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10 Best Weekend Getaways From Scottsdale (2021)

10 Best Weekend Getaways From Scottsdale (2023)

Scottsdale is one of Arizona’s most beguiling urban areas, known for its beautiful palm trees, dazzling spa resorts, greens, historic landmarks and alluring attractions. But at times, all that you desire is a little change of scenes and scenery around you and for that too, the city fills in as a fantastic getaway door to explore and investigate major portions of the state’s most notable miracles, including the dazzling Grand Canyon National Park, the extensive Tonto National Forest, and the one of a kind Mogollon Rim. Significant urban communities like Phoenix, Sedona, and Flagstaff which are home to remarkable social attractions and yearly celebrations, including New Age-related occasions which also lie close by to this beautiful town and makes for the best w

eekend getaway from Scottsdale. All in all, Scottsdale is a perfect place from where you can enjoy a peaceful or an adventurous weekend getaway, depending on your mood and choice. So, let’s know about some of the best weekend getaway from Scottsdale in detail to make your next weekend getaway from Scottsdale all the more fun and fruitful.

10 Best Weekend Getaways From Scottsdale

1. The Apache Trail:

Who doesn’t like a good old road passing through beautiful desert landscapes and a mesmerizing lake? The Apache Trail protects the notable nineteenth century stagecoach trail of the similar name, which spreads 40 miles across Arizona’s dazzling Superstition Mountain scene. The path is named out of appreciation for its association with one of this region’s native clan of the similar name, twisting past rough desert mountain territory regions and exquisite characteristic regions like the Canyon and Apache Lakes. Unpaved areas between Tortilla Flat and Roosevelt Dam which are known for their staggering precipice drops can be navigated via four-wheel vehicles. Along the way, locales like Goldfield and Globe, the noteworthy copper mining towns make for an incredible halting spot during this scenic road trip. All in all, it is one of the best weekend getaway from Scottsdale.

2. Canyon Lake:

What’s better than a weekend getaway? A weekend getaway to a lake! Canyon Lake is an exquisite artificial repository situated along the lovely Salt River, constructed in 1920s after the creation of the Mormon Flat Dam. This 950-acred lake is the littlest of the four repositories of the Guadalupe River and fills in as quite possibly the most well-known objections on the Apache Trail course, situated close to Apache Junction. The coolest weekend destination from Scottsdale, guests can appreciate astounding all year activities and events at the lake, including chances for sailing, scuba diving, trekking, and water sports like water skiing. Fishers can get channel catfish, rainbow trout, walleye and yellow bass over time from the lake’s shores or dispatch boats at its two boat dispatch zones. A swimming sea shore is likewise open all through the late spring months. Day-use cookout spots are accessible, alongside marina administrations and overnight camping areas.

Weekend Getaways From Scottsdale-Canyon Lake

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3. Cave Creek:

A beguiling town in Maricopa County, Cave Creek is found inside comfy road trip distance from the town of Scottsdale. The town is home to a plenty of memorable attractions, including the Golden Reef Stamp Mill, the Tubercular Cabin and the First Church of Cave Creek. The memorable Spur Cross Ranch, initially settled during the 1920s, has been changed over into a 2000 acre of amusement region that fills in as the doorway to the delightful Tonto National Forest. A vast section of land of the lavish Sonoran Desert is ensured inside Cave Creek Regional Park, a well-known spot for birdwatching as well as trekking. Other well-known attractions incorporate Awareness Park of Gateway Desert, which provides family-accommodating attractions, and the delightful Recreation Area of Seven Springs. Downtown, guests can explore enchanting art displays, antique stores, and shops selling local Mexican ceramics. 

4. Desert Botanical Garden:

A garden amidst a desert? Doesn’t that sound like a perfect getaway from Scottsdale? Desert Botanical Garden is a dazzling 140-sections of botanical garden situated inside Phoenix’s Papago Park and known as a Point of Pride of Phoenix for its exquisite and unique showcases. The nursery, which was established in late 1930s by the ACNF Society, has developed to grandstand more than 50,000 plantings of around 4,000 varieties, including 380 uncommon and imperilled plant species. Significant assortments incorporate desert flora plantings and broad agave, alongside plants local to upland chaparral, semidesert prairie conditions and mesquite bosque. Some mind blowing and adventurous loop trails run along the nursery’s path which the visitors can undertake to make their day full of fun and adventure. A beautiful porch bistro presents scrumptious American passage, while occasional shows bring live music exhibitions to the nurseries premises which all the more adds to the flame of this amazing weekend getaway from Scottsdale.

5. Grand Canyon National Park:

One of the most terrific creations of nature, Grand Canyon is probably the most visited site of Arizona and is also protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautiful gorge, which has been declared as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was set up as a public park in 1919 and pulls in the second-most noteworthy visitor ship of any public park today, just behind National Park of Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Shocking red, earthy coloured, and pink stone layers were cut during Precambrian times by the progression of the lofty Colorado River, giving unrivalled nature photography openings. Guests can remain at various territory resorts all through the recreation centre’s South Rim district, which is known for its family-accommodating attractions. On the North Rim, more confined cabins and camping areas give admittance to dazzling focuses and attractions. It is one of the most amazing weekend destinations from Scottsdale, hands down!

6. Flagstaff:

Flagstaff is Arizona’s one of the loveliest urban communities, set against the terrific background of the great San Francisco Peaks and makes for one of the most alluring weekend destinations from Scottsdale. The city is more popular as the home of the celebrated ski resort of Arizona Snowbowl, which is situated at a rise of around 9000 feet above ocean level and offers amazing options for skiing and winter sports. Throughout the mid-year months, the city fills in as a mainstream passage for local explorable zones like Humphreys Peak and Grand Canyon National Park. Close by, flawless Walnut Canyon National Monument and Wapiti National Monument protect huge Pueblo native locales.

7. Jerome:

One of Arizona’s top craftsman town, Jerome is situated at the site of the state’s biggest ancient copper mine, which produced thousands of pounds of copper each month at the pinnacle of its activities all through the nineteenth century. Today, the city is home to the beautiful State Historic Park of Jerome, which comprises of memorable attractions like the Douglas Mansion, open to general society as a living history home. The city’s beguiling midtown region has woken up lately, and is home to a plenty of old-fashioned shops, varied stores, craftsmanship displays, and fine and easy-going eating objections housed inside remodelled memorable structures which further makes Jerome as one of the top weekend destinations from Scottsdale.

8. Kartchner Caverns:

Considered Arizona’s one of the most wonderful caverns, Kartchner Caverns cover more than 3.86 km of staggering underground common paths of Arizona. The limestone sinkholes were initially found in 1974 and have operated as an enchanting tourist destination since then. Today, guests can set out on guided voyages through the caves and explore the natural miracles present inside it. Some significant highlights incorporate the the novel Mud Flats, the enormous Kublai Khan section and the Rotunda and Strawberry Rooms. Also, over the grounds, guests can investigate the nature trails of State Park of Kartchner Caverns which makes it one of the best weekend getaway from Scottsdale.

9. McDowell Mountain Regional Park:

McDowell Mountain Regional Park extends for about 20,000 acres of land all through Arizona’s beautiful Fountain Hills district, offering the absolute best outside sporting activities in the noteworthy region of Sedona. The recreation centre is situated at statures of up to three thousand feet over ocean level inside the McDowell Mountain’s western edge. This park is also home to one of the state’s most amazing multi-function trail organizations, offering openings for climbing, horseback riding, and mountain trekking. Three mountain biking circle is viewed as one of the most fantastic route for mountain biking by expert mountain bikers, offering trails of differing experience levels. The recreation centre is otherwise popular for being an incredible wild life watching region, home to local creature species like coyotes, javelin and deer.

10. Lost Dutchman State Park:

Lost Dutchman State Park traverses 320 acres of land all through Arizona’s pleasant Superstition Mountains, named to pay tribute to the incredible Gold Mine of Old West Lost Dutchman. It was named out of appreciation for German settler Jacob Waltz, who purportedly stayed quiet about its location after its disclosure in the nineteenth century. In spite of the fact that the mine has never been discovered actually, it is by and large accepted to be found some place close to Junction of Apache, only east of the city of Phoenix. Now-a-days, the recreation centre offers plenty of all year open air sporting events, including chances for mountain trekking, climbing, and picnicking. 134 camping areas are offered all through the recreation centre, including RV accommodation facilities. They make a great weekend escape from Scottsdale.

FAQs For Tourists Looking For Some Best Weekend Getaway From Scottsdale

Q1. How Long Does It Take To Reach The Grand Canyon From The Town Of Scottsdale?

Ans: It takes about three and a half hour to reach the spectacular Grand Canyon from the town of Scottsdale via car.

Q2. What Are Some Of The Points To Follow While Going For A Weekend Trip From Scottsdale?

Ans: They are:

  • Book your hotels in advance
  • Keep a map or GPS handy.

Q3. Is Rental Service Available To Reach Kartchner Caves From Scottsdale?

Ans: Yes, rental services are available to reach Kartchner Caves from Scottsdale.

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