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Smitty’s Cove, Whittier Scuba Dive

6 Amazing Scuba Diving Locations in Alaska (2024)

Whether you are someone who loves marine life or some expert diver, scuba diving is a water sports activity loved by everyone. And from scuba diving the common question which strikes our mind is where can I enjoy some amazing underwater marine-life. Same goes for the visitors in Alaska, when you will visit this place the vibes around will surely entice you for an under-water dive for sure. But despite Alaska being surrounded with water all around you cannot enjoy scuba diving in Anchorage because of its underwater dangers.

However, a world-class scuba diving option will be available all year round for you in Alaska, and it is not even very far away just a few hours drive from Anchorage. So here in this list, we have mentioned some of the most beautiful and best scuba diving locations in Alaska where you can fulfill your drenched soul with alluring and beautiful marine life.

6 Amazing Scuba Diving Locations in Alaska

1. Smitty’s Cove, Whittier

Amazing Scuba Diving Location in Alaska-Smitty’s Cove, Whittier

Crab at Smitty’s Cove in Whittier, AK Image Source

Also known as Smitty’s is a protected marine park, which is just a 40-minute drive away from Anchorage, and it passes through the longest underground tunnel of North America. With a rich history that dates back to World War II, Smitty’s Cove is home to WWII wreckage and slags with reefs, sunken planes, cranes, and vibrantly beautiful marine life that covers up in these mentioned habitats. With the efforts of the locals, Smitty has gained the title of the training site for winter dives as well as for small boat launches for kayakers, paddle boats, and fishermen. 

Just keep in mind when you are visiting Smitty’s cove that it is extremely difficult to dive in the cove in late May till September due to upstream runoff into the cove. Apart from those months, this place is the best to enjoy some beautiful shore diving scenes in Anchorage, Alaska.

2. Matanuska Lake, Palmer

The very beautiful lake Matanuska is just a 40-minute drive from Anchorage and is one of the most beautiful scuba diving locations in Alaska. It is one of the nearest and cheapest diving locations for scuba diving in Anchorage. This lake is home to the beautiful arctic char, freshwater sponges, alluring rainbow trout fishes that will present you with the most enticing marine life. Scuba diving at this location is easy, clean, and refreshing despite some little marine life. This place is best if you are looking for a short marine dive after a long day at work, then Matanuska Lake is the place for you.
Best Scuba Diving Location in Alaska-Matanuska Lake, PalmerImage Source

During the winters, you cannot enjoy scuba diving here, not because the lake gets frozen because some individuals are also into ice diving, but the issue is that the park and lake itself are closed throughout the winters.

3. Resurrection Bay, Seward

Every year when thousands of tourist venture to Alaska, all the diving lovers firstly look for the best scuba diving locations in Alaska, then they look towards the Resurrection Bay on the marine site where you can catch a glimpse of whales, orcas, sea lions, and more with blue glaciers surrounding the landscape beautifully. And beneath these boats you must be traveling. There’s a beautiful world waiting right for you to explore. It provides one of the most enticing diving sites that is just a 2-hour drive away from Anchorage and enables endless diving options. The resurrection bay has numerous dive sites where all the dive lovers can fill their souls with the most amazing marine life. If you are looking for a day trip experience in scuba diving near Anchorage, then Resurrection Bay is the answer you have been looking for.
Popular Scuba Diving Location in Alaska-Resurrection Bay, SewardImage Source

4. Hidden Lake, Kenai

A beautiful part of the Skilak Wildlife Recreation Area, this very beautiful and enticing Hidden Lake brings some of the best scuba diving locations in Alaska when it comes to lake diving. It is just a 2.5-hour drive from Anchorage, and for all the scuba diving lovers, the hidden lake has the most beautiful options hidden under the lake. From sparkling rainbow trouts, some cute and beautiful freshwater mussels, and sometimes even beavers. If you are on a short trip but can’t miss out on your diving experience, then a hidden lake is one of the go-to scuba diving locations in Alaska for you.
Top Scuba Diving Location in Alaska-Hidden Lake, KenaiImage Source

5. Sand Lake, Anchorage

There’s not very much about this one of the scuba diving locations in Alaska, Sand Lake is a local lake, and the fresh and clean water of Sand lake won’t make you feel sick in any manner. The lake has a depth of 40 feet and a big thanks to its beautiful underwater spring life that makes it always cold to enter. If we compare this diving site to other diving sites, then Sand lake somehow sucks the invisibility factor, and the majority of the divers don’t prefer diving into it.

However, due to its close prominence to Anchorage, just 5 minutes drive from the shop, it is the closest scuba diving option in Anchorage. People prefer diving here just because of its close proximity to Anchorage, and there are barely 2-3 times people dive into Sand lake for scuba diving.
Famous Scuba Diving Location in Alaska-Sand Lake, AnchorageImage Source

6. Boulder City

If you are on a two-day trip, then you have an ample amount of time to enjoy diving near Anchorage, and one of the best places to enjoy scuba diving is the Boulders. It has cute little small swim-throughs, and it offers a structure for reef growth, which enhances the marine life under the water. This shallow diving location offers the divers a long dive duration with sea cucumbers and starfishes in the kelp bed spaces of the water.
Attraction Scuba Diving Location in Alaska-Boulder CityImage Source

When you visit Boulder, it also depends on which time of the year you are visiting because the water has different kinds of salmon like humpy spawn, chum in different seasons.


So it’s time to embark on your journey to Alaska and, no matter what is the duration of  your stay, make most of it by enjoying some of the most amazing activities and experiences which definitely involves exciting scuba diving. Even if it is dangerous to scuba dive under Alaskan waters, but with all these nearby scuba diving locations, you can fulfill your thirst for underwater diving. Food might be expensive in Alaska, but scuba diving is not, so enjoy looking at those pretty marine lives living under water at these best scuba diving locations in Alaska.

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