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Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

Grand Canyon National Park Travel Guide (2023)

The Grand Canyon National Park is no less than a dynamic piece of nature. It is situated in the north-western part of Arizona of the United States. This alluring Park often attracts its viewers and gives the tourists the propensity of visiting it again and again whenever they are coming to Arizona. All can you see here are specific historical landmarks such as the Mary Colter designed buildings- Hermit’s Rest, Desert View Watchtower, etc. If you seek to visit the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, you must buy yourself a digital entrance pass before you arrive. The digital pass would allow you inside the Park any time of the year. The pass is meant in both the tourists’ condition, whether they are planning for single or multiple visits.

Grand Canyon National Park Travel Guide

Let us look at the dashing sites which are meant for the tourists hitting Grand Canyon National Park.

1. Desert View Watchtower

Mary Colter, who was the prominent architect behind the design of the beautiful Grand Canyon, has also formed the Desert View Watchtower. This tower or building is about 70 feet built with heavy stones. It was completed in the year 1932 and is also known as the Indian Watchtower. The Hopi artist Fred Kabotie made wall paintings inside the Desert Watchtower. As a visitant, if you are going there for the first time, you can encounter the early people’s antique artifacts and historical culture.

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

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Besides, if you are curious to go on the top of this tower and get a complete view of the Park, then there is an 85 steps stair, which will lead you to access the top of the building along with your family or pals. The height of the Desert view tower offers the tourists with a stunning 360-degree picture from the summit. A glimpse of the Colorado River and the Painted Desert can be unmistakably looked out. Hence, this beautiful historic landmark has always been a worthy site in the observation of every new guest visiting here. So, are you desired to make a trip to this beautiful spot in the Grand Canyon National Park?

2. Grand Canyon Track Rides

It is a shallow visited place among all the other sites of the Grand Canyon. But it has proved to be a fascinating location for those who love to perform horse riding and dwelling through long paths. The canyon trail ride is for one hour, and the mule ride trip is for three hours.

Amazing Sightseeing Destination in Arizona-Grand Canyon Track Rides

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The journey of one hour passes through the northernmost edge of the Grand Canyon. The age of the person to take part in this trip must not be below seven-year. On the other side, the 3-hour mule trip to Supai Tunnel is the lone one to slide down to some extent in the Grand Canyon. Such a ride is only meant for the ones who are not less than ten years of age.

As you take a pause or break from traveling around the Park, you can have a great breakfast or lunch in the best nearby coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Though it would be a good idea to know about the quality of food from the locals of the Grand Canyon National Park itself and asking them what are the most excellent places to have a variety of dishes.

3. Havasu Falls

Havasu waterfall is the gorgeous one in the Grand Canyon by its look. Although being a perfect tourist attraction, the Havasu Falls is not easy to get access. The majority of the individuals there have to hike for about 10 miles into the Canyon so that they can get a glance of this incredible and bright waterfall. But still, the hiking part is a test of nature.


Despite the fact that access to this vibrant waterfall is not comfy, many visitors draw attention towards it and come there in every season. This place can be a worth watching destination for you to get an electrifying phase of life, but you must have to maintain serenity at once.

4. Horseshoe Bend

In the list of the must-see attractions of the Grand Canyon National Park in the United States, the horseshoe bend and Antelope Canyon are at the top place. The Horseshoe Bend is about 5 miles outside Grand Canyon National Park in Glen Canyon. The area itself features the resemblance to a horseshoe factually.

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The Horseshoe shape and the Colorado River supply its viewers with a great photography session with their buddies. The access to this spectacular location is quite comfortable. There are three ways of reaching this destination that is- by a boat, helicopter, or on foot. A trained tour guide during the entire trip of the Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon can be sufficient to offer you a more detailed view of the beauty of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

Horseshoe Bend’s address- Highway 89 South, Page, Arizona.

5. Desert View Drive

This route is, in fact, the other name of the Arizona Highway 64 that is connected with the settlement of the desert view and the Grand Canyon Village. If you are a visitor coming from the east, then it is very much feasible that you may get a chance to get a sight of the iconic Canyon at the time this fantastic drive. Many visitors like you often witness the Colorado River, which is used to cut through it.

Beautiful Place to See In Arizona-Desert View Drive

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Other major scenes along this drive include Mary Colton’s Watchtower, followed by the Tusayan Ruin and The Historical Museum of the Grand Canyon National Park. The museum depicts the tourists with the remains of the earliest civilization of the Village. Making a stop at the Watchtower can make the visitor take a break at the picnic spots to have leisure time.

Besides all these, there are certain book stores, gift shops, and several seasonal campgrounds. All these beautiful facilities during the desert view drive will go on in keeping you engaged in the entire journey of the Grand Canyon, and you would be feeling the most excellent instance with your folks ever.

6. Scenic Hermit Road

This location is so admired, and it is a well-liked spot along the Grand Canyon. The Hermit Road’s most spectacular feature is that it extends for 7 miles down the South Rim from Grand Canyon Village to Hermits Rest. In the time of some specific seasons, this road is meant to be blocked for private vehicles to enter inside. But it is operated by some of the Park’s shuttle bus as well as commercial buses that also offer paid guides to make the tour to the South Rim more exhilarating.

Nice Place to See In Arizona-Scenic Hermit RoadImage Source

Moreover, the track is also very much famous for the activities that are for the climbers and bike riders. On the other hand, the pleasure of riding a bike through these tracks and hiking has always been a daring situation for the ones visiting here. During the Hermit road trip, you would be experiencing almost nine exclusive viewpoints, which are itself a milestone to achieve and make your journey a complete one.

7. Black Suspension Bridge

This crossing is actually intended to join the North Rim with the South Rim by the Kaibab Trail. The Black Suspension Bridge is also known as the Kaibab Bridge. The construction of the Black Suspension Bridge was completed in the year 1928, and hence it also became the solitary and harmless aisle between the north and south Kaibab.

Sightseeing Place to See In Arizona-Black Suspension Bridge

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Followed by this, earlier, the only way across the Colorado River was to get you locked inside a steel cage that used to swing unsteadily from a cableway on top of the river. If you want to go over this bridge, then do not miss out on capturing the amazing 65 feet view from the Colorado River in your camera.


Therefore, we come to the conclusion of this article with a hope that you’ve got to know some amazing facts about the Grand Canyon National Park. Those were some of the unique attractions of the Grand Canyon National Park that a visitor must go and explore. However, the beauty and the impressiveness do not get over by just listening about this exciting place. So, what are your opinions about the Grand Canyon National Park in the United States? Do let us know and must visit this place, which is full of wonderful sights of nature and historical culture.

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