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12 Best Restaurants in Scottsdale (2024)

Apart from scenic landscapes and touristy destinations, what else do we look forward to when we visit a new place? Of course, you got it right. It’s FOOD! Is it just us or do you also associate memories of a place with its food? Well, if you do then Scottsdale of Arizona is the perfect place for you to collect a lot of these drool-worthy memories. With the best restaurants in Scottsdale, beautifully decorated cafes, mouth-watering street food stalls, and tempting booze stations, Scottsdale is a place that has got something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for some of the best restaurants in Scottsdale for a lovely family get-together or a dazzling neon lit bar to enjoy a night worth remembering with your amigos, Scottsdale has got it all. And that is not all, the town serves a wide assortment of cuisines from all around the globe ranging from Mexican to Italian to Indian to the Mediterranean, there’s nothing that Scottsdale doesn’t serve on the plate.

The food scene of Scottsdale town is as lit as its visitor spots and you will not regret tasting any of them. Now, with so many options to choose from, it gets extremely difficult to select the top ones for you. But worry not, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve created this ultimate rundown of the best restaurants in Scottsdale that you can try in the city. They will not only make your taste buds happy but also your pocket. Let’s have a look:

12 Best Restaurants in Scottsdale

  1. Citizen Public House: Looking for a great overall eating experience? Citizen Public House is the place for you. Some eateries wow with their consummately arranged dishes; others have an admirable bar or wine program. But this amazing restaurant has both. Gulp a portion of the Valley’s best mixed drinks at the bar, similar to the Sazerac, arranged with a flared absinthe flush, or the barrel-matured Instant Gratification, mole sharp flavoring cognac, scotch, amaro, and orange-implanted liquor —served on the rocks. The eatery has an extraordinary wine rundown and brews on draft, as well. All this makes it one of the best restaurants in Scottsdale.
  2. Chula Seafood: Sea food lover? Head over to the Chula Seafood! Desert wonderland Arizona has never been recognized for its fish, yet that notion has changed since the opening of this California-based fishery’s out-of-state café in Scottsdale. Similar to the original market and eatery in San Diego, the Scottsdale area sells maintainable, never-freezed fish by the weight or in food items going from jab to shellfish chowder. On the off chance that you love fish, don’t miss their tasty Tuna Sandwich prepared with paprika-ginger aioli, house giardiniera and avocado. They additionally serve a smoked fish platter, sashimi, and day by day specials like Green Chile Tuna Melt on Wednesday’s including Oaxaca cheddar, tuna and Hatch chilies. It is the best restaurant in Scottsdale for you if you are a seafood lover.
  3. Virtù Honest Craft: Looking for mind-blowing Mediterranean food? Virtu Honest Craft is the absolute best restaurant in Scottsdale for you. Honored as the “New Best Restaurant” in the United States when it opened in the year 2013, Virtù Honest Craft has great expertise in Mediterranean dishes inspired by Chef G. Osso’s family recipes. At the point when it’s on the menu, attempt the bucatini, finished off with the Anatra, smoked duck with a radicchio serving of mixed greens or a goose egg. And in the event that you’re eating with somebody special, you should try the Bistecca Tagliata, which is a forty ounce hatchet rib eye. Appreciate it at a white-hung table under hung lights on the block porch.
  4. The Mission: Are you keen on ambience? Step inside this super well known café of Old Town to feel as if you’ve been shipped to a centuries’ old cloister. Candlelight glints all throughout the place, resplendent crystal fixtures hang overhead, and mirrors on the walls cause the space to appear massive in its faint lighting. Outside, a fire in the block chimney gives a comfortable vibe to the porch. However, the food is the genuine star here. Sauces, salsas, and tortillas are freshly prepared every day, and entrées like the bone-in ribeye are barbecued over walnut and mesquite. For lighter charge, you can’t turn out badly with the tacos or, at lunch, Kobe Dog enveloped by bacon. If you go by the name then it is probably the best restaurant in Scottsdale for you.
  5. Diego Pops: Taco lover? Diego Pops is the place for you. Housed in a previous Mexican stoneware store, this beautiful restaurant re-imagines South-of-the-line top picks. Take the Brussel Sprout Nachos, for instance: road corn queso, fresh chips finished off with broiled garlic beet crema, a singed egg and brussels sprouts. Or on the other hand, the Grilled Street Corn generously sprinkled with flaming hot Cheeto sprinklers and slathered in cotija cheddar. While more customary, the tacos detonate with flavor. Top choices incorporate the barbecued adobo chicken tacos, al minister and hamburger machaca. Wash them down with a Paloma, an agua fresco or margarita.
  6. Craft 64: The Valley has a lot of wood-terminated pizza puts and surprisingly more easygoing feasting alternatives; however Craft 64 separates itself by utilizing superior grade, local flavorings. Produce for the pizza mixture comes from Select Organic Farm of McClendon and some other nearby ranchers, the olive oil from Olive Mill of Queen Creek and flour from Hayden Mills, and. Also, the mozzarella is freshly prepared in-house. You can go basic with a Margherita pizza to highlight the contrast between Craft 64’s distinctive pies and the others that you’ll discover in the Valley. Lager sweethearts can match their feast with a privately created half quart or one of Craft 64’s own plans, brewed in collaboration with SunUp Brewery.
  7. Marcellino Ristorante: Who doesn’t love Italian? Nobody! Italian gourmet expert Marcellino Verzino makes handcrafted pasta, exotic non-veg dishes like filet mignon, and new fish at this beautiful Italian café. To try something different, you can pick the the Scaloppine al Gorgonzola, veal cuts finished off with a smooth gorgonzola sauce, or calf’s liver topped with grapes in a cognac flambé. The ambience is pretty much as amazing as the food. Inside, delicate music plays on consistently except on Thursdays when there’s live music, and on the piazza-like porch, cafes sit under olive trees. With so many facilities, Marcellino is definitely one of the best restaurants in Scottsdale.
  8. Hash Kitchen: Want to have the best breakfast in the town? Visit Hash Kitchen! Famous for its exotic bar called the Bloody Mary, that has more than sixty fixings, Hash Kitchen is the spot to go for innovative morning meals. Try the Short Rib Hash including potato hash and jalapeno cornbread, onion rings, poached eggs served with demi hollandaise sauce and you’ll be left wanting for more. Or on the other hand, fulfill your morning sweet tooth with a request for Lucky Charms French Toast, finished off with dried out marshmallows and gold residue. The café values its great air.
  9. Sel: A top pick with foodies, Sel checks all the high end food boxes: white decorative spreads, a prix-fixe menu, and connoisseur admissions like foie grass, Petrossian Ossera Caviar and wagyu hamburger. While the occasional dishes keep changing routinely, get ready to discover French-inspired food like the filet mignon on the menu and complex entrées like a rack of sheep with Moroccan flavor and a cured cherry gel. Vegan and sans gluten choices are accessible for each course of the exotic tasting menu.
  10. The House Brasserie: Scottsdale brags numerous eateries commendable for an extraordinary event, yet in case you’re searching for one that will truly establish a connection without being pompous, look no farther than The House Brasserie. Sit outside before a chimney on the tree-concealed block deck or at an uncovered wooden table in the eatery’s Victorian-roused inside. Mains range from House Carolina BBQ Platter highlighting brisket, pulled pork, and a grouping of sauces and sides to the wild-caught salmon served with miso succotash. Little plates and sides balance the contributions. For dessert, attempt the key lime pie.
  11. Starlite BBQ: Looking for an amazing barbeque restaurant in Scottsdale? Starlite BBQ isn’t Texas grill or North Carolina grill, or even Kansas City grill; this star BBQ plays by its own standards. The 12-hour smoked brisket is done on the flame broil, the infant backs are braised, and the meatloaf gets a heavy portion of smoke before it’s served. Fire up your appetite with singed green tomatoes, and then delve into the tasty Mesquite Grilled Ribs with your decision of the house or mole coffee grill sauce. Enjoy them both with an art bourbon mixed drink.
  12. Farm and Craft: Going heavy on diet? Farm and Craft is the place for you. You don’t need to be wellbeing cognizant to fall head over heels in love for Farm and Craft, however on the off chance that you are attempting to settle on healthy eating choices, this is the spot to go. Breakfast alternatives incorporate freshly prepared eggs and oats dishes and for later in the day, the café serves servings of mixed greens, flatbreads, bowls, and sandwiches. In the evening, you can arrange level iron steak, salmon or a lasagna. Farm and Craft presses new squeeze mixes, blends smoothies, and artworks Kombucha mixed drinks, as well. Occasional menus include calming, expanded probiotics, high anti-oxidants, and decreased pressure menu alternatives.

FAQs For Tourists Looking For Best Restaurants In Scottsdale To Try:

Q1. Is Good Vegetarian Food Available In Scottsdale?

Ans: Yes, all types of vegetarian food is available in Scottsdale.

Q2. Is The Street Food Of Scottsdale Too Expensive?

And: No, the street food of Scottsdale is not very expensive.

Q3. What Are Some Of The Must Try Dishes Of Scottsdale?

Ans: Filet mignon and bouillabaisse of Francine, Versace on the Floor of The Americano and noodles of Kasai Japanese Steakhouse are some of the must try food dishes of Scottsdale.

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