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Sunset Beach (about 20.7 miles away from Disneyland) - Most Popular Beach Near Disneyland and Anaheim

9 Most Popular Beaches Near Disneyland and Anaheim (Within 33 Miles) (2024)

Being home to Disneyland, Anaheim is famous worldwide and thus attracts millions of tourists and travellers every year. However, once done with the charm and excitement of the “House of the Mouse”, the city calls you for another fun adventure and experience in the form of the popular South Californian Beaches. Even though the fun and magic of Disneyland are beyond any adventure in the world, but still every visitor needs a break from the sight, and then the best getaway you can choose in the city are the nearby beaches.

The city of Anaheim, though, isn’t served with the Pacific Ocean directly, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot grab the opportunity to get close to the water from here.

The beaches near Disneyland have everything that your heart would crave for, from coves to curves, shiny sand to clear waters, rocky terrain to alluring landscapes, hidden nooks to crannies, and crowds to tranquillity. Here’s a list of the 9 most popular beaches near Disneyland and Anaheim.

9 Most Popular Beaches Near Disneyland and Anaheim (Within 33 Miles)

If you are done with the crazy Disneyland, then spare some time from your trip and spend a day enjoying this side of the city. Have a look:

1. Doheny State Beach (about 33.8 miles away from Disneyland)

The Doheny State Beach, located in Dana Point, is a protected beach location. The Beach is adjacent to a beautiful campsite and thus is quite popular amongst locals of the city. It is one of the most crowded South Californian beaches that is known for being a preferable surfing spot due to the San Juan Creek that is flowing on the southwest of the Beach from the Santa Ana mountain. It covers an area of 62 acres, with one end used for surfing and the other is used for camping. Nearly 85 lakhs of visitors pay their attendance here every year for personal enjoyment or for being a part of year-round interpretive education programs in marine, bird and animal life or water quality and Native American studies. One can spot a variety of marine life and popular birds every day here at the Beach. Doheny is also one of the great places for sunset seekers.

Most Popular Beach Near Disneyland and Anaheim-Doheny State Beach

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2. Seal Beach (about 19.3 miles away from Disneyland)

Away from the madding crowd, a place where you can explore a lot, Seal Beach is surely one of the must-visit beaches near Disneyland. Seal Beach is a beach city in Orange county with several neighbourhood beaches, including Long Beach, Sunset Beach and Huntington beach. The Seal is also home to California’s second-longest wooden pier that is well known for fishing and sightseeing activities. It is surely one of the best small towns in Southern California that offer the fun of Beach, miles of walkable path, buildings preserved from the 18th century, charming restaurants & cafes, and small shops that are worth visiting. The wooden pier in Seal is one great spot to spend evenings watching the sunset amidst cool breezes, picturesque serenity and surfers enjoying their ride over the water.

3. Bolsa Chica State Beach (about 19.3 miles away from Disneyland)

The Bolsa Chica State Beach is a public beach near Disneyland, famously known for its picnic areas, fire pits, rollerblading, bicycling, surf fishing, and kite surfing. Also, during the full moon and new moon days of summer, the sandy stretch of Bolsa Chica welcomes grunion, and one can catch/ fish them with a fishing permit only. Though one can also catch other fishes, including perch, California corbina, shovelnose guitarfish, croaker, and cabezon. Bolsa Chica State Beach is also home to the largest RV camp facility within the location. Sunsets from the Beach are uniquely beautiful, and during evenings, one can watch how magically the sky changes its colour from blue to hues of pink, fiery orange, and purple, leaving all glitter and shine over the water level. There are plenty of places to eat around, including the Seasalt Beachside Burger, SeaLegs, and the Pacific Kitchen at the Beach.

4. Sunset Beach (about 20.7 miles away from Disneyland)

True to its name, Sunset Beach is one of those locations from where you can capture the most amazing West Coast sunsets. It is basically a beachfront community with a 1.5-mile stretch of ocean welcoming sailboarders, surfers, kite surfers. Though the beach location is well known for surfing and fishing activities, if you are celebrity seekers, you will surely find one or the other of them roaming casually around. The Sunset Beach is noted as a popular beach near Anaheim whose picturesque views can rival the work of many renowned artists easily. Despite being a popular place amongst locals and celebrities of Sol Cal, the Sunset beach is never very crowded, and one can expect few hours of relaxation here. The sand here is covering a lot of sea glasses and seashells; thus, if you are a seeker for them, do carry along a sand bucket and indulge in your own treasure hunt.

5. Huntington Beach (about 21.8 miles away from Disneyland)

Undoubtedly the most popular Beach near Anaheim, Huntington Beach is one magnificence in the ocean, and if you are anywhere near Disneyland, then do not forget to spend some hours here. The Beach is very famous amongst surfers, where one can find impressively consistent surfing, which also makes it known as the Surf City USA. The opportunity of being here takes you close to several outdoor recreational opportunities, including swimming, sunbathing, fishing, beach volleyball, kitesurfing and what not. Apart from the regular and common beach activities, one can also encounter several parades, fashion shows, shoreline marathons, kite championships, and concerts from time to time at this site. Huntington Beach spreads over 3.5 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline; thus, despite a huge rush here, it won’t feel crowded in general.

6. Treasure Island Beach (about 29.71 miles away from Disneyland)

A secret spot at Laguna Beach, the Treasure Island Beach a fantastic and unmissable tressure and a safer spot for swimming enthusiasts. Due to the protection from huge rocks, the water here is comparatively cleaner. Getting here is easier from down the long graded concrete ramp on Montage Resort’s Southwest side. The Treasure Island Beach is truly gorgeous, and you can enjoy a peaceful stroll on your way to the nearby cliff or relax and soak in the sun. If you are a seeker for natural views and serenity, the land from the cliff provides good enough opportunities to spend an hour admiring and enjoying the best’s around. The area around this Beach is quite well maintained, with a few lush greens flowering plants and vegetation which you can find on your way down to the sands. There’s a lot of grass beds for picnicking and several benches along the Beach. What makes Treasure Island Beach a must-visit beach location near Disneyland is its tranquillity and free of crowd vibes.

7. Redondo County Beach (about 27 miles away from Disneyland)

A lovely beach near Anaheim with about a 1.5-mile sandy stretch, the Redondo Beach is a wide and clean site with a huge space to enjoy and layout. It has a protected backdrop that saves it from the noise of roads, making it easier to hear the sounds of waves. The Beach is quite clean, and thus, one can indulge in several water activities and sand adventures here. Redondo Beach is also extremely popular for scuba diving for beginners and is also reportedly noted as the birthplace for surfing in California. Swimming here is also completely safe as there are several lifeguards stationed at duty all throughout the day all through the summer months. The Redondo Beach Pier is quite famous for fishing, and one does not require any special permit to try their fishing skills here. You can find a few well-maintained volleyball courts, walking and cycling trails and a picnic area nearby.

8. Hermosa Beach (about 31.6 miles away from Disneyland)

A little far away from Anaheim, but if you some extra time in your pocket, then do visit Hermosa Beach, a top-rated beach location in Southern California. It is basically a beach and an entire beachfront city that offers captivating sunsets and opportunities to try several water and beach activities. Of all the area in Hermosa, the greatest number of tourist’s head towards the Hermosa Pier, from where you can either stand at ease to view the water or turn around to have a look at the city. Hermosa beach is one crowded and famous spot where you can find visitors indulging in several recreational water activities, including surfing, swimming, fishing or Beach activities like walking, running, and skating, biking, cycling, and volleyball games. There is a kid play area, a few showers and restrooms, and lifeguards for extended safety. For grabbing some snacks, one can reach several nearby restaurants adjacent to the Beach.

9. Crystal Cove beach (about 23.6 miles away from Disneyland)

A hidden beach location near Anaheim and one of the top-rated beach/ coves in Orange county, the Crystal Cove beach is undoubtedly a magical combination of sea and sand. It is a part of a huge State park and thus quite popular in Southern California. Crystal Cove beach is spread over an area of 3.2 miles where one can bike, cycle, walk, picnic or indulge in camping activities peacefully. If not camping, one can also opt for overnight cottage rentals at low rates. It is also famous for swimming, surfing, and scuba diving, though surfing is highly time-dependent and only lucky ones can find the opportunity for the same. From dusk to dawn, the water here is safeguarded with lifeguards. Thus, you can peacefully try your skills here without much worrying about safety. Also, considering its west-facing setting, you can experience a beautiful sunset view every day.

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