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Horseshoe Bend Travel Guide

Horseshoe Bend Travel Guide: Activities to Do and Places to Explore Near Horseshoe Bend, AZ (2024)

Have you heard about the world famous Horseshoe Bend of Arizona or are you not human? Well, you must be living under a rock if you’ve never seen a picture of the popular Horseshoe Bend. Simply a short hike from Route 89 close to Page, Arizona lays one of America’s most incredible natural miracles. In a fabulously sensational scene, the region provides extraordinary hiking scenes among the red rocks overlooking the waterway. Whirling around a 1,000-foot-high platform, the Colorado River twists in a smooth circle around a gigantic, jagged stone arrangement before streaming back through the Southwest. Although, the scene is magnificently beautiful, yet the guests should move around with great caution as there are no rails to hold you back from tumbling down the lofty, rough precipices.Horseshoe Bend Travel Guide, Arizona

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The Horseshoe Bend is a paradise for the photography lovers of the world. Infact, it is so mesmerizing and picturesque that it used to be every second person’s wallpaper or background until a few years ago. With its unmatchable beauty and grandeur, it is in everybody’s wish list during an Arizona trip. But due to its extreme popularity, getting to the landscape and exploring it can get a bit confusing and difficult. Therefore, we compiled the absolute best list of all the travel tips and information that you must possess before heading out to them. So, let’s begin our travel itinerary without any further delay.

About Horseshoe Bend:

Horseshoe Bend is a horseshoe-shaped meander found over the Colorado River, situated close to the town of Page, Arizona, United States. It is additionally alluded to as the “east edge of the Grand Canyon.” Horseshoe Bend is found 5 miles (8.0 km) downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell inside Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, around 4 miles (6.4 km) southwest of Page. It can be visited only by means of hiking a 1.5-mile (2.4 km) full circle from a parking zone simply off U.S. Highway 89 inside southwestern Page. The land south of the Bend’s parking zone, trail, and oversee are on the Navajo Nation region. The oversee is 4,200 feet (1,300 m) above ocean level, and the Colorado River is at 3,200 feet (980 m) above ocean level, making it a 1,000-foot (300 m) drop.

Horseshoe Bend is an eminent illustration of a settled in meander. Six million years ago, the area around Horseshoe Bend was a lot nearer to the ocean level, and the Colorado River was a wandering waterway with an almost leveled floodplain. Somewhere in the range of six and five million years prior, the district started to elevate. This caught the Colorado River in its bed, and the waterway quickly cut downwards to create Horseshoe Bend as we see it today.

About Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

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What Are Some Of The Activities That You Can Do In The Horseshoe Bend?

From the outset, it might appear there would not be many fascinating activities or visiting centers close to Horseshoe Bend. But contrary to that, there are many unique activities to do around the Horseshoe Bend, alongside different places to visit.

  • Flying over Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell: In the event that you need a more scenic view of the Horseshoe Bend, you can book a Horseshoe Bend helicopter visit. This sort of visit is offered from the heliport situated in Lake Powell. Apart from seeing the Horseshoe Bend from the air, you can likewise fly over Lake Powell. The visit requires around 30-40 minutes and it is important to book it ahead of time with Papillon, the lone organization that offers this visit.
  • Boating: Another approach to visit Horseshoe Bend is by employing a buoy boat visit. This visit demands a large portion of a day, beginning from the Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry going through petro glyph sea shore, Vermillion Cliffs, and obviously, Horseshoe Bend. This visit is offered exclusively by one organization, Wilderness River Adventures. As this stretch of the Colorado River is very quiet, the Horseshoe Bend Rafting visit is a decent alternative for families going with kids more than 4 years of age.
  • Kayaking in the Horseshoe Bend: In the event that you’d like to explore the place all on your own, there are additional organizations that lease kayaks in Horseshoe Bend. You will find this alternative from the Horseshoe Bend ignore, where you can kayak down to the lower part of the horseshoe bend and then set up a camp or make a huge fire to go through the evening. One of the organizations who lease kayaks in Horseshoe Bend is Kayak the Colorado.

What Are Some Of The Places That You Can Explore In And Around The Horseshoe Bend?

Out of a string of places to visit in and around the Horseshoe Bend, these are the most amazing ones:

  • Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon: Something amazing that you can do around Horseshoe Bend is to visit this Secret Canyon, otherwise called the Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon. This gulch is very like the Antelope Canyon but is less popular. Therefore, it is a decent spot to keep yourself away from the enormous convergences of guests that fill Antelope Canyon consistently. Although the cost is more costly, but in the event that you need to appreciate a ravine with astounding arrangements in a practically isolated spot (a maximum gathering of 6 individuals at most) where the guide gives you all the time you need to take pictures, this is the most ideal alternative. The ravine is situated inside the Navajo Indian Reservation. Furthermore, it is put inside the private property of a Navajo Indian family who are the lone ones organizing and managing this visit.
  • Antelope Canyon: Antelope Canyon is one of the must visit sites in Arizona. Located so close to the Horseshoe Bend makes it all the more explorable. You can hike through the canyon which is divided into two parts: the Upper Canyon and the Lower Canyon. Both the segments are unique and beautiful in their own ways.

How to Reach the Horseshoe Bend?

Horseshoe Bend is situated close to Page. To get to Horseshoe Bend, essentially from Page, take the Route 89 towards South and after driving for around five miles from there, you will see a sign that says “Horseshoe Bend Overlook”, where you will discover the parking area of the Bend. From the Horseshoe Bend parking garage, you will have to walk 10 minutes along a 0.6-mile path way. Although, the way is short, it tends to be hard, particularly during early afternoon in the late spring. The closest airport to The Horseshoe Bend is Las Vegas International Airport and the distance between Horseshoe Bend and Las Vegas is a 280 miles drive, which requires around 4 hours and a half to get to. So, it is feasible to first get to the Las Vegas Airport and then drive from there to the Bend. However, if you are travelling from the Grand Canyon side, you will have to take a different route and there is a 130 miles distance between the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, which requires around more than two hours.

What Is The Most Ideal Time Of The Year To Visit The Horseshoe Bend?

Horseshoe Bend is open for visits all throughout the year and there is never a “terrible” time to visit the place. It is a notorious, amazingly sensational segment of the Colorado River, and regardless of whenever you go, you will appreciate the staggering perspectives. But the best and the most ideal time to visit Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona, imply choosing the most ideal time to take the most eye-catching photographs and for that the months of November to February are the best. Evening is the most popular time among explorers to visit the Bend and take photographs of the sun hiding behind the curve.

Furthermore, it provides you with the best orange lights for your photographs. Because of those highlights, the vast majority prefer to visit the place during the late evenings. The dusk time is so crowded, and even the local bus service works from 10 am to 5 pm.

What Are Some Of The Hotels Near The Horseshoe Bend?

They are:

  • Page Lake Powell Antelope Canyon Campground: It is the most ideal choice if incase you need to stay outdoors in the Horseshoe Bend. They offer both tent outdoors and RV spots.
  • Nation Inn and Suites by Radisson: In the event that outdoors isn’t your thing, this is the best inn close to the Horseshoe Bend. This lodging is situated on the way to Horseshoe Bend from Page, making it perhaps the most ideal alternative. It is additionally the best appraised on Booking.com.
  • Hyatt Place Page Lake Powell: Located in the focal point of Page with an excellent rating by the visitors, it might be your best bet to stay near the Horseshoe Bend. But it stays so overbooked that you need to reserve it well ahead of time.

FAQ’s For Tourists Planning To Visit The Horseshoe Bend

Q1. What Are Some Of The Popular Hotels Around The Horseshoe Bend?

Ans: Country Inn and Suites and Hampton Inn and Suites are some of the popular hotels here.

Q2. What Are Some Of The Good Restaurants Around The Horseshoe Bend?

Ans: Subway and Taco Bell are some of the popular restaurants that serve amazing food here.

Q3. What Are Some Of The Tips To Keep In Mind While Visiting The Horseshoe Bend?

Ans: Some of the points to keep in mind are:

  • Download maps before heading out
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

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