phenomenon of the ice bubbles on Abraham Lake. Witnessing it is nothing less than a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. 

Some guided snowshoeing tours here also touch down at Landslide Lake, allowing participants to immerse them self in the pristine wilderness. The tour also serves hot chocolate infused with Irish cream and a delicious hot lunch. This warmth is definitely important to enjoy the ice-cold surroundings. Throughout the tour, a professional keeps on sharing informative commentary via a headset. The tour further ends with a guided walking tour equipped with ice cleats. It allows participants to explore the mesmerizing ice bubbles on Abraham Lake. Necessary equipment like snowshoes and winter clothing must be brought along. Be sure to dress warmly to stay safe and healthy. 

3. The Complete Columbia Icefield Helicopter Tour

Tucked deep within Canadian Rockies, the Columbia Icefields are perhaps the world’s one of the best places to visit. However, instead of on foot, this experience can be enjoyed via an adventure helicopter tour. The Complete Columbia Icefield Helicopter Tour takes 55 minutes. The entire tour focuses on unrevealing the unparalleled beauty of this ancient ice formation. As tour participants ascend to impressive heights, you’ll witness ethereal lakes, towering waterfalls, and deep crevasses. Guide’s and Pilot’s captivating narration adds more to the experience. The helicopter tours launches from the Icefields Adventure Base. It further soars over the vast expanse of the Columbia Icefield, spanning 325 square kilometers. The icefields boast solid ice up to 365 meters deep. The tour allows participants to observe all this breathtaking beauty at an astounding altitude of 4,000 meters. 

The Icefields Adventure Base is nestled right off the magnificent Icefields Parkway at Saskatchewan Crossin. It is nearly 3 hour drive away from Calgary, slightly above an hour’s drive from the Columbia Icefields, 1.5 hours drive from Lake Louise, and 2.5 hours from Jasper. When heading up for the Complete Columbia Icefield Helicopter Tour, make sure you dress appropriately for the weather. Keep comfortable walking or hiking shoes, a light jacket, and a hat. 

4. 7-Minute Helicopter Tour over Toronto

7-Minute Helicopter Tour over Toronto offers an exhilarating adventure flight over Toronto. This helicopter tour soaring high above the largest city in Canada is worth trying. This exclusive sightseeing tour offers an unparalleled birds eye view of Toronto’s iconic CN Tower, the Canadian National Exhibition grounds, and the picturesque Lake Ontario waterfront. As the helicopter takes participants above Toronto’s bustling streets, one can enjoy breathtaking views of the downtown skyline and beyond. It further offers an unparalleled view of architectural wonders like Fort York and tourist attractions like the Royal Ontario Museum. You may have visited vibrant St. Lawrence Market often on foot, but seeing it from above is a very different experience. The tour also flies over the Rogers Centre, Blue Jays, and the Distillery District.

7-Minute Helicopter Tour over Toronto is truly unmatchable as it escapes the congestion of the streets and traffic lights. The helicopter tour starts at the Toronto Heli Tours, starting right at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. It is close to downtown Toronto and thus easily accessible. Participants need to pass a brief check-in process before boarding a comfortable 3-passenger helicopter.

5. Romantic Jewel – Private Helicopter Tour for 2

Last but not least is the Private Helicopter Tour for 2 for a romantic experience. It is another helicopter tour in Toronto; however, ideal for couples. Romantic partners get to board a private helicopter flight to enjoy an intimate sightseeing experience in Toronto. Moving across the helicopter ride unfold views of multiple tourist landmarks and attractions from the bird-eye point of view. The marvel of Toronto’s waterfront, the sights of the iconic CN Tower, and more of the city await couples. The helicopter tours also offer two framed photographs of the couple next to the helicopter.

For an upgraded and more enjoyable experience, couples can upgrade to the Interlude flight. It, besides a private helicopter tour and framed photographs, includes a lot more. Interlude flight is all about complimentary wine, chocolates, dessert wine glasses, a souvenir teddy bear, and two souvenir helicopter toys. This upgradation is ideal for honeymoon couples or while traveling on anniversaries and other special occasions. The adventure begins at the Toronto Heli Tours location at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. There’s always a warm welcome from the crew, and participants are escorted to their seats in the helicopter. The tour is accompanied by light music through the headsets, enhancing the romantic ambiance.

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