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Awesome Weekend Destinations From Phoenix

14 Awesome Weekend Destinations From Phoenix (2024)

Perfectly named Valley of the Sun, Phoenix offers the absolute best creations of nature and that of man to explore and enjoy within its vast stretch of yellowish-orange land. From museums to art galleries, high-end shopping centers to luxurious hotels, downtown Phoenix has got it all. The ever-busy and developing city of Phoenix is an energizing spot to be at, during any time of the year with its assortment of extraordinary attractions, however now and then you simply desire a change in view and to move away for few days, maybe to spend some quality time together with your family or to just have a self-relaxation retreat. Luckily, there are loads of stunning spots to visit in this locale of the Southwest that are only a short drive away and ideal for weekend excursion. So, to help you discover ‘your type’ of weekend getaway from Phoenix, we’ve created this rundown of the best destinations that can be visited during the lethargic Saturdays and Sundays. Let’s have a look:

14 Awesome Weekend Destinations From Phoenix

1. Monument Valley:

To really move away from the bustling city life and reconnect with the sort of otherworldliness that no other thing but nature can give, plan a weekend outing to Monument Valley. This mind blowing natural milestone will take you around five hours to reach via vehicle, yet it’s totally worth the while. Try to do the picturesque drive through the recreation center and get out of the vehicle to take heaps of photographs. There’s additionally an extraordinary climbing trail here that is pet-friendly and truly allows you to inundate yourself into the Navajo lands. Outdoors is accessible at Goulding’s Campground close by and furthermore at The View Campground. It’s additionally enjoyable to recruit a nearby Navajo manual to take you through the recreation center and disclose to you about the antiquated legends of the locale.

Awesome Weekend Destination From Phoenix-Monument Valley

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2. Lake Havasu City:

Who would have thought that the town, popularly known as the ‘desert wonderland’ could even be nearer to a beach or as a matter of facts, a lake? Well, it’s a typical misapprehension that the desert wonderland of Phoenix is nowhere close to a sea shore, as the Lake Havasu City is barely three hours away from it. This is an energizing spot to invest energy at a sandy sea shore, go drifting, and gathering with your companions. Try to pack your bathing suit since this is the spot to come for the weekend to enjoy some water amusement.

Lake Havasu City-Awesome Weekend Destination From Phoenix

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3. Sedona:

Sedona is the ideal weekend escape from Phoenix in case you’re searching for recuperating, revival, and sensational scenes. In pretty much two hours, you can arrive at Sedona via vehicle and enjoy a spa day, climb among the stunning red shakes, and find out about the puzzling vortexes here. Sedona is a center for art, so it’s enjoyable to peruse the numerous craftsmanship exhibitions here or maybe purchase a handmade art piece to take it back with you to put in plain view. This is additionally an epic spot to take a sight-seeing balloon ride to absorb the perspectives or to get into the rough boondocks on a guided Jeep visit.

4. Bisbee:

The Arizona town of Bisbee is around three and a half hours from Phoenix and furthermore an incredible weekend destination from. The town is enchanting and notable, permitting guests to find out about the area’s mining history and purportedly spooky locales. Come here for an unassuming community vibe and to look at the locale’s spooky attractions close to the Mexico line.

5. The Grand Canyon:

If you’re in Phoenix, you’re utterly lucky enough to be slightly more than three hours from the notable Grand Canyon National Park. To dispatch your Grand Canyon experience loaded up with climbing, exploring, and maybe even a little whitewater boating, you can visit the South Rim or the North Rim. Weekenders from Phoenix can remain at the hotel or drive their own RVs or camping-gear to camp within the public stop and have simple admittance to every one of the top path and perspectives.

6. Las Vegas:

The splendid lights and large attractions of Las Vegas are just around four and a half hours via vehicle from Phoenix, making this a great weekend destination. There are such countless inconceivable hotels to browse from for your weekend fun, contingent upon whether you’re searching for daytime pool parties, hot dance club, first rate eateries, or local live amusement. Obviously, there are also numerous gambling clubs here on the off chance that you need to take a stab and also a great bunche of incredible spas in case you’re hoping to unwind and enjoy a massage or two.

7. Tucson:

You’ll just have to drive a few hours south of Phoenix to arrive at Tucson, which is additionally a major city however has a totally different vibe that you can cherish for your end of the week escape. This is a marvelous spot to climb among the famous saguaro desert flora, bicycle in and out of town, test specialty lagers at the numerous bottling works around, and enjoy some astonishing Southwestern food.

8. Antelope Canyon:

There are not many astounding stone developments in the Southwest than Antelope Canyon, a characteristic zone outside the town of Page, Arizona. Situated in the far northern piece of the state, you can arrive here during the weekend from Phoenix in around four and a half hours. You’ll have to book a guided visit to see the gorge and wonder about its whirling sandstone plans. This is a photographer’s heaven, particularly when beams of daylight enter the gully and enlighten each bend and exemplify each of these epic red rocks.

9. Jerome:

People usually love making a trip to the town of Jerome during the weekends from Phoenix since this is known as one of the biggest ghost towns in the U.S. Here you can enjoy if you have interest in paranormal movement and furthermore stay at a curious B & B for an evening or two. This is a modest community with loads of privately possessed shops and workmanship exhibitions, offering an invigorating vibe in the event that you need a break from Phoenix. Jerome is around two hours via vehicle from Phoenix.

10. Prescott:

In around two hours, you can likewise arrive at the Arizona town of Prescott from Phoenix for your end of the week escape. Prescott is encircled by ponderosa pine woods and appreciates a cooler environment that is ideal for enjoying each one of the four seasons in the outdoors. This is a nature sweetheart’s heaven with bunches of chances for outdoors, fishing, horseback riding, mountain trekking and kayaking. Look at the midtown noteworthy region here just as the Whiskey Row and the Lynx Lake Area.

11. Yuma:

By driving for just three hours, you can reach Yuma, a famous seasonal resident objective for certain astounding and memorable attractions and sand ridges for outdoor amusement. Visit the top fascination of the State Historic Park of Yuma Territorial Prison and afterwards test delightful dates at Medjool Date Farm of Martha’s Gardens.


12. Santa Fe, New Mexico:

For an excursion loaded up with traditional art, culture, Mexican and Native American history, and the absolute best food that you’ll at any point eat, plan a get-away to Santa Fe from Phoenix. This city of New Mexico is slightly more than seven hours from Phoenix and is the ideal size of a city to explore for a get-away. While in Santa Fe, peruse the midtown square, explore the Museum of Georgia O’Keeffe, hit the slants at Ski Santa Fe, and climb the Dale Ball Trails.

13. Zion National Park:

Another incredible public park to visit for your excursion from Phoenix is Zion National Park. This excursion requires a drive of around six and a half hours, however it’s an incredible one that goes through the Coconino National Forest and close to the National Monument of Grand Staircase Escalante and Grand Canyon National Park as well. Zion is the perfect spot to design a canyoneering experience with a guide that will assist you with exploring the ropes and opening gulches. The public park has three campsites to remain in, and there are a few others simply a short drive from the recreation center.

14. San Diego, California:

It may astonish some beginner Phoenicians to discover that San Diego is just around a five-hour drive away. In case you desire some sea shore time, this is a great place to visit during the weekends for you. Come to San Diego to invest some energy in the sun and sand, eat tasty fish, and investigate the entirety of the city’s top attractions, for example, the San Diego Zoo and the Balboa Park.

Faqs For Tourists Planning A Weekend Getaway In Phoenix

Q1. Are There Any Entry Charges To Visit The Grand Canyon National Park?

Ans: Yes, the Grand Canyon National Park charges the visitors for entry.

Q2. Is Rental Service Easily Available To Undertake These Weekend Getaways From Phoenix?

Ans: Yes, a lot of rental service providers provide you with vehicles of your choice to explore these places of Phoenix.

Q3. Is Parking Facility Available At These Places?

Ans: Yes, most of these places have parking facilities available. Some offer it free of cost while others charge some amount of money for it.

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