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10 Best Restaurants to Try in Yuma (2022)

Settled on the banks of the Colorado River, Yuma comes under the category of some of the most beautiful towns of Arizona. Perfectly called the ‘Crossroad of the South-West’, the town of Yuma is full of ancient relics and ruins that are unique enough to make any history buff go awe. But what good is a town without its local and authentic food? Therefore, Yuma, just like the other towns of Arizona, serves some exquisitely tasty dishes and food items that are worth dying for.

The city of Yuma has an assortment of cafes and there are some of the amazing restaurants to try in Yuma which serve utterly delicious food that is sure to make you as well as your pocket the happiest that they have ever been in a while. With cuisines ranging from Mexican to Thai, to Indo-Chinese, the city has got it all. Trust us, the food here is so heavenly that your taste buds will never regret visiting Yuma. So, to help you find the perfect cafe or the top restaurant to eat in Yuma, whatever that you prefer to eat in, we’ve created this list of the best restaurants to try in Yuma that you can try to make those taste buds of yours happy and happening. Let’s begin:

10 Best Restaurants to Try in Yuma

  1. River City Grill: Want to eat at a multi-cuisine restaurant that has got more varieties to serve to you than you can even imagine? Head over to the River City Grill of Yuma. River City Grill has a diverse, country-jumping menu – which traverses the food varieties of the Mediterranean and Caribbean to the Pacific Rim and Indian. This, alongside its extremely hip and metropolitan vibe have procured the well-known café complimenting reviews for it. Situated in a reestablished adobe-inspired structure, this amazing restaurant is stylish and cozy with a unique flair for imaginative fish dishes. You can try any semblance of halibut of mustard with olive tapenade and spinach ricotta ravioli or Indian styled shrimp curry with chutney of mango on a bed of basmati rice. A lot of veggie lover, vegetarian, meat and sans gluten choices are accessible as well. All in all, it is one of the best restaurants in Yuma to try exotic food.
  2. Lutes Casino: If you are a history buff and likes to have an ancient-times inspired ambience or vibe while having your supper then Lutes Casino is the perfect restaurant in Yuma for you. Situated in a building that traces all the way back to 1901, this is the city’s head objective where ‘the world class meet and Yuma eats’ since the mid 1940s. In all its capacity, Lutes Casino is a historical installation on Yuma’s feasting scene. Brimming with regulars playing dominoes, pinball machines, retro memorabilia, and billiard tables, Lutes Casino is the place where local people come to unwind and mingle. Then again, guests come here to absorb the local atmosphere. Lutes’ American and Mexican menu is amazing, with must-attempt dishes that incorporate its potato tacos which are nothing but potato filled corn tortillas rotisserie presented with crushed cabbage, tomato, mayo and Cotijia cheddar and the well known Lutes Especial – a cheeseburger and frank combo that has been served since 1951.
  3. Yuma’s Main Squeeze: Are you a wine lover? If yes, then you’ll find no better place to enjoy it in Yuma than Yuma’s Main Squeeze. Yuma’s Main Squeeze is the sole winery of Southwest Arizona, consolidating the craft of fine wine sampling with exquisite cuisine and an alluring area. Situated in notable midtown Yuma, this current spot’s stylistic theme takes motivation from 1930s Hollywood. It’s a gesture to Yuma’s fascinating past as a focal point for VIPs including the world famous Charlie Chaplin and Bette Davis. The space likewise commends the city’s art scene by highlighting top art, crafted by local craftsmen in its windows. Eat on dishes like pizzas, paninis, and platters all while examining the winery’s wide scope of own-image red, white, organic product, treat and shining wines. It is definitely one of the best restaurants to try in Yuma.
  4. Prison Hill Brewing Company: Want to try home-made booze? Prison Hill Brewing Company might be an amazing restaurant in Yuma to try for you. Prison Hill Brewing Company is Yuma’s sole microbrewery, and it gladly combines pints of its own handmade mixes and other art and imported lagers and ales with generous American gastro bar passage. The brewpub’s name is a gesture to the home of the Museum and Park of Yuma Territorial Prison, the close by Prison Hill. Burgers, Sandwiches, plates of mixed greens and smoked meats make up a lot of this exotic restaurant’s menu while its week after week program of lagers, of which five are the bottling works’ own are an unquestionable requirement attempt. If you love locally made drinks, you’ll definitely love this place in Yuma as well.
  5. Das Bratwurst Haus: For true German food and beverages when feasting out in Yuma, there’s just one spot you ought to be at and it’s none other than the Das Bratwurst Haus. This is a café opened in 2009 in memorable midtown which serves customary German solace food and is worked by Ms. B. Bowles. Scenes of Barbara’s Bavarian old neighborhood enhance the walls of Das Bratwurst Haus, entertaining visitors as they feast on real German dishes. These dishes incorporate spätzle, sauerbraten, wiener schnitzel, and obviously, bratwurst. They are served along with authentic German-flavors inspired pastries, for example, strudel and Black Forest cake. There is likewise an entire host of German brews and wines accessible to go with your feast.
  6. Da Boyz: Who doesn’t like Pizza and pasta? Aren’t they like the go-to food dishes of everyone? Da Boyz is Yuma’s go-to café for delectable pizzas and pasta dishes since it opened its entryways in the early 2000s. Da Boyz is situated in a lovely recorded redbrick structure in midtown Yuma, and is among the top restaurants to try in Yuma. It is a previous home to the city’s Kress retail chain and is known for its easygoing, well-disposed vibe and family air. Along with customary pizzas, the Italian spot likewise offers connoisseur pizzas with scorching sauce apart from chicken and new mozzarella. A scope of hors d’oeuvres, servings of mixed greens, sandwiches and calzones – with twenty lagers on tap to wash them down with are likewise accessible.
  7. Burgers and Beer: Burgers and Beer began as only one eatery, initially opened in 1985 in the adjoining Californian border town of Calexico. However, today it comprises of five branches across Arizona and Southern California, including its mainstream Yuma branch which opened in the mid 1990s. Committed to delicious, extraordinary tasting burgers entirely joined by invigorating super cold brew, this exotic eating joint is known for its agreeable and easygoing climate and amicable staff. It is additionally generally viewed as serving the best burgers around. Jump into one of its renowned burgers like the Mexicali – a cheeseburger patty spiced up with serrano bean stew, onion and cilantro while extinguishing your thirst with one of its many homegrown, draft and imported lagers. It is probably one of the most amazing restaurants in Yuma if you love booze.
  8. The Crossing Grill and Bar: A perfect joint for gatherings of buddies searching for no particular reason to have fun and enjoy mouth watering dishes, this Bar and Grill has become a local feasting custom of Yuma, since it opened its entryways back in the late 1980s. Getting its title from the town’s past as an intersection point on the Colorado River for chronicled voyagers, the café has great expertise in New American passage. Champion dishes incorporate the microwaved tilapia with wild rice and peach habanero sauce and the delicious twelve ounce cooked rib eye steak with spice sauce of garlic, occasional vegetables, pureed potatoes and sauce. You can likewise treat yourself with a cheesecake dessert loaded with triple chocolate and make certain to attempt one of The Crossing’s unmistakable mixed drinks.
  9. Market Wine Bar And Bistro: Located on the Yuma Radisson Hotel’s ground floor, Market Wine Bar And Bistro is the lodging’s occupant eatery and one of the city’s go-to objections for upscale feasting and cooking with global refinement. Worked by a single family since it opened in the late 2000s, the café is a classy undertaking with a dynamic lounge area, lavish parlor and pleasant porch patio. On its menu is a mixed blend of New American and Greek flavors with an exceptional accentuation on steak and fish. Meat darlings will revere the sixteen ounce focus cut porterhouse steak accessible with a scope of sauces and sides. Striking fish dishes incorporate the singed mahi-mahi with basil spread sauce and marble potatoes.
  10. The Garden Café: Simply a short stroll from Yuma’s rejuvenated riverfront of Colorado and the State Historic Park of Yuma Quartermaster Depot, The Garden Café is an occasional spot that stays open from October to May. It is known for its excellent area and amazing morning meals, snacks and Sunday informal breakfasts. Visitors enter by means of a side road patio and follow a winding way that prompts a beautiful mystery garden loaded with verdant lemon trees and plants. They at that point are situated on an outside block patio with shelters shielding from the blistering Arizona sun. Various claim to fame sandwich steaks, soups and servings of mixed greens are present on this café’s menu while on Sundays, early lunch is an inviting affair with exotic dishes.

Faqs For Tourists Looking For Amazing Restaurants In Yuma

Q1. Do These Popular Hotels Serve Vegetarian Food?

Ans: Yes, they have an assortment of vegan dishes apart from the non-veg ones.

Q2. Are These Restaurants Too Costly?

Ans: No, all sorts of restaurants are available in Yuma. You can visit them as per your preference.

Q3. Which Is The Nearest Restaurant To The Famous Yuma Prison Park?

Ans: Prison Brewing Company which serves amazingly tasty food and booze is the nearest restaurant to the Yuma Prison Park.

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