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Western Hotel - Budget Hotel in Lonavala

5 Budget, 5 Mid-Range and 2 Luxury Hotels/Villas in Lonavala (2024)

Lonavala hotels cater to all budgets and offer a variety of amenities and services. The string of hotels begins from where you get down the highway to get to Lonavala. It continues further into the city. Many of the hotels offer all the services needed for a comfortable stay. They have in-house restaurants and bars as well, so you do not need to plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The hotels have contacts with taxi-drivers and auto-rickshaw drivers; you can book your day trip from the hotel reception. These services are for free. The hotel does not cut a commission. Here is a list of the best hotels/villas in Lonavala, according to their price points.

5 Budget Hotels in Lonavala

The budget hotels in Lonavala offer just that – an experience on a budget. These are hotels without the bells and whistles that have a safe and hygienic experience. Some of them are franchise owned. Some of these are far from the marketplace, but the travel is not much of a hassle. Also, in Lonavala, there is always a flurry of autorickshaws ready to drop you anywhere to anywhere.

1. Pawna Lake Camping

Address: Pawana Nagar, Thakurasai, Maval, Pune 410406

Website: https://pawnatents.com/

Phone Number: 9673248725

Approximate Price for a room for a day: INR 1128

Pawna Lake Camping is a cheap and unique experience in Lonavala. In this camping, you stay at the banks of the Pawna lake in self-sufficient tents. The concept is yet to take off in a big way, but young and adventurous groups and couples are doing it for a couple of years. At Pawna Lake camping, you get a unique experience of staying in a legitimate campsite that has everything that goes with it – singing, dancing, storytelling – the works. Pawna Lake is a bit away from the Lonavala city; you may face some hassles reaching the Lake and the camp. But for someone looking for a unique experience, Pawna Lake Camping it is.

2. Western Hotel:

Address: Plot No 8, CTS No. 28/134, Old Tungarli, Lonavala, near Don Bosco school

Website: Not Available

Phone: Not Available

Approximate Price for a Day: 2251 INR

Western Hotel - Budget Hotel in Lonavala Image Source

If you don’t mind a five-minute walk to the town strip, Western Hotel is a good budget hotel option in Lonavala. The rooms are clean, the service is prompt, and the overall service is commendable. There’s a connecting road from the Western Hotel to the market strip in Lonavala, that lands you in the center of the market. Currently, Western Hotel is not a franchise run hotel, but the furniture and color coordination hints that it was once part of a franchise.

There are several hotels in this budget on the market strip in Lonavala.

3. Hotel Dreamland:

Address: Mumbai Pune Road, Amberwadi Behind Sancheti Lawn, Landmark, Near Uthopia Restaurant Lonavala.

Website: N/A

Phone: N/A

Approximate Price for a day: 1917 INR

For its budget, Hotel Dreamland is an actual dream. The hotel is clean and has hygienic environs. The swimming pool is a bit small, but if you are looking for a refreshing dip, go for it. Hotel Dreamland has an in-house dining area as well. One difficulty that tourists face while traveling is the absence of in-house dining and room service – but that is fast becoming a thing of the past in Lonavala.

4. Shree Krishna Lodge:

Address: Near S.T. Bus Stand, Lonavala, 410401

Website: Not Available

Phone Number: Not Available

Approximate Price for Day: INR 1500

A lodge has a different meaning in the western world, but do not go by its name. Shree Krishna Lodge is a quaint, well maintained and hygienic budget hotel in Lonavala. The rooms are larger than the franchise owned ones, so you feel more ‘at-home’ at the Shree Krishna Lodge. Also, it is a short drive from the main market area, making it accessible. Shree Krishna Lodge has two types of rooms available. One is the standard hotel room, and they have small bungalows. These bungalows are perfect for groups and couples looking for privacy. The good thing about Shree Krishna Lodge is the quaint environment and the retro furniture that they have. With franchise hotels all over, all hotels have a standard look, but Shree Krishna Lodge at Lonavala maintains an original look and feel that feeds on nostalgia.

5. Resort Rainbow Retreat

Address: Off Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Opp Valvan Dam, Lonavla-410 401

Website: Not Available

Phone: Not Available

Approximate Price for a Day: 1500 INR

Budget Hotel in Lonavala-Resort Rainbow RetreatImage Source

The Rainbow Retreat Rainbow is just around two kilometers from the Lonavala Railway Station, so it makes for the perfect budget stay right off the bat. The rooms are spacious and well-maintained as well. It has a large pool. You can spend at least part of the day there. Keep in mind that many resorts close their pool post 9 PM, so check at the reception for the pool timings. It has a separate dining hall and has special programs like a ‘DJ’ night during special occasions. This budget hotel/resort in Lonavala is nearby Mapro Garden, so that is another advantage.

5 Mid-Range Hotels in Lonavala

Mid-Range hotels in Lonavala are a bit pricier, and that is because of various reasons. Some offer absolute privacy and complete comfort. Some are in the most scenic locations in Lonavala, while yet others pride in their restaurant. Here is a list of all the mid-range hotels in Lonavala.

1. The Dukes Retreat

Address: Pune Mumbai Road, Khandala, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Website: https://www.dukesretreat.com/

Phone: tel:+91 7875630300

Approximate Price for a Day: 7755 INR

Mid-Range Hotel in Lonavala-The Dukes RetreatImage Source

The Dukes Retreat has what it takes to make your Lonavala stay memorable. Spacious rooms, a large pool, and a couple of eating areas. There is a restaurant, there’s an eating area in the garden, and then there’s an eating area around the pool. The pool has a kid’s section and an adult’s area, so both can enjoy a dip. It also has a conference room, making it a good option for corporate retreats. What is more, it has a playing area for kids as well. Along with all this, it has a gymming area as well making it a perfect mid-range hotel for an excellent vacation in Lonavala.

2. Royal Villa

Address: Bungalow15, Ashapura Residency, Gold Valley Sector-E, Near Orchard Resort, Tungarli Hills, Lonavala

Website: Not Available

Phone: Not Available

Approximate Price for Day: 7570 INR

Top Mid-Range Hotel in Lonavala-Royal VillaImage Source

If you are looking for the villa experience on a mid-range budget in Lonavala, hover over to Royal Villa. It is just under a kilometre from the Lonavala station. At the Villa, you can book a single room or the whole Villa, whatever fits your need and budget.

This mid-range hotel in Lonavala is a non-franchise, so the decor and ambiance are a fresh change. The rooms have tasteful decor, and you have a garden to chill out as well. There’s a kitchen as well. There’s a barbeque, so it’s a good chance to fire up your cooking skills.

3. Rhythm Lonavala

Address: Bajrang Baug Garden, Old Mumbai – Pune Highway, Tungarli, Lonavala

Website: https://www.rhythmlonavala.in/

Phone: tel: 912114667300

Approximate Price for Day: 7570 INR

Best Mid-Range Hotel in Lonavala-Rhythm LonavalaImage Source

Rhythm Lonavala is the complete package for a variety of people. This Mid-range hotel in Lonavala has everything a tourist can want from their place of stay for pleasant vacation in this picturesque hill station. Beginning with a swimming pool, they have a health club, spa, adventure and games zone, and much more. The Resort has in-area dining, a cafe as well as a poolside restaurant that offer Indian as well as international cuisine. The Resort is a perfect venue for parties and events as well.

4. Regenta SG’s GreenOtel

Address: Plot No. 46, Old Mumbai Pune Highway

Website: http://www.sgsgreenotel.com/

Phone: tel: 02114667800

Approximate Price for the Day: 5372 INR

Mid-Range Hotel in Lonavala-Regenta SG's GreenOtelImage Source

This mid-range hotel in Lonavala is a kilometre away from Lonavala station and is near Bushy Dam and Karla Caves as well. The rooms are extra spacious. The USP of this hotel is the roof pool, something unique in Lonavala. The hotel has an in-place restaurant, along with a family garden area.

5. The Fern an Ecotel Hotel

Address: Survey No.84/1 to 4/2, Off Mumbai Pune Expressway, Near Lonavala Expressway Exit, Valvan, Maval, Lonavala

Website: https://www.fernhotels.com/the-fern-lonavala.html

Phone: 01244580651

Approximate Price for the Day: 5646 INR

Top Mid-Range Hotel in Lonavala-The Fern an Ecotel HotelImage Source

Going higher on the luxury ladder is The Fern an Ecotel Hotel. This mid-range hotel in Lonavala is near the highway, making travel easy. The rooms are spacious and well kept. The hotel has several services and amenities, including a restaurant, a coffee shop and a bar.

Luxury Hotels in Lonavala

Premium or Luxury Hotels in Lonavala give you the ultimate comfortable experience and make your stay a very memorable one. Luxury Hotels are expensive, with some villas even charging 1,00,000 per day. Here is a list of the premium hotels in Lonavala.

1. Mehta Mansion

Address: Surya Resort, behind Mangal Karyalay Lonavala Naka, Near Bharat Petroleum Pump, Lonavala-410401

Website: N/A

Phone: N/A

Approximate Price Per Day: 41500 INR

Luxury Hotel in Lonavala-Mehta MansionImage Source

Just under a kilometer away from Lonavla Station, Mehta Mansion is a perfect choice for couples or groups looking for some privacy as well as luxury in Lonavala.

The Villa has a swimming pool and a kitchen area, and large groups can cook in the outside kitchen.

The pool is large enough for a small group to chill out for a while. Mehta Mansion has an indoor gaming section as well.

This luxurious place of stay in Lonavala is quite closeby to Tiger Point and Bushi Dam, making it a good staying option.

2. Laxmi Villa

Address: Villa No. 2, Plot No.20B Opp. Gurukul School, Dam Road, Tungarli, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410403, India

Website: N/A

Phone: N/A

Approximate Price per day: 50,000 INR

Top Luxury Hotel in Lonavala-Laxmi VillaImage Source

About 2 kilometres away from the Lonavala station is Laxmi Villa, a hotel with slightly more amenities and with rooms with regal decor. The Laxmi Villa has a pool and a kitchen area where guests can prepare food. The villa is close to the tourist spots in Lonavala, so traveling will be minimal.

These are the top budget, mid-range, and premium budget hotels in Lonavala. Though Lonavala is a popular tourist spot, the price points for the various hotels and resorts are justified. That is also one of the reasons Mumbaikars flock to the triumvirate of tourist spots, Lonavala, Khandala, and Matheran with such consistency.

Update: We have not commented on the food and the Help’s manner and behaviour because both these changes seasonally and there are some external factors at play – like a genuinely busy day when they could not serve you in time. We also believe that one bad day should not forever judge a business. Everyone is human; we all need our batteries charged – Happy Lonavlaing!

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