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9 Best Weekend Destinations in Mesa

9 Best Weekend Destinations in Mesa (2024)

Arizona has probably the most beautiful and unique natural creations and rock arrangements in the United States. While, the town of Mesa is also one among them, full of picturesque locations and destinations yet at times, all that you desire is a little change of perspective. While wandering for the best Weekend Destinations in Mesa, you’ll get to encounter the little communities beguiling in Sedona or some peculiar Mexican towns, for example, the El Paso and the Las Cruces found a couple of hours away. You can additionally go through a weekend excursion to the picturesque Meteor Crater in Winslow or get engrossed in the art scenes in Flagstaff. Just like that, there are various options for a top weekend get-away from Mesa using either your own car or a rental which puts you amidst the adventure while additionally offering unwinding, picturesque breaks from the hustle and bustle of Mesa. Therefore, to help you find out about the best weekend getaways from Mesa, we’ve created this rundown of the ‘Best weekend destinations from Mesa’ to get you started. Let’s begin:

9 Best Weekend Destinations in Mesa

1. Sedona:

Coming under the category of some of the most beautiful places on Earth, Sedona’s unique and alluring small town appeal and natural magnificence makes it an ideal weekend escape from Mesa. Found barely two hours from Mesa, a weekend trip to the terrific Sedona places you in nearness to otherworldly attractions, for example, Oak Creek Canyon and the red stone developments along with some adventurous climbing and trekking trails. The dry environment is ideal for a fishing outing with Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures or a horseback ride with the Diamond Ranch. You can likewise visit the Silver West Gallery to excite the artist in you, or take in a show at the Sedona Dream Theater to rejuvenate yourself.

Best Weekend Destinations in Mesa-Sedona

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2. Winslow:

There’s no way that someone hasn’t heard of the famous Meteor Crater. Well, only a little distance away from Mesa, you’ll have to travel only three hours to see this enormous round hole on the surface of Earth, also called the Meteor Crater, in Winslow. Spreading over a mile long section of land and 500 feet below it, this vacation spot is the site where an enormous shooting star dove into the Earth about 50,000 years ago. You can investigate the on location visitor focus and let the children get few active instructions with the intuitive displays offering bits of knowledge about plants, stars, and meteors. Additionally, you can see another public marvel when advancing towards the Rock Art Canyon Ranch or the Homolovi State Park for the afternoon. And after you’ve seen and explored the sights, make an appearance at the Arizona 66 Trading Company for certain keepsakes. It is undoubtedly an amazing weekend destination from Mesa.

3. Summerhaven:

If you are tired of all that Arizona heat and want to go some place cooler and nicer, then you definitely have to plan an excursion to Summerhaven. Among the best weekend destinations from Mesa, it is only three hours from Mesa, you can discover the ultra beautiful Summerhaven which will not only provide you cooler temperatures but also cooler hangout spots . Known as one of Arizona’s secret jewels, Summerhaven is home to Mount Lemmon inside the Santa Catalina Mountains. You can plan down your end of the week escape during the colder time of the year to enjoy the wonders of skiing on the slants at Mount Lemmon Ski Valley, or ride on the gondola in the midtown territory throughout the late spring. When making Summerhaven your excursion objective in October, you can participate in the Mount Lemmon Oktoberfest celebrations, which has an amazing assortment of exotic food sellers and live music.

4. Flagstaff:

Do you enjoy the dazzles of a city life more than anything? Does the sparkling lifestyle of cities speak more to you than the serenity of a rural town? Well, if that is the case then you should make this under three-hour road trip from Mesa to Flagstaff as your end of the week escape. This mind blowing city’s main highlight is its artisty and social scene addressed by the West of the Moon Gallery Art Museum, Pioneer Museum and the Fort Tuthill Military Museum. You can likewise make your weekend excursion all the more instructive and informative by visiting the Lowell Observatory to get a very close glance at the stars. You can also get your family to enjoy a ride on the notable Grand Canyon Railway or take in an exhibition by the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra. And last but not the least; you can’t leave Flagstaff without a visit to the spectacular Grand Canyon along with enjoying the various Grand Canyon Adventures which all the more makes it one of the coolest weekend destinations from Mesa.

5. Jerome:

Not more than in two and a half hours will you reach the mysterious town of Jerome, one of the most historic weekend getaways from Mesa. The city of Jerome was one of the most popular cities of Arizona in the past; it still is but now it’s mostly inhabitated only by artists and art lovers. This modest community was at one time a flourishing copper mining local area before the Great Depression, and it’s currently a dynamic traveler region with attractions like the Douglas Mansion in Jerome State Historic Park and the Tuzigoot National Monument, a ridge pueblo accessible for visiting. You can take in some history when making an appearance at the Gold King Mine Museum and Ghost Town prior to embarking to see the land arrangements of Cleopatra Hill in Jerome. At the point when you’re prepared to loosen up on your end of the week escape, you can go and enjoy some sweet wine at Passion Cellars or Caduceus Cellars prior to withdrawing back to your get-away rental.

6. Prescott:

For some small community enchantment and a noteworthy visit through what was the first capital of the Arizona Territory, you should book a weekend excursion trip to the amazing Prescott, found just two hours away from Mesa. This little city is home to recorded structures, for example, the Fort Whipple Museum and the Yavapai County Courthouse Square. You can likewise go for a relaxed stroll through the memorable Whiskey Row or Downtown Historic Area to see Victorian-period homes that have been saved by nearby inhabitants. Also, you can beat the warm temperatures with a dunk in the Watson Lake, or see the intriguing creatures at the Heritage Park Zoo. In the wake of a difficult day of investigating destinations like the Bucky O’Neill Monument and the Mount Union Lookout, you can top off your stomachs with American food from the Iron Springs Cafe or Lone Spur Cafe.

7. Coolidge:

Simply an hour drive places you in a comfortable excursion rental inside nearness to the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument in Coolidge. As one of the biggest ancient constructions available, this landmark highlights interconnected water system burrows and an enormous house initially worked by local desert wanderers. You can also take a guided visit through the remnants prior to getting an appetizing bit of food at Momma Jugs, a well known eatery and bar. Just like its name, Coolidge is a real cool place to visit and explore and all the more cooler to plan a weekend getaway from Mesa.

8. Monument Valley:

Located just five hours away from the town of Mesa is the extremely beautiful and staggering Monument Valley which also makes up for an amazing weekend excursion, thanks to it alluring beauty. The five-hour drive becomes great when you see the dazzling stone arrangements standing up somewhere out there on your road to the Monument Valley. The public park of Monument Valley sits on an ancestral land so you will have to track down a Native American guide to take you on its climb and enlighten you about the neighborhood ancestral legends and stories about the arrangement. During the evening, there are a few extraordinary spots to get something to eat. The Pizza Edge offers takeaways so you can eat back at your get-away rental or plunk down for a dinner at the Blue Coffee Pot Restaurant.

9. Lake Havasu City:

Indeed, another amazing getaway destination from Mesa! Concealed in Lake Havasu City, the first London Bridge extends across the water here. Not kidding! At the point when the United Kingdom supplanted the original design, it was purchased by this town and delivered in pieces to its new home. Clasp hands as you stroll across London Bridge and stop for some incredible photographic operations. Out on the waters of Lake Havasu is an extraordinary spot for some alone time together. There are also some water sports activities too that you can enjoy if you are a water baby and for some incredible bites, Lake Havasu City Black Bear Diner is the best eatery around here.

FAQs For Tourists Planning For An Amazing Weekend Getaway From Mesa:

Q1. What Are Some Of The Travel Tips That One Should Keep In Mind While Planning A Weekend Getaway From Mesa?

Ans: Some travels tips to take care of while planning a weekend getaway from Mesa are:

Book all of the places including your hotel and restaurants in advance because they always stay crowded owing to their high popularity.
Carry essentials like water bottle and basic first aid kit with you always.
Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
Always wear sunscreen.

Q2. How Far Is The Grand Canyon From Mesa?

Ans: Grand Canyon is around 250 miles away from the town of Mesa and it takes about four hours to reach it via car.

Q3. Is There Easy Rental Service Available For A Weekend Getaway To Sedona From Mesa?

Ans: Yes, a lot of rental services are available to undertake a weekend getaway from Mesa to Sedona.

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