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Noguchi Garden - Most Popular Hidden Gems In And Around Anaheim

7 Most Popular Hidden Gems In And Around Anaheim (2024)

Anaheim is one famous South Californian city known for several tourist spots to visit and interesting things to do. While counting on the famous and top-rated tourist attractions in Anaheim, you can prepare a long list of places. However, if the usual paths are not really your way and you want to explore the hidden and unexplored gems in and around Anaheim, then there are several opportunities in the city for you.

7 Most Popular Hidden Gems In And Around Anaheim

The beautiful and fun-loving city of Anaheim provides several ways where travelers can get off-road and explore the unusual, hidden, and secret spots that people don’t normally lead to. To learn and believe that Anaheim is not just a synonym to Disneyland, consider exploring our list of the “Most popular hidden gems in and around Anaheim.” After reaching up to all these lovely places, your stereotypical concept about this city will surely chance for a little better. Have a look before you plan your next trip to the here.

1. The Blind Rabbit

The Anaheim Packing District is one popular spot in the city and famous for all the cool and fun things. However, the Blind Rabbit in this packing district hasn’t received its share of charm and light and thus is considered as one of the hidden gem attractions in Anaheim. It is a theme-based club (bar and restaurant) designed in 19th-century interior style with a working piano from 1905. The club gets operational from 4 pm at the beginning of the evening and goes well till late at night. Blind rabbit serves great food and choicest drinks (unique cocktails) with incredible services. Their whole menu remains theme-based depending upon the different times of the year, and the atmosphere inside is remarkable to call the visitors time and again. The only simple restriction that the visitors of Blind Rabbit have to follow includes no logo shirts, no printed shirts, no shorts, and no logo hats.

2. 1000 Steps Beach

Situated in South Laguna, about 30 miles from Anaheim, lies a beautiful and secluded spot called the 1000 steps beach. Unlike traditional beach access, one needs to pace down 200 stairs in a residential neighborhood of the location. Locals of South Laguna are still in efforts to keep it unidentified from the tourists and travelers, which makes it one of the hidden attractions near Anaheim. However, finding your way towards the 1000 steps beach is no less than a jackpot that opens up the beautiful scenery, clear water, and a thousand-dollar piece of paradise where you can relax up close and personal to nature. The beach is known for sea caves and tide pools which are easily accessible during the low tides. Out of these one of the sea caves will lead your way towards the Totuava Beach. The sea cave which leads to Totuava is one beautiful rocked tunnel, and if your timings are right and the tides are low, the experience here will multiple with another level of magnificence.

3. The Pirate Tower

Right near the Victorian beach, about 27 miles from Disney city, lies the beautiful Pirate tower, one hidden wonder to explore in Anaheim. The Pirate tower is a small 60-foot mysterious tower standing at the base of a cliff that looks similar to the towers one can find in storybook-inspired Castles. It is designed in a kind of Norman-style architecture and is still arguable about its formation, birth, or build whatsoever. There are several claims that it was once a summer home during the early 19th century, or other claims state that the tower is carved out directly from the sandstone cliffs that are surrounding it. It is also one of the most photogenic locations near Anaheim, and you can easily get there through the PCH parking. However, the sight is served with high tides most of the time, and if you are looking to get pictures alongside the Pirate tower, then it is advisable to plan an early visit.

4. Helena Modjeska Historic House and Gardens

Not exactly a hidden gem in Anaheim, the Helena Modjeska Historic House and Gardens is one such spot that often gets missed in the chaos of exploring only the said attractions of and around the Disney city. It is the only existing (Surviving) home of the famous Polish artist Helena Modjeska, who is also a Shakespearean actress and a well-known polish patriot. Once a residential house, it is now turned into a museum and is also one of the noted Californian landmarks. It is located near the Santa Ana mountain’s western slope and is an 18th-century property and a marvel of Stanford White, the great American architect. Getting up to this Historic house turned museum is quite a task but the scenic view and amount of peace you acquire is all efforts worthy. It is a difficult to find a location and thus the Helena Modjeska Historic House and Gardens are classified as the hidden gem near Anaheim.

5. The LAB (Anti-Mall)

About 20 minutes drive away from the city of Anaheim, the LAB or also known as Anti-mall, is one hidden gem, lesser-known by travelers and visitors. It is a cute little place to walk around and spend some quality time along with friends, family, or partners. This is certainly not like the average mall but one unique destination with options from micro record shops, thrift stores, and some fine eateries. The vibe here around is quite cool and fresh, with a different décor giving it an authentic late 90s feel. Apart from the permanent market, you can also watch some live events, poetry readings, or seasonal festivals throughout the year. The LAB (Anti-Mall) can be reached exactly at 2930 Bristol St., Costa Mesa; however, unless you cross the lush trees across the street, you cannot actually find this peaceful and fun place. It is fine enough to spend an afternoon or evening roaming here in the streets and spending a good amount into thrifting.

6. Noguchi Garden

A super-secret garden in Costa Mesa, the Noguchi Garden is another wonderful hidden gem near Anaheim that you can cover on your next trip to the city. The place is somewhere in the middle of a bunch of glass buildings across the street from SCP, providing its visitors with a super rare and artistic treat. This remarkable landscape is known to be designed by Isamu Noguchi, a famous American Sculpture during the late 19th century inspired by a Japanese garden structure representing varied landscapes. The 1.6-acre public sculpture garden is often noted as the Noguchi Museum, and not many more people than the locals of the town know about it. The garden is filled with rocks and stones of all shapes and sizes, a few fountains, and some other water features. Here you can view some low pyramids with water streams flowing underneath, presenting it with a beautiful sight. A quick day trip to Noguchi Garden from Anaheim will surely entertain you for a day and fill your camera with some social media-friendly pictures.

7. The Fairview Park

Located just a 20 minutes’ drive away from the city, Fairview Park is surely one of the peacefully hidden destinations in Anaheim. It is a 210-acre park filled with hills, trails, open fields, and a forested sanctuary. There are a series of short and long trails to choose from where you can walk, run, hike, bike, fly a drone or perform any sort of activity freely. The park does not have something extravagant, but in case you are tired from the city’s hustle and bustle, then you can come here to relax in the lap of mother nature and admire the beautiful abundance the place is blessed around. Fairview Park is also one very famous sight for kite flying and horseback riding amongst the locals. To grab the beautiful view of the Saddle Back Mountain, consider being here during a clear and sunny day. Even though it is a hidden spot from the tourism rush but every year during the month of June, the annual Fish Fry festival gets organized here, attracting about 20,000 attendees.

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