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Chimichangas - Top Dish To Try In Arizona

Top 15 Dishes To Try In Arizona (2024)

How do you picture Arizona? Full of majestic canyons and wonderful deserts, right? Well, you are absolutely correct! Arizona is spectacular. Afterall, who doesn’t loves a little hike through breathtaking canyons and what not. But folks, we are going to lead you on in a tiny secret; the true joy of Arizona lies in its Food. Yes, you heard it correct. Arizonian Food is what makes Arizona Arizona!

We all know that they are not wrong when they say that you can learn a ton about a place through its food, however it’s particularly true for Arizona. What’s special about Arizonian food is that there is no ethnic majority. Each group is a minority and adds on to the most famous Arizonian food dishes. From Chinese to Korean, to Japanese, and Portuguese, the food scene in Arizona is continually advancing and it’s presently one of the top foodie destinations in the United States. And might we say, you should not miss out on them as well.

So, we’ve narrowed them down to our best 10 Arizonian dishes that you can try during your next outing to Arizona. Some you can discover at cafes, however others are best experienced at food trucks or local eateries. We know you are getting eager essentially thinking about the bigger perspective!!

Top 15 Dishes To Try In Arizona

  1. Burritos: Who doesn’t like burritos? Aren’t these tortilla wraps pieces of pure heaven for their enjoyers? Well, if you are one of those people who love and enjoy burritos then Arizona might be a paradise for you. Also known as “burros” by Arizonans, you can discover these pockets of yummy delights as a super versatile feast or as a fork-and-blade supper sprinkled in sauce and cheddar any time of the day. In fact, they are so popular among the locals that they are available at every nook and corner of the city, from high end restaurants to street food vendors, everyone serves burritos in Arizona. And they are an absolute delight except if it is too reliant on rice or potatoes for fillings, you will struggle discovering one that doesn’t fulfill your cravings.
  2. Cheddar crisps: Flour tortillas with extra extra and more extra cheese. How mouth watering already! Don’t worry; we are not talking about quesadillas which are rolled over pockets of tortillas. Cheddar crisps are not at all equivalent to quesadillas. A cheddar crisp is a tortilla topped with lots and lots of cheddar and then baked until crispy. If you are a cheese lover, trust us, they would be the perfect dish for you.
  3. Chimichangas: Completely an Arizonian creation, take that scrumptious burrito referenced above and throw it in a deep fryer. We all are familiar with how amazing a burrito tastes and with this add on, it becomes all the way more tastier. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a more tastier and a more crispier version of a burrito. One honest suggestion would be to not miss out on this one when next visiting Arizona. Chimichangas - Top Dish To Try In ArizonaImage Source
  4. Fry Bread: Are you a bread lover? Do you like to have a side of bread with almost all of your meals? Fry Bread is the thing for you. Although not explicitly belonging to Arizona, you’ll actually track down a ton of cafés, food trucks, and restaurants that offer this on their menu. Eat it plain with a hint of salt, a shower of nectar, sprinkled with powdered sugar, stored with beans and cheddar, or folded over your number one cut of meat. It’s so delectable that you can have it with almost anything and everything. So, the next that you are in Arizona, don’t forget to try your hand on these handfuls.
  5. Locally blended beers: For all the adults in the house who love and enjoy a good evening meal with a side of booze, Arizona is literally a heaven for them. You ask us why? Our answer is that they have an amazing collection of locally brewed beers to serve on the table. No matter whether you like yours served on the rocks or with other coolers, Arizona has got absolutely everything for you. So, for all you brew lovers, there are a lot of local breweries like Oak Creek Brewing in Sedona and Lumberyard in Flagstaff. Don’t forget to miss out on them.
  6. Margaritas: Margaritas! You love them, we love them, everybody loves them. Particularly in summers, Margaritas are a perfect decision. They keep you cool and save you from the summer heat. What else does one needs during a hot, sunny summer afternoon? And Arizona has got some of the most exotic margaritas available in the entire nation. Frozen, on the rocks, or straight up, everybody has their own choice.
  7. Menudo: Unless you make it at home at whatever point you need, you will presumably just find this soup available only during the weekends (infact only on Sundays) in cafés. Why? One of the fundamental ingredient is tripe (beef stomach), which is extremely tough except if cooked down, and the soup requires hours to cook. It’s otherwise called a hangover fix, so a great many people prefer to appreciate a bowl of this after a pleasant Saturday. It is a rare speciality of the state and is an extremely exotic delight to cure all those blurry visions that you’ve been facing through after a fun Saturday night.
  8. Navajo Tacos: There are two camps here: the individuals who call this the Indian taco and the individuals who consider it the Navajo taco. However, the majority calls them Navajo tacos so you can consider that the right form. But doesn’t matter what the true actual form is, they are as delicious as tacos could get. Also, weren’t tacos considered the ultimate go to food, something that you can utterly enjoy whenever and wherever? These tacos here do perfect justice to this assertion and are a perfect treat to satisfy your hunger pangs.
  9. Posole (or hominy stew): If you are someone who doesn’t likes to experiment with their food or are in sudden need of an appetizer to satisfy your hunger, Posole is the most ideal dish for you. Now, you may ask what is a Posole? It is a stew soup enclosed inside fresh hot flour based tortillas. The constituents may change in the event that you get a Mexican or a Native variant of this dish yet at its quintessence, it is a good tasty soup with fresh, hot tortillas which is perfect for a quick morning or afternoon snack.
  10. Raspados or Shaved ice: Craving for something utterly delicious but want it served dripping or should we say frozen cool? Try the Raspados in Arizona. Depending on where you are in the state, you probably will find this as shaved ice, a snow cone, raspados, or even Eegee’s. No matter in every case, it’s an exotic summer treat that will not only get your stomach cool but also happy and satisfied with its amazing taste.
  11. Sonoran hot dogs: A hot dog enclosed in bacon and finished off with pinto beans, onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and mustard in a roll. You cannot even begin to imagine how heavenly this thing is. Although this dish is very simple when it comes to its ingredients (only a hot dog, a bacon and some toppings on top of that) but when it comes to its taste, it becomes unmatchable. They are the perfect treat for a morning breakfast or an evening snack and also, they come with various toppings and variation to fit your every mood.
  12. Tamales: Do you know that tamales are such a loved food in Arizona that they organise an entire festival for them? Well, if you don’t then get prepared to taste one of the most exotic food dish of Arizona, Tamales! A tamale or tamal is a customary Mesoamerican dish, composed of masa or batter, which is steamed in banana leaf or corn husk. Tamales can be loaded up with meats, cheeses, natural products, vegetables, chilies or any readiness as per taste, and both the filling and the cooking fluid has to be seasoned. Have you ever tasted a tamale? If not, don’t stress in light of the fact that there are still a lot of spots to get one of these heavenly food sources in Arizona.
  13. Chilaquiles: If you need a strong breakfast that will not let you down, attempt chilaquiles as a feast. The base piece of the dish includes singed tortillas doused in salsa and finished off with eggs. A few groups add beans, meat, and an assortment of garnishes.
  14. Piki bread: Papery and more slender than the phyllo pastries that you are used to in Middle Eastern foods, piki is a blue corn-based grain staple of the Hopi diet. You can discover them at pow wows or local markets.
  15. Huevos rancheros: If you need another morning meal alternative, huevos rancheros is heavenly and the dish is somewhat like chilaquiles. In the event that you are eating them at a café, simply ensure that they don’t lose their taste with the salsa.

FAQs That People Usually Have About The Various Dishes Served In Arizona:

Q1: Is Good Vegetarian Food, Apart From Non-Veg Food Available In Arizona?

Ans: Yes, a lot of very healthy and delicious vegetarian dishes are available in Arizona.

Q2: Is The Tradition Food Available In Arizona Very Expensive?

Ans: No, the tradition food available in Arizona is not very expensive.

Q3: What Are Some Of The Famous Places To Dine In, In Arizona?

Ans: Some of the hotels offering great food at reasonable prices in Arizona are El Rancho restaurant, The Arrogant Butcher and Charleston’s.

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