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Famous National, State, & Regional Parks Near Anaheim

7 Famous National, State, & Regional Parks Near Anaheim (2024)

There’s no doubt to the fact that Southern California is home to some of the best National and State Parks in the United States. Traveling across the region takes one to some of nature’s magnificence where they can indulge into multiple activities like sightseeing, animal spotting, adventure activities, camping, and whatnot. Though, unlike other Sol Cal cities, Anaheim might not have several National or State parks, but the blessing of nature and natural environment is widespread in and around the city.

Travelers who wants to explore National Parks and State Parks in Anaheim might require to drive a little distance from the city, but for Regional parks, there’s quite a lot of options within the border itself. Once you are done with the human-made wonder “Disneyland” and want to seek something different and peaceful, then there are several pathways you can head towards. Out of the best natural belongings the Disneyland city offers, here a list of “The famous National, State and Regional parks in and around Anaheim” you might want to explore. Have a look before you make your itinerary for the city.

Famous National, State, & Regional Parks Near Anaheim

1. Yorba Regional Park

When it comes to natural parks around Disneyland, the Yorba Regional Park is counted as the most famous sight in Anaheim. This Regional Park constitutes of a vast 140 acres of land that comprises of 4 big lakes with connecting streams, more than 400 picnic tables and about 200 barbeques, miles of several walking and cycling trails, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, shaded grassy knolls, playground, two ball diamonds, a fitness area, and restrooms. The park is basically adjoining the famous Santa Ana River and is one of the historical settings in Anaheim. It has been in existence from the second half of the 19th century and since then has attracted millions of local, national, and international visitors. Yorba is one of the preferable spots amongst the SoCal locals who often visit here for picnic or get-together events and enjoy the recreational environment of the sight. You can rent pedal boats and get into two of the lakes, or if you are lucky enough, you might encounter hundreds of beautiful birds, squirrels, geese, and ducks enjoying their time in serenity.

2. Carbon Canyon Regional Park

The Carbon Canyon Regional Park is about 11 miles from Anaheim city center and is also the only redwood forest other than in Northern California. The park is spread over 124 acres of lush, fertile land with well-matured redwood trees going taller than the usual ones. The entire 124 acres land constitutes 60 acres of developed land, of which is a 4 acres lake, two fishing piers, huge well-manicured grasslands, several sports facilities, playgrounds, and some great hiking trails. However, the remaining land is undeveloped and wild, which leads its way towards majestic Coastal Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), the only grove of redwoods in Orange County. The park is operational from dusk to dawn, offering free entry with affordable paid parking. You can always find a moderate crowd of bird watchers, naturalists, adventuresome hikers, and picnic groups. The park runs plenty of picnic areas with barbeques, restrooms, running water. Traveling till the Carbon Canyon is one of the incredible natural payback deal that everyone should invest their time upon.

3. Crystal Cove State Park

The Crystal Cove State Park is one of the most popular State parks near Anaheim and in Orange county. Encompassing a vast area (nearly 3,936-acre), this State park constitutes the Crystal Cove Historic District of beach houses, the inland chaparral canyons, coastal cliffs, a beachfront cove, tide pools, underwater park, 400 acres of bluffs, and about 3.2 miles of Pacific coastline. It is also one of the largest remaining open spaces and natural seashores in Orange County. The park region also boasts 180 different species of residential bird and several other migrant species that can be seen all throughout the year. The Crystal Cove State Park has about 17 different well-managed trails popularly used for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. Other famous adventures and recreational activities here include swimming, surfing, scuba divers, skin drivers, snorkeling, and freediving. There are several backpack camping areas that are only accessible by hiking with 4 people per campsite and pet restriction. Visitors at Crystal Cove often indulge in exploring tide pools and sandy coves; in short, it is a perfect place to do it all.

4. Boysen Park

Another popular regional park in Anaheim, the Boysen Park, is indeed a glorious addition to the city and if you haven’t been here in a while, then do plan a visit here soon. Named after the creator of the Boysenberry and former park Superintendent Rudy Boysen, the park is spread over 24.6 acres and is also known as Airplane Park due to the prominent fixtures here. It is an essential edition for visitors and locals in Anaheim, and of all the magnificence you can view here includes the U.S. Navy Cougar jet airplane, which was used for the noted Korean war and is sitting here from the mid of 19th century (1959). Also, the Anaheim Tennis Centre lies right adjacent to the park, is open for the general public, making the sight a crowded affair all throughout the time. Within the Boysen Park lies some great Picnic settings, barbeques, regular sports grounds/ courts, several benches, shaded areas, restrooms, well-manicured grass beds, and walking pathways. There are also few slides and climbing areas for big and small kids and a jungle gym to spend some great hours.

5. Joshua Tree National Park

The city of Anaheim is not served by any National Park, but the one you can reach within a quick drive from the city is the Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua is only a 2 hours’ drive away from the city and can be reached easily via the CA 91-E and CA 60-E. It is undoubtedly one of the wonders in the United States and a park worth spending at least 1 or 2 days at. The park is open all days throughout the year and is famous for its two distinct desert ecosystems, colossal rock formations, stark desert landscapes, and the bristled Joshua trees. It is best known for its iconic flora and thus attracts nearly 3 million visitors every year. There are several trails open for hiking, desert biking, and horseback riding, whereas massive stony terrains boost rock climbing, making it one of the famous spots in America. Spring season boosts several spring flowers in the park, making it look mesmerizingly yet uniquely beautiful, whereas the clear sky nights of desert open you up for experiencing a star-studded sky which is another way challenging to find. Considering the deserted setting, it gets scorching during the daytime, but the night hours here are relaxing and peaceful.

6. Chino Hills State Park

A nearby State park from Anaheim, the Chino Hills State Park, can be reached quickly in a matter of half an hour via CA 57-N, CA N1-E, and CA 142-E. The park is located right at the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains in the Chino Hills and is considered a significant botanical habitat reserve for migrant wildlife and local residents. The park is spread over 14,102 acres of land constituting sycamores and rolling, miles of grassy hills, stands of oaks, the Whittier Hills, and the Puente Hills flourishing abundance of California’s native flora all around. The Chino Hills State Park is lush green all around the region and glows with the super bloom of wildflowers, especially during the springs and falls, making it absolutely serene and mesmerizing. Most of the trails here are open for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking taking one through ridge woodland and lush grasslands. Other recreational facilities here include a historic barn, equestrian staging area and corrals, several picnics and camping sites. Considering the adverse rain conditions and safety of the natural belonging, several trails might get temporarily closed at times. Thus, it is advisable to keep a check on them beforehand.

7. Anaheim Coves Natural Park

Counted amongst one of the must-visit tourist spots in Anaheim, the Anaheim Coves Natural Park is one beauty to explore. It is 14 acres spread of natural park with a 1 ½ mile permeable multi‐use trail. The coves are located somewhere between the Ball Road and Frontera Street alongside the Santa Ana river and are usually heavily trafficked with tourists and locals of the city. It is operational from dusk until dawn and can be explored either on foot, cycling or biking, or even along with your pets. Most of the trails here are well maintained like the regular concrete roads, whereas some of the others are maintained but left more natural and authentic well up to once expectations. There are several seating zones for kids, older adults, and physically challenged individuals. Though the park is crowded chiefly but to find some peace and tranquility, one can navigate to the west of Santa Ana River (which is the east side of the cove), where the paths are more expansive, and the crowd is limited. Amidst the commercializing of Anaheim, if you are looking for some serene location where you can connect with nature, then the Anaheim Coves is one great place to spend your hours at.

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