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Magic Springs Theme and Water Park

Top 5 Amusement Parks in Arkansas for Family Fun (2024)

Finding a place to spend quality time with family can sometimes be a challenging task. But when you’re in Arkansas, the challenge is actually something else. It’s a tough choice between so many happening places in the state including amusement parks, picnic spots, restaurants, cruises, shopping malls, and many more. So here’s a solution. So through this article get the list of the top sports where you can spend a fun day without researching for it for a long time. All the jobs are already done for you- from choosing the spot, knowing the timings, and most importantly, things to do there.

This article includes the five best family-friendly amusement parks in Arkansas for your reference. Along with that, you can go through the list of amazing spots to do something fun and be relaxed.

Top 5 Amusement Parks in Arkansas

So, start reading to reveal the entertainment.

1. Magic Springs Theme and Water Park – Hot Springs

A list of amusement parks in Arkansas is incomplete without Magic Springs. It has a bunch of rides in the water park and theme park for people of any age. There are almost 38 rides along with 5 roller-coaster rides that can surely make your day. Also, there’s a popular Splash Island, which is more than four stories tall and has ten water slides. Along with the rides, there are restaurants, shopping spots, etc. Special concerts and shows are also arranged that are notified on their official website.

Special Attractions:

  • Diamond Mine Run, Kit n Kaboodle, and Arkansas Twister are the family rides in the theme park that you should definitely try when you’re with your family.
  • In the water park, Grizzly Creek and Splash Island are the two most popular rides to enjoy. People who want to have a high thrill can try Boogie Blast and High Sierra.
  • Service animals are allowed in most of the locations inside the park. However, the rides are not safe for them as of now.

Opening Hours:

  • The theme park is open every day from 11 AM to 6 PM
  • The water park is open every day from 12 PM to 6 PM
  • Each month, the park is closed for some days as mentioned in their 2023 calendar that you need to check their website.

Ticket Price:

  • Admission for children of 3 years or less is free.
  • Season passes are available for $59.99
  • Single-day passes are available for $39.99

2. Parrot Island Waterpark – Fort Smith

To visit an Island away Island, this exotic-themed waterpark is the perfect spot in Fort Smith. This one park contains about 400,000 gallons of water including different fun rides that would definitely serve all the entertainment to ask for. There are children’s aquatic play areas, body slides, an activity pool, a lazy river, and a wave pool to just enjoy on a hot summer day. There are multiple spots to eat and shop meanwhile. Especially, Tiki Hut Gift Shop in Parrot Island is one of the most popular shops to stop by.

Special Attractions:

  • Tiny Turtle Island is a dedicated area for the kids to play around the water. Also, there’s a section where anyone can try surfing without having to tackle intense waves and currents.
  • You can book a private canvas for a day that comes with personalized services. The rental price starts from $49.99 PER DAY.
  • The lounge chairs and inner tubes are always complimentary as you spend a couple of hours inside.
  • Special events and birthday parties are also arranged in the park according to vacancy. You too can arrange a party by contacting them through the official website.

Opening Hours:

  • Opening hours vary according to the season calendar that is available on the website.
  • Usually, the office opens from 9 AM to 5 PM
  • There are special days dedicated to Educators Day, Military Day. etc.

Ticket Price:

  • Admission for children of 3 years or less is free.
  • Season passes are available for $199.99
  • Single-day passes are available for $59.99

3. Burns Park Funland – North Little Rock

When you visit an amusement park with your family, it’s awkward if rides for everyone are not available. That’s why we bring Burns Park to the list which correctly validates its name for everyone irrespective of age. You’ll get tired of exploring rides and other spots but the fun will continue. Some local attractions near the park include Old Mill, Arkansas River Trail, USS Razorback Submarine, and Inland Marine Museum. In the park, there are around 12 different types of rides along with special packages available for group visitors. And the best part is, all the rides are really gentle for the children.

Special Attractions:

  • There are some popular rides like a classic carousel, miniature, Ferris wheel, bungee jumping, a mini roller coaster, bouncy slides, etc. There are comparatively fewer rides, but each is worth enjoying with family.
  • Private pavilion rentals are available for restricted events during flexible hours. Depending on the duration and other arrangements, price ranges change. Also, meeting rooms and clubhouses are available for rental.
  • Children can enjoy this amusement park with a variety of rides like Space Shuttle for junior astronauts, and classic rides like the Choo Choo train, climbing wall, and spinning teacups.
  • There are different activity spots like fishing piers, a dog park, wildlife observation areas, etc. Two wildlife areas are stretched from Archery Range along the White Oak Bayou and another one is located across the BMX Track along the Green Loop Trail.

Opening Hours:

  • The park is open on Saturday from 10 AM to 7:00 PM and Sunday from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.
  • Appointments for the park visits for schools, summer camps, etc. are made for Friday.
  • There are special events like Easter Egg Hunt, Fall Fest, Holiday Express, etc.

Ticket Price:

  • Per head ticket price for each ride is $2 and an unlimited ride ticket pass per person is $12
  • Season passes are available for $40 and $100 (family of four)
  • Special event ticket starts from $5

4. Rogers Aquatics Center

This list would be incomplete without Rogers Aquatics Center in Arkansas. With five different water slides, a lazy river, a lap pool, water cannons, rope bridges in the intermediate play area, and splash pads, this water park is a must-visit place with family. Rogers Park is actually a 400-acre land with 24 different types of parks, athletic fields, a greenways and trails system, recreational centers, and many more. You can plan to visit any of these places as well along with the water park, which is a 3-acre land.

Special Attractions:

  • This water park maintains top-notch safety guidelines with 30+ lifeguards on duty to keep you safe. So, family members of any age can enjoy the rides without any serious concern.
  • At Wet Willy’s Kitchen, you will get all types of food including ice cream, pizza, hotdogs, etc. Also, the park has four private pavilions that can be pre-booked for any type of meeting, social gathering, or party.
  • There are multiple types of water rides like a covered tube, half-covered tube, toilet bowl, etc. which anyone with a height of more than 48” can enjoy.
  • The leisure pool has two basketball hoops, a volleyball net, and a vortex plunge pool with a rock climbing wall that adults can enjoy. On the other hand, for kids, there is a tot pool.

Opening Hours:

  • The water park is open from Monday to Thursday from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • The water park is open on Friday and Saturday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. On Sunday, it is open from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Ticket Price:

  • The daily admission charge is $8 for seniors and $15 for 48” and above. For residents in Rogers, the daily admission fee is $12.
  • Admission of people below 36” is free
  • Splash pass for Rogers residents is $85 for 48” and above and $65 for 36” and less. For non-resident visitors, it is $99 and $75 respectively.

5. Alma Aquatic Park

Last but not least, Alma Aquatic Park is one of the biggest water parks in Arkansas, specifically in western Arkansas. There are different types of rides including 6 slides, a diving board, a climbing wall, etc. The best part is, there are three different pools in the park. One of these pools is shallow and covered, specially designed for the little ones. It’s full of people in the hot summer season, enjoying the water rides or just chilling around the park. You can also reserve the park for any special occasion like birthday parties or any other private event for special package rates.

Special Attractions:

  • There are three different water areas including a covered wading pool for the kids, a beach pool that is from zero to three feet deep where everybody can relax, and a water play area as well.
  • Unlike other parks, in Alma Aquatic Park, you can enjoy some food inside the pool. There is a place called “Shack Shack” where all the popular items including pizza, pretzels, hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, nachos, slushies, and other snacks are available.
  • Certified secuirity guards from Red Cross are available on the park premises to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Opening Hours:

  • The park is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 AM to 6:30 PM
  • The park is open from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Mondays. And on Sundays, it’s open from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Ticket Price:

  • For daily admission, people more than 48” in height have to pay $13, and people below 48” in height would pay $10. Admission for kids below 3 years is free.
  • Military and senior citizens need to pay $10
  • Group (more than 20 people) tickets are available at $9 per person. Single-season passes are also available- people more than 48” in height have to pay $75, and people below 48” in height would pay $50.

Family-Friendly Attractions in Arkansas

Other than the amusement parks, there are some other places to hang out with family in Arkansas. Here are some of the ideas.

What makes it better than a family picnic with everyone’s favorite food, some good music, and playing games? There are amazing picnic spots like Lake Charles State Park in Powhatan, Delta Heritage Trail State Park in West Helena, Denby Point, Lake June, Green Ferry Lake, Cane creek state park, and many more. You can add relaxing a long drive to the picnic spot to elevate the whole plan as well.

If you got only some hours to spend with your family, go shopping without a second thought. In Arkansas, there are plenty of shopping centers and malls to choose from. Some of the best suggestions would include Lewis Crossing shopping center, Spring Creek Center, Pinnacle Hills Promenade, Madison Square shopping center, etc. Also, some movies after shopping would make the day even better.

Any plan cannot be completed without a satisfactory meal, isn’t it? Everyone has some favorite places to order their favorite one, but we made some suggestions too. You can check out The Hive at Bentonville, The Root Cafe in Little Rock, and Ed Walker’s Drive-In and Restaurant in Fort Smith.


This article includes the best amusing places where you can spend some amusing time with family in Arkansas. All the parks are located in different places in Arkansas, so no matter where you stay, you’ll get an option. Tourists can also include a day to chill in any of these best amusement parks in Arkansas. Note that, these parks are mainly open in the summer season and they have different schemes and ticket prices every year. It is advised to contact them before making a plan to get the best deal.

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