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About Iskcon Temple Juhu - Iconic Krishna Temple Worth Visiting In Mumbai

About Iskcon Temple Juhu: Iconic Krishna Temple Worth Visiting In Mumbai (2024)

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, better known as Iskcon is a popular religious destination. Iskcon has several branches all over the world, and in Mumbai, the Iskon branch is in the Juhu suburb of Mumbai.

The Iskcon Temple at Juhu Experience

The Iskcon Temple at Juhu is a visually compelling one, and the structure comprises of a temple and another building. The Iskcon Temple is white, with some gold embellishments. The Iskcon building is slightly behind the Temple and provides the complete Krishna experience. The Temple has many photographs and carvings that tell you more about this religious movement.

The entrance to the Iskcon Temple has an intricately carved arch. You will see beautiful carvings all over the white walls of the Temple.

The Iskcon Temple at Juhu Experience, MumbaiImage Source
You must wash your feet before you enter the Iskcon Temple. Inside the Temple, you will see statues and idols of reverent figures. One of the artworks depicts the birth and life cycle, Kalachakra. Another imagery depicts Lord Krishna reciting the Gita Updesh to Arjuna on the battlefield. There are various sets of statues depicting some incidents from the mythology of India. You see statues depicting the Narsimha Avatar, Lord Rama slaying Ravana and another of Lord Krishna wielding the Sudarshan chakra.

The Iskcon Temple at Juhu in Mumbai has idols of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita. You also see an idol of Lord Krishna with Radha.

The paintings of Lord Krishna depict his time on Earth and are some of the most beautiful paintings one will ever see. The unique aspect of these paintings is a style that you otherwise do not see anywhere else. You can spend hours exploring these passages.

Iskcon Temple Juhu: Iconic Krishna Temple Worth Visiting In Mumbai
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The Iskcon Temple has an idol of Lord Vitthal as well as Lord Dattatreya. You also see a set of idols that show Lord Ganesha deep in learning. Some might say that this idol depicts Lord Ganesha writing the Mahabharata, but he is not holding anything in his hand. There are some other idols, like those of Lord Vishnu resting and Lord Shiva drinking poison. Another artwork depicts demons taking the spirit away from a person’s body after death. You will also see the artwork depicting Krishna’s raas-leela.

These statues and images are quite unique, and the design and artwork is a mix of contemporary and classic iconography.

People who are fond of architecture can spend several minutes taking in the intricate architecture that they will see all around the Iskcon Temple premises.

About Iskcon Temple Juhu - Iconic Krishna Temple Worth Visiting In Mumbai

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A visit to the Iskcon Temple in Juhu in Mumbai is a great way to learn of Lord Krishna’s teachings as well. You will see a bookstore that sells various products, right from the Bhagwad Gita books, religious statues, and even health and beauty products and clothes. The premises have a snack shop as well, so you do not need to plan for lunch or anything to eat if you are inside the Iskcon premises.

For all practical purposes, you can spend more than two hours inside Iskcon. It is a fascinating experience, looking at the number of devotees and believers who turn up daily. Of course, the various decorations and the very experience of staying in Iskcon for a while will overwhelm you and make you come closer to your spiritual side.

A pro tip, photography, and videography are not allowed inside the Iskcon temple. Both men and women need to dress conservatively, as this is a temple.

Places to Visit Near Iskcon Temple in Juhu

Juhu is the upmarket area of Mumbai and is famous for the calm and serenity that the place offers, as compared to the other, crowded places in Mumbai. So, a stroll along the streets of Juhu is always a good idea. Juhu was the residential address of several celebrities, so you may see a yesteryear celebrity taking a walk along the other side of the road.

Place to Visit Near Iskcon Temple in Juhu-Juhu beach
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The Iskcon Temple is in Juhu, one of the most popular places in Mumbai. It is a short distance away from Juhu Beach, another popular tourist attraction. Juhu beach is one of the most crowded beaches, but every tourist in Mumbai needs to visit this beach if they are in Mumbai. You will see the various street foods that Mumbai is famous for, including the pav bhaji and the bhelpuri. In short, once you complete your Iskcon visit, you can spend a quiet evening at Juhu Beach.

Amazing Place to Visit Near Iskcon Temple in Juhu-Andheri Market
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If you want to explore more, head over to Andheri, and you will get an idea of what the cauldron of experiences Andheri is. The Andheri market is another lesser known but an incredible flea market that sells you everything from children’s clothes to cheap electronic goods like rip-offs of popular brand watches.

How to Reach Iskcon Temple In Juhu, Mumbai

Address: ISKCON, Hare Krishna Land, Sri Mukteshwar Devalaya Rd, Marg, Sainath Nagar, MHADA Colony, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049.

Reaching Iskcon is simple. It is in Juhu, and that is connected well to every part of Mumbai. The easiest way to come to Juhu is to board a train to Andheri and then either board a bus to Juhu or hire an autorickshaw. But if you want to experience Mumbai at its finest, hire an autorickshaw from wherever you are to Juhu.

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