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10 Jaw-Dropping Locations to Get Married in Los Angeles (2024)

Los Angeles is indeed one of the loveliest cities on the planet. When it comes to glamour and beauty, not many places can compare with this metropolis. Not only for Hollywood, but some of the best locations are present in Los Angeles. No wonder people from near and far love are coming to Los Angeles to celebrate one of the best days of their life.

If you are also planning to celebrate your wedding in Los Angeles, worry not, as we have got you covered. Here is a quick guide you can follow to find the best places to marry in Los Angeles. We are sure that this guide will help you find the perfect location in Los Angeles for your dream wedding!

10 Jaw-Dropping Locations to Get Married in Los Angeles

Make sure to read through all the locations so that you can make the most informed choice on which location in Los Angeles would be your perfect match!

1. Sierra La Verne

If you are into the mountains, then Sierra La Verne is truly the perfect place for you to have your special day. This place is located right against the majestic San Gabriel Mountains, which adds a whole new level of charm to the location. It truly is one of the most magical places in Los Angeles to arrange for a wedding.

The organizers in this place are also quite adept at wedding-planning as they have been in this industry for over 30 years. As far as other amenities are concerned, you will be getting free dressing rooms for the bride and groom, complimentary Wi-Fi, and even liability insurance to cover your wedding. Weddings are usually held in the garden of the premises so that the mountains are in direct line of vision.

Address: 6300 Country Club Road, La Verne, Los Angeles.

2. Temple Emanuel

Temple Emanuel is located near the central region of Beverly Hills and is one of the wedding venues in Los Angeles, which is more on the affordable side. Temple Emanuel offers a complete indoor setting for weddings. So, you can easily arrange your wedding during any season here, without any issue.Temple Emanuel - Jaw Dropping Location to Get Married in Los Angeles

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This location offers plenty of places on its premises where you can conduct the official ceremony. You will have the ballroom, courtyard, and foyer to choose from. Rest assured, as they are all exceptionally beautiful. The capacity for guests in this location would be 300. However, you also need to keep in mind that there will be no accommodations made available for their stay. You will also be able to choose your own caterer and decorators, as that does not come included in the package. Hence, this truly is a very budget-friendly location for couples.

Address: 8844 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

3. The Grand Long Beach

If you are dreaming of having a beach wedding, then Grand Long Beach is truly one of the most iconic places to marry in Los Angeles. This location is more preferred by larger parties, as the location can hold up to 650 people. The area is also massive and covers nearly 11 acres of space, and measures almost 40,000 square feet.

The venue has two different outdoor courtyards and six different indoor courtyards. Hence, you can choose from the options depending on the weather and your personal preferences. There are also caterers and decorators provided by the organizers to have nothing to worry about. Out of all the available courtyards, the top pick is usually the Palm Courtyard for its impeccable allure.

Address: 4101 East Willow Street, Long Beach, Los Angeles.

4. The Garland

Since this is Los Angeles, it won’t be surprising if you would want to have a very Hollywood-styled wedding. The Garland offers a perfect solution for that. This location is famous for its over-the-top arrangements and larger-than-life approach to weddings.

As the name suggests, the Garland is particularly famous for offering elaborate floral decorations to make the wedding seem too grand to comprehend. This will surely be one of the most memorable aspects of the wedding for both bride and groom. There are also outdoor and indoor locations to choose from, which is a great plus. Another big advantage of selecting this location is that it offers sufficient accommodation for guests. Hence, if you have a lot of family and friends traveling from out-of-town, then you can easily set them up here.

Address: 4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, Los Angeles.

5. Dream Palace Banquet Hall

Just like the name suggests, Dream Palace Banquet Hall is one of the dreamiest places in Los Angeles to get married. This location happens to be on the list of plenty of girls for their wedding from a very young age. The organizers are also very quick and efficient with their services.

One of the main features of this location is the special sweetheart table that they offer for the couple. This certainly adds a special feel to an already very special day. The event managing team and organizers are also very professional and flexible. They are always trying their best to accommodate whatever needs the clients might have. The reception area of this venue has beautiful chandeliers and lovely Chiavari chairs that lend a very classic feel to this place, making it truly aesthetic.

Address: 510 E Broadway, Glendale, Los Angeles.

6. Taglyan Cultural Complex

Another impressive wedding venue for parties with a long guest list is the Taglyan Cultural Complex. This place has truly emerged as one of the most sought-after locations in Los Angeles for hosting a wedding and almost always remains booked out.

One of this venue’s best features is its very sophisticated reception area, complete with a marble foyer. The site is big enough to fit 500 guests at a time. They do have a rule of at least having 150 guests for the weekdays and 250 if it is a Saturday. Also, you do need to keep in mind that there are no accommodations provided on-site. But there are restaurants available nearby whom you can hire to cater for your wedding. Hence, you will be able to control the budget quite flexibly when it comes to food.

Address: 1201 North Vine Street, Los Angeles.

7. Hangar 21

The Hangar 21 happens to be one of the quirkiest places in Los Angeles to get married. This place was basically an aircraft hangar that has been transformed into a wedding venue. So, if you and your partner are interested in having a unique wedding, make sure to check this place out!

This location also offers a very comprehensive arrangement and takes care of all the requirements that one might need. With a maximum seating capacity of 1500, there are also on-site accommodations to ensure these guests can stay over at night. You will also be able to choose from indoor and outdoor locations, making it a very smart option for your wedding. Apart from the main event, there are also places for the rehearsal dinner and engagement ceremony. If you want to make a grand entrance, there is an option to fly in a helicopter as well!

Address: 3970 Artesia Avenue, Fullerton, Los Angeles.

8. Avensole Winery

If you are looking for a cozy and intimate venue to get married, what better choice is Avensole Winery? This truly is one of the most romantic wedding locations in Los Angeles. Every year, plenty of couples are selecting this place for their perfect day.

The location is truly breath-taking, with vineyards all around and a lovely garden area where you can host the main event. Inside the compound, there is an elaborate winery that makes the place even more aesthetic. Apart from the garden area, the winery ground is also a good option to celebrate your wedding. Or, you can arrange your rehearsal dinner there as well. There is also a very beautiful patio and a pond on the premises that adds to the allure of this marvelous venue.

Address: 34567 Rancho California Road, Temecula, Los Angeles.

9. Old Ranch Country Club

The Old Ranch Country Club is located right at the end of Old Ranch Golf Course and is a very reliable location for arranging a wedding. This place has also been a very trendy pick for couples for years, and you can rest easy knowing Old Ranch Country Club never disappoints.

This venue is best for summer and spring weddings, as the location is outdoors. It provides the ultimate relaxation and peace for the couple and their families, who are probably already very stressed out. The bride and the groom will get to have separate areas for their dressing rooms, and guests can also access free Wi-Fi. The organizers also offer a wide range of wedding packages, which can cater to any kind of budget.

Address: 3901 Lampson Avenue, Seal Beach, Los Angeles.

10. Arbat Banquet Hall

When it comes to affordable yet good accommodation, Arbat Banquet Hall is a very reliable option. With very pocket-friendly wedding deals and packages and a seating capacity of 300 guests and upwards, this has become a very popular choice for young brides and grooms to celebrate their day of love.

The wedding venue is, of course, located indoors and has a very large and beautiful ballroom. You can easily host your wedding and reception there. Apart from that, the hall also has top-notch provisions for catering, liquor, and entertainment. Their wedding team is truly one of the most experienced and best in the country.

Address: 711 San Fernando Boulevard, Burbank, Los Angeles.


Hopefully, this guide to some of the most popular places in Los Angeles to get married will help you confirm your perfect venue as soon as possible! We hope that your special day is truly everything that you dreamt of.

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