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Jet Ski - Amazing Water Sport in Hawaii

10 Amazing Water Sports in Hawaii (2024)

Marvelous volcanic stone formations, serene palm-fringed sea shores, tropical weather, and staggering submerged life, are the numerous components that meet up to characterize the soul of Hawaii. Perhaps one of the best groups of islands in the world, Hawaii is an energizing destination for a wide range of explorers. But above all, it is the ideal destination for dynamic travelers and those looking for other worldly experiences.

They were not wrong when they said, “Hawaii is an ocean lover’s heaven” because there is no lack of water sports in Hawaii for anyone, be it novices or specialists, Hawaii has arrangements for all activities like scuba jumping, kiteboarding, and surfing. But with so many options to choose from, how will you get to know which ones are the best for you. So, we have crafted a rundown of water sports and exercises in Hawaii, which you can not only enjoy but also witness nature’s miracles and adore Hawaii’s staggering marine life. Without wasting much time, let’s find out about these activities underneath.

10 Amazing Water Sports in Hawaii

  1. Jet Ski: Are you driven by adrenaline in your life? Is adventure your go to activity for experiencing happiness? Then, Jet Ski is probably your kind of sport. You can kick start your excursion in Hawaii by cruising the lovely waters on a jet ski. There are a plethora of quiet and serene areas which you can traverse at incredible velocities, and Waikiki too can be your place of choice to experience this amazing encounter. Regardless of whether you are travelling solo or you need to take a ride with your accomplice, you will very easily find all the arrangements you require, beginning from the correct outfits to the particular jet skis. Likewise, you will be intrigued to realize that there will be proficient assistance, in the event that this is something you have never attempted before. The team will be there to guarantee your well-being and satisfaction all throughout the length. Jet Ski - Amazing Water Sport in HawaiiImage Source
  2. Flyboarding: Are you an adrenaline junkie who loves wandering in the least explored ways? If your answer is yes then you should definitely attempt the fly board experience in Hawaii. This is the way you get the capacity to either fly like a bird noticeable all around or swim like a dolphin in the waters. With the fly board, you get the ability to push forward or upward with no endeavors of your own. It is a fun-stuffed activity that will leave you with permanent recollections of the Hawaiian aquatic experience. All you require is a couple of balance focused exercises before you hurdle up and zoom off to an action packed adventure.
  3. Submarine Adventure: Are you looking for going under the ocean in a submarine? This energizing adventurous excursion will bring you down to profundities of around 100 feet (30 m) to see the submerged life. Your excursion starts from Maui from where a boat will take you to the jump site, and shortly you will be made to slip to the water for around 45 minutes. You can see the Carthaginian, a whaling ship, which has now become a man-made reef and is overflowing with aquatic life. From December to May, there is an opportunity of spotting whales as well! On visit, you gain admittance to English and Japanese narrations, and the bus service to and back from the jump site.
  4. Parasailing: Parasailing turns out to be one of the most loved excursion exercises and an absolutely necessary water sports experience when in Hawaii. It allows you to encounter a relaxing down trip all while appreciating the aqua blue waters and the rich scenes of Hawaii. The excellence of parasailing in Hawaii is that it is accessible in most parts of the main islands, however on the off chance that you need one that will take you extremely higher into the skies, then you should give Xtreme Parasailing a shot in Waikiki. You have to simply pick the height and the duration of your activity, with a large portion of the flights going for around 700 feet over the ocean and for about 9 to 11 minutes in the air. This is a thrilling and a courageous method to invest energy in or above the waters of Hawaii.
  5. Adventure Sailing: Adventure sailing is the correct option for you if you desire to encounter the genuine magnificence of Hawaii’s waters as well as its glorious scenes. This is certifiably not a vivacious activity, however one that will accord you all the relaxing that you require during an extended getaway. There are a variety of tours from which you can look over and choose and each one has its own novel experience. You can choose to go for a sunset sail where you can appreciate and enjoy a large variety of delicious food and cold brew all while tuning in to the calming Hawaiian music. You can likewise go for a honeymoon cruise or have a sail that will be custom-made to meet your particular requirements.
  6. Scuba Diving: The delight of breathing and swimming under water is unmatched and causes you to feel connected to the sea. You can encounter this magnificent inclination by going on this scuba-plunging adventure activity. This exercise is for a little team of up to four individuals who will be joined by a prepared diver. First, you will be made to become familiar with the essentials of diving and afterwards put into the waters of Black Rock, Canoe Beach or Kapalua Bay to test it. These water territories are quiet, have acceptable visibility and have a depth of only about 35 feet (10.7 meters), and you will get an opportunity to see sea turtles and reefs. You can likewise utilize this exercise to count for your PADI certification.
  7. Whale Watch Sail: Whales are puzzling animals, the biggest creatures on earth; watching them in their territory is an uncommon experience. This cruising outing to the Lahaina harbor is an incredible opportunity to see these grand whales in their component. You will cruise out in a sailboat to watch the yearly movement of Humpback whales. You can see numerous creatures, mothers with calves, male whales jousting with one another or whales singing underwater. Pectoral slaps, tail slaps, full penetrates; you can spot them all! Whale sightings are ensured on this excursion, and in the event that you fail to locate one, you can return again within an year for a no-cost-at-all another experience.
  8. Kiteboarding: Kiteboarding is a high-adrenaline-releasing adventure sport, and the waters of Maui are ideal for enjoying this activity. You can go kiteboarding with a little group of two to three members or alone; it is ideal for families, companions, or even groups as it reinforces collaboration in a fun and peaceful environment. All the individuals from the team are expected to do various errands to become able kite boarders. You will get the expertise of a guide as a piece of this action, and all the gears required are provided too.
  9. Surfing: Hawaii is a brilliant surfing spot for beginners; the waves are adequately high for your first surf exercise. You can learn and have a great time while going through your first surf experience in this activity. The group lessons are directed at the Breakwall Beach close to Lahaina Harbor and require roughly three hours. An accomplished surfer with CPR and First Aid accreditation controls you through the exercise and goes with you into the water. You also get access to first in class surfing gears. You can also get the photos from your surf exercise; this will without a doubt give you an experience of a lifetime!
  10. Turtle Reef Kayak: Kayaking and swimming is a superb decision for active voyagers including families who love exploring nature through experience sports. On this visit, you will kayak out of the southern side of Maui close to Makena Landing for about 2.5 miles (4 KM) into the water towards the turtle reef. The reef at the edge of the Haleakala volcano is a lovely reef loaded up with fascinating fishes and the uncommon Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. You can kayak forthright to the spot and afterward get into your swimming gear and swim with the turtles. It’s a mystical moment; that is one to recollect for eternity!

Hawaii is a water wonderland, there are different water sports that you can take an interest in to satisfy your hunger of adventure and no doubt there is an abundance of nature to wow you! We hope that you loved this assortment of water sports in Hawaii. Therefore, don’t forget to book them for your next excursion to delightful Hawaii.

FAQs on Water Sports in Hawaii:

Q1. Are These Water Sports Activities Of Hawaii Safe To Undertake?

Ans: Yes, the responsible authorities take required safety measures and precautions to ensure full safety of the guests.

Q2. Are These Water Sports Activities Of Hawaii Too Expensive?

Ans: The cost of the activity depends on the type of the activity. For instance if you wish to undertake an activity that requires a lot of precautions and safety measures, obviously its cost will also rise with the rising safety measures.

Q3. What Are Some Of The Precautions To Keep In Mind While Doing These Activities?

Ans: Some of the key precautions to take while performing these water sports activities are:

  • Wear proper gear required for the specific water sport.
  • Make sure your gear is intact and damage free before going for the adventurous ride.

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