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IC Church Borivali - The Most Famous Church in Mumbai Suburbs

IC Church Borivali: The Most Famous Church in Mumbai Suburbs (2024)

The Immaculate Conception Church or the IC Church is one of the most popular places of religious interest in Mumbai. The Church is in Borivali, a suburb in Mumbai. The Church is such an integral part of the locality that the entire residential area in its vicinity is named I.C Colony. If you plan to visit the I.C Church, here is everything you need to know.

History of IC Church

Like the Church in Mahim, the Borivali Church also dates to the fifteenth century. Today, the Church’s premises consist of a school, the main Church, and grounds used for commercial purposes.

The Immaculate Conception Church is a formidable building with grounds outside, leading to the main structure. The general color scheme that you see here is gold and cream. The altar has the crucifix, and above it, the idols of Mother Mary, Jesus Christ, and Joseph are in a glass enclosure.

IC Church Borivali - The Most Famous Church in Mumbai Suburbs

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You can spend at least one hour here if you visit this Immaculate Conception Church at Borivali during the non-mass hours. If you visit this place during the mass timings, you can attend the mass, which takes about forty-five minutes.

The I.C Church has exquisite celebrations during Christmas and the birth anniversary of Mary Immaculate, on September 8th.

The IC Church Experience

You can plan to visit the Immaculate Conception Church early in the morning, and you will be free by the early afternoon to explore the area. There are some places that you can visit in the vicinity. Borivali is one of the few commercial hubs in Mumbai, so a simple walk through the streets will give you a taste of Mumbai life. Borivali has the Indraprasth Shopping Centre on the S.V Road. It is one of the first shopping centers in Mumbai. Whether you buy something from here or not, it’s one of the few symbols of an old and thriving Bombay, which is now Mumbai.

Places Near IC Church

If you are in Borivali, you can also spend some time at Gorai Creek and Gorai Beach. Gorai Beach is one of the less populated beaches in Mumbai. It is one of the locations through which you can travel to the Pagoda.

And if you have the time, you can mix and match your Borivali visit by visiting the Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the same day. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is on the highway, Borivali East.

How to Reach IC Church?

The IC Church is in Mount Poinsur, Borivali, and it is easy to reach the place, even though it is a bit far flung. You can travel by road or my train. If you are traveling by train, you need get down in Borivali, and then take either a bus or a rickshaw from the Borivali West, you will find a rickshaw stand right outside the station. You will also find some buses that ply to on this route. Alternately, you can also opt for a rickshaw or a cab directly to the IC Colony. Rickshaws ply in Borivali and so do cabs.

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