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Best Places To Shop in Flagstaff

12 Best Places To Shop in Flagstaff (2024)

Flagstaff is home to various exhibition halls, planetariums, and observatories. It’s even been perceived as “America’s First STEM Community” as a result of its commitment to math and science. For students of history, Flagstaff is perhaps the most established settlement in Arizona, and it’s loaded up with rock homes and disintegrating ruins that address hundreds of years of antiquated living. It’s additionally near various reservations of Native Americans where the old ways are as yet polished today. And for the shopping lovers, there are tons of thrift shopping and luxury shopping venues available in Flagstaff. Regardless of whether you’re looking for that cherished trinket, Route 66 sentimentality, genuine Native American artworks, vintage apparel, open-air gear, custom-made cleanser, hand-blown china, or other exceptional artistic work, Flagstaff has got you covered. From privately possessed gift shops, arts and craftsmanship displays to open-air outdoor supplies stores and popular liquor shops, shopping in downtown Flagstaff is an encounter that should not be missed. So, we’ve created this amazing list of the ultimate best places in Flagstaff where you can shop and with that have a good time. Let’s have a look:

12 Best Places To Shop in Flagstaff

1. Flagstaff Mall:

If you want multiple facilities under one roof then what place can be better than a mall? And what if we told you that you could visit one of the best malls in entire Arizona? Flagstaff Mall is an encased territorial retail outlet serving all of northern Arizona. Facilitating an assortment of more than 50 stores including JCPenney, The Children’s Place, Dillard’s, Buckle, Bath and Body Works, Planet Fitness, and some more, Flagstaff Mall is the area’s head shopping objective. Its hotel-style design, supplemented by a fabulous four-sided chimney, features a happy shopping environment. The redesigned Food Court offers various eatery venues combined with modern, new facilities for the family, including free Wi-Fi and a delightful 38-foot-tall stone chimney. Families can likewise enjoy at the “Camp Wanna play,” a play territory for youngsters.

2. Aspen Place at The Sawmill:

Who doesn’t like shopping at a low-key open-air market that additionally has a great number of food outlets that serve amazingly tasty food? Named out of appreciation for the Stone Forest Sawmill that once engulfed this zone, Aspen Place at the Sawmill offers a great variety of eating venues, various attire and open-air retail locations, a supermarket as well as a day spa. It is like the perfect place to make a trip to fill both your closet and your stomach.

3. The Hilltop Shops at Woodlands Village:

Do you give as much importance to the ambiance as you give to the place itself? Well, if you are an ambiance lover then this place is the perfect stop for you. Located just by the side of Walmart and Kohl’s and only minutes from NAU, The Hilltop Shops at Woodlands Village offers interesting and different eateries blended in with privately possessed shops. It provides the perfect aura and the perfect feel of a luxury shopping complex with its amazing assortment of apparel stores and shops. It’s also a good spot to explore local goods handcrafted by the natives of the town. All in all, it’s the perfect place for a shopping lover.

4. Historic Downtown Flagstaff:

Haven’t your heard? They say go where the local people are, Historic downtown of Flagstaff is surely that center of action offering a plenitude of must-do exercises including independent strolling visits, eateries, attractions, bars and breweries, art exhibitions, stores, open-air suppliers, and boutiques. It is the perfect place to shop if you are looking for something that would always stay as your memory of this notable town. The architecturally significant areas of this place are the Humphreys streets to the Verde Streets and Route 66 in the south. With such an assortment of novelties offered by a single area, it becomes a must-visit the location of Flagstaff.

5. Southside Historic District:

Another section of the Historic Downtown Flagstaff, Southside Historic District is an absolute delight for shopping lovers. Mike’s Pike to San Francisco Street, Route 66’s south to Butler Avenue are the most popular areas of this district. You can explore the southernmost side of the tracks to the developing renewal of the Southside Historic District which boasts of a great number of feasting choices, going from specially made sausages to grant winning connoisseur apart from the various shopping stores and shops. Numerous cafés, distilleries, and shops are situated in enchanting re-established structures from the 1890s. It’s the right place to end a long shopping day with some tasty food and a relaxing cooler.

6. Museum of Northern Arizona:

Shopping at a museum? Yes, you heard that right. The gift shop of the Museum of Northern Arizona is one of the best places to get real, authentic, and locally-made goods that highlight the beauty of downtown Flagstaff. And not just that, you can additionally inundate yourself in Southwest Native societies and local stands amazed at a broadly granted exhibition hall. From the dinosaur skeleton in the anteroom to the shocking craftsmanship shows, there’s something for everybody at this “Smithsonian of the Southwest.” Meet the ten clans of the district in the Native Peoples of the Colorado Plateau display, which recounts the tale of individuals who have been here for centuries in their own worlds. Find the unmistakable legacy of every local area, while investigating shared subjects, similar to food and function, which rises above the ancestral grounds. These cutting-edge displays are housed in a memorable structure on a 200-section of land grounds with breathtaking mountain landscapes, strategically placed out and about associating Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. Entry is free for youngsters aged 9 and under, which also involves mind-blowing and fun-filled activities. You can also get authentic ancestral arts, adornments, and fun games here.Best Places To Shop in Flagstaff Image Source

7. University Plaza Shopping Centre:

Just like its name, the place is also very unique and amazing in Flagstaff. University Plaza is home to a variety of shopping alternatives as well as eateries and other modern-day facilities. It’s an incredible spot to get any type of item that you need, from ordinary everyday necessities to presents for special events and occasion, you name the thing and the University Plaza Shopping Centre has got it all.

8. Varsity Shopping Centre:

Looking for a place to buy some native and local goods? Varsity Shopping Centre is your spot in Flagstaff. Strategically placed on Milton Road close to NAU, this retail outlet is home to neighborhood top picks like Burritos Fiesta Fresh Mexican, Bookman’s Exchange, Sprouts, and the others.

If you prefer thrift shopping then the below-mentioned spots are the perfect places for you.

9. Babies to Kids:

What the public loves about Babies to Kids is that it is LOCAL and FAMILY possessed. This spot is basically known for being an all-inclusive resource for youngsters and guardians the same since there is additionally a ceramics studio for youngsters and a home-product store for grown-ups (Book Nest Mercantile). Apart from these marvelous choices, there is additionally a gigantic recycled kids’ apparel segment and the choice to exchange previously owned but in good condition attire things too for store credit.

10. Sharon’s Attic:

This spot is incredible on the grounds that its funds help towards the operation of Sharon Manor, a neighborhood home for victims of abusive behavior at home. Another extraordinary part of this spot is that in case you have a huge thing that you might want to donate, for example, a huge sofa, then they offer transportation FOR FREE!

11. Hodge Podge:

Another beneficent second-hand shop around the Flagstaff town, this spot helps to fund The Northland Hospice. Something that stands apart about Hodge Podge is its enormity. In the event that you wish to explore it, plan on giving this place at least an hour or so! Why? Just told you, it’s HUGE. Also, you can discover a great deal of extraordinary vintage cherishes here.

12. The Carriage House Antiques:

This spot in Flagstaff is an outright jewel in the event that you are searching for something extremely one of a kind and vintage, or an incredible present for somebody. Also, on the off chance that you are an enthusiast of retro furnishings, this spot is it! They likewise purchase collectibles if you have something of your very own fortune that you are hoping to sell.


FAQs For Tourists Planning To Do Shopping In Flagstaff:

Q1. Are These Shopping Markets Of Flagstaff Easy To Reach?

Ans: Yes, because of their extreme popularity, these shopping markets of Flagstaff are very easy to reach.

Q2. Are Food Outlets Available At These Shopping Markets Of Flagstaff?

Ans: Yes, a lot of popular food outlets are available at these shopping markets of Flagstaff.

Q3. Are Rental Services Available To Reach These Shopping Markets Of Flagstaff?

Ans: Yes, you can very easily avail of a cab or hire a rental to reach these markets of Flagstaff.

Q4. Can We Do Thrift Shopping At These Markets?

Ans: Yes, you can do thrift shopping here as well.

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