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Pyramid Lake - Beautiful Lake in Los Angeles

8 Beautiful Rivers, Lakes, and Water Reservoirs in Los Angeles (2024)

The State of California is blessed with an abundance of water in the form of the Pacific Ocean, and no doubt it is one of those elements which attracts travellers the most here. But not everyone is fond of ocean beauty, and some of them seek rivers, lakes, and water reservoirs for a tranquil experience and personal preference. When we talk about Los Angeles, the visual appears of a metropolitan city sitting over a desert. And considering that fact, one would wonder if there are any water bodies around.

However, when you visit the City of Los Angeles, it can surprise you with some impressive additions.

Los Angeles is undoubtedly not just a hub for Rivers, Natural lakes, and water reservoirs, but the city also won’t let the exciting hearts go away disappointed. Desert cities, though, aren’t the first place where one would seek water bodies as it could also be one mirage, but that not the case with LA. Some of the best water bodies in and near Los Angeles city only ask for a day round trip and in return offers you an imposing experience.

8 Beautiful Rivers, Lakes, and Water Reservoirs in Los Angeles

Here are some of the Top-rated Rivers, Natural lakes, and Water Reservoirs to visit in Los Angeles. Have a look and consider the finest for your next LA trip.

1. Pyramid Lake

A one and half-hour of road trip from Los Angeles takes you towards the unique Pyramid Lake. The lake is actually sitting in the Angeles and Los Padres National Forests and is well known for being a famous recreational spot, where you can indulge in several water activities, soak yourself in the sun or simply capture the natural scenic beauty around. It is an ideal place for an outdoor excursion where one can try boating, jet skiing, kayaking, or brush their fishing skills. Pyramid Lake has an abundance of some major fish species, including Lahontan cutthroat trout, Tui chub, and Cui-ui, some of the endangered and threatened fishes you would rarely find anywhere else. There are several picnic areas around the lake where visitors often spend their day enjoying the magical mountain-like pyramid views, covered with a vast lake. Pyramid Lake - Beautiful Lake in Los AngelesImage Source

2. Lake Casitas

One of the most beautiful lakes near Los Angeles, the Lake Casitas, is a freshwater magnificence and one of the famous recreational spots for residents. Casitas is also known as a reservoir that was formed by the Castaic Dam. It is mainly calm and tranquil, surrounded by mountains, grassland, and medium height lush green trees all around. To reach the Lake Casitas from Los Angeles, take US-101 N for a quick two-hour drive in the lap of nature and beauty all around. The calm waters of Lake Casitas offer numerous playful opportunities, including boating and fishing. Apart from that, the surrounding region is ideal for day and night camping and picnic suitability. Visitors often get lucky around Casitas and spot some tiny deer swimming across the lake along with other local birds and animals chilling around.

3. Baldwin Lake

Located in the Big Bear region of Los Angeles and San Bernardino County is the 1-mile-long Baldwin Lake. It is an alkali, natural, and intermittent lake which is replenished by natural springs and rainwater all throughout the year. Not only for the lake, but Baldwin is also famous for its centuries-old history that belongs to the mid of 18th century. The meadows adjoining the lake are also home to the rarest flowering plant species, “Baldwin Lake Linanthus,” which is endemic and endangered to the locale. Baldwin Lake is part of Baldwin Lake Ecological Reserve, which is one famous sight explored commonly on horseback. The location is ideal for wandering in the natural scenery, enjoying the tranquillity, beauty, and peace around while getting more into the site’s history. Take route CA- 134 E and reach Lake Baldwin within a quick half an hour drive from Los Angeles city.

4. Malibu Creek Rock Pool – Agoura Hills

Around 35 miles via route US 101 N lies the beautiful Malibu Creek Rock Pool on Agoura hills’ laps. The Malibu Creek Rock Pool is considered one of the impressive water bodies in Los Angeles, and if you are an enthusiast, you cannot miss a chance to visit here. This peaceful water pool is situated under a canopy of sycamore trees, a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. When here, you can either take a dip in the pool, plan a picnic around, or try your stamina at the hiking trails adjoining the pool. The area everywhere is filled with immense natural beauty that first-timers would require some time to process of the magnificence their eyes are witnessing. Apart from the quick drive on the roads of LA, one needs to hike about 3 miles from the Grassland Trail at Mulholland highway towards the hole of the pool.

5. Los Angeles River

A major river of Los Angeles county, it flows from Simi Hills and Santa Susana Mountains at the Canoga Park and ends into Long Beach’s mouth, covering 51 miles in total. The 51 miles cover several vital spots, including Canoga Park, San Fernando Valley, Downtown Los Angeles, and the Gateway cities. It might not fit the river stereotypes, but it indeed is noted as the most magnificent river in Los Angeles. One can visit the Los Angeles River from several parts of the metropolitan city, and it will leave you in surprise at how a concrete city has such a diverse river surrounding and natural beauty lying peacefully. The Elysian Valley and the Sepulveda Basin in Encino are open for travelers who are interested in getting close to the LA River. The river is also open for several water activities, including kayaking, boating, and other fun, including bird watching, fishing, and walking alongside the route of water flow. The lucky ones also would get a chance to view the ecological diversity and some local animal species around.

6. Belvedere Park Lake

On the east of Los Angeles lies the peaceful Belvedere Park Lake. One can reach here via highway 60 East past I-710 up to the S. Atlantic Boulevard exit. Further, drive to the North East of S. Atlantic Boulevard up to First St. and finally takes the first left turn, which will eventually lead you to Belvedere Park. The park is operational from dawn till dusk, and so does the lake can be visited during the same hours. Even though it is not a natural creation, being here during evening hours brings some different kinds of peace and calmness that can rejuvenate you from daily life stress. The lake is also home to rainbow trout from winters up till the early Spring season. However, during the summer season, you can find catfish here. You Can also find largemouth bass, carp, and bluegill in Belvedere lake; however, fishing is not appreciated here.

7. Upper Franklin Canyon Lake Reservoir

In the midst of unending busy hours, Los Angeles’s city presents the beautiful Franklin Canyon Lake Reservoir, a calm within the chaos. Within the 605 acres Franklin Canyon Park inside a canyon lies the 3 acres long Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir and pond that is home to several turtles and ducks. It is one of those calm lakes that you would often find in hilly regions, but LA’s hidden wonders bring it to you amidst the concrete city. The lake reservoir is adjoined by a Heavenly pond and several easy hiking trails all around. The trails here are marked well, and if you get towards more height, you can grab a serene view of nearby mountains lushed with greenery all around. It is one ideal location to spend a day around and relieve the peace, which is another way challenging to find in the hustle and bustle of LA.

8. Silver Lake Reservoir

Last, yet one of the most beautiful lakes in Los Angeles, the Silver Lake Reservoir is undoubtedly not worth a miss. It consists of two basins, the Silver lake, and the Ivanhoe Reservoir. This water body is also noted as the best fishing and topmost boating location in Los Angeles. One can find rainbow trouts, bluegills, crappie, catfish, and several other fishes here. You can rent a boat from the marina or individual boat rental companies to choose boats and explore the beautiful waters of Silver lake reservoir. The rugged backdrop of several tall mountains at the backdrop adds another level of beauty to the lake. Getting into the mix of endless outdoor activities, one can plan a full family trip to Silver lake reservoir.

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