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Top Suburban Mumbai Beach You Must Visit - Aksa Beach

Top 6 Suburban Mumbai Beaches You Must Visit (2024)

Mumbai is a city of many experiences. The city that never sleeps has something for everyone. And the same rings true for the tourism scene as well. Not just tourists, even Mumbaites are spoilt for choice when they look at tourism options in and around Mumbai. Whether you are looking for eating joints, nightlife, or cultural icons, the island city has it all. Mumbai is one of the very few cities that has several beaches – something that translates into awesome fun on a budget. The beaches in Mumbai are so famous because they offer a good time at the best price possible – zero. There is no entrance fee for the beaches. Not just that, the beaches have so much for people of all ages to do, it all turns out to be good fun.

Top 6 Suburban Mumbai Beaches You Must Visit

Here are the top 6 beaches in Mumbai suburbs:

1. Aksa Beach (Malad)

The Dana Pani/Aksa Beach stretch is the most popular among Mumbaites. Anyone visiting Mumbai for a quick trip should make it a point to visit these twin beaches.

The Beaches are in Malad West, and the journey is a surreal experience as well. Mumbai is famous for its heavy traffic. But if you time your travel right, you will have the experience of leaving Mumbai’s traffic behind you.

You do not even need a private vehicle to reach Aksa Beach, though they are in abundance. The local buses from Malad Station drop you to the beach for the minimum bus fare. Currently, that is five rupees. Once you reach the beach, what first hits you is the long stretch of space, right at the waist of Mumbai. Aksa is a popular place, but it does not have the cleanest of water. If you plan for a dip, you need to make sure that you can go deep in the water.

Top Suburban Mumbai Beach You Must Visit - Aksa Beach

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The beach is also home to several staple beach stalls that sell local roadside food, like bhelpuri, roasted corn, batata vada, pav bhaji, so on and so forth. Some of them also have the ever-present Maggi and Paav-bhaaji.

2. Dana Pani (Malad)

Aksa Beach and Dana Pani are the twin-beaches in Malad, West. Both are a long stretch of beach divided by a small settlement of rocks. The rocks are an attraction as well. They make a great selfie spot. Adventurous tourists will be delighted, because Dana Pani offers them a chance to get selfies, with waves lashing behind them, complete with sea rocks in the background.

Dana Pani is a little distance away from Aksa Beach and offers a quaint and silent environment, as compared to Aksa Beach. The calm and serene environment is great to lose yourself.

3. Marve Beach (Malad)

Marve Beach is the most populated beach in the Mumbai suburbs. That because Marve Beach is near a fishing colony. It is also a point for the local jetties to take you to other exotic places like Esselworld and the village. The beach is famous for the number of fishing boats, both big and small, that spot the beachhead. It is the perfect place for anyone to click pictures of the fishing village life.

Marve Beach has better options for people interested in the local cuisine as compared to Dana Pani and Aksa Beach. The road to the beach has a few seafood restaurants.

4. Uttan Beach, Uttan (Bhayander)

Uttan Beach and Uttan Village are both little places that have yet to be as modernized as the rest of the city. The economy of the entire Uttan village runs on the fishing business. The Uttan beach is their place of business, so be ready to experience a slice of the fishing life, going towards Uttan beach and at the beach as well.

Uttan Beach, Uttan (Bhayander)-Top Beach In Mumbai You Must Visit

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Uttan Beach has several restaurants and resorts all over, so you can either enjoy an evening at the beach and return or decide on a weeklong stay in Uttan. This beach is one of the cleaner beaches on this list.

5. Madh Beach (Madh)

Madh Beach is not just a beach you can spend an evening at, it’s an island. The island is easily reachable from Malad as well as from the Andheri Versova area. Like Uttan, Madh has many resorts, cottages, restaurants, making it an option for a weekend out. The village is a fishing village and a quaint one at that. You will see thin paths lined with trees peeking at the coastline, long and wide, green roads that connect the areas, so on and so forth in Madh.

Amazing Mumbai Beach You Must Visit-Madh Beach (Madh)Image Source

6. Gorai Beach (Borivli)

Gorai is a beach in Borivli, the suburb between Malad and Bhayander. The beach is well maintained and has a flurry of food stalls. After Marve, Gorai is the other beach that’s directly connected to the main roads, so it is a simple drive down there. There’s public transport available as well. You will find the vendors that sell Mumbai fast food, the everpresent ‘gola’ ‘bhel’, and other such eatables.

These are the most famous beaches in the suburbs of Mumbai. When you go further, you have the famous Juhu Beach, the Chowpatty beach, and another fishing village cum beach, the Versova beach, in Andheri, the end of the Mumbai suburbs.

Best Mumbai Beach You Must Visit-Gorai Beach (Borivli)Image Source

The Mumbai beaches are very safe, if the tourists take proper precautions. Some of these beaches have an around-the-clock police presence. Also, Dana Pani and Aksa Beach are out of bounds post 7 or 8 PM.

Mumbai has some more beaches, like Vasai Beach and the Arnala Beach in Virar. Both these places are in the outskirts of Mumbai, so it is a hassle to travel to and fro. Arnala Beach has several resorts. Tourists planning to visit Arnala Beach can plan for a weekend or even a night stay and return to the Mumbai city in a matter of hours the next day.

Happy Beaching in Mumbai!

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