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Rum Fire - Top place to enjoy nightlife in Hawaii

10 Best Bars and Nightclubs to Enjoy Nightlife in Hawaii (2024)

Do the sparkly nightclubs speak more to you than the hustle-bustle-filled day adventures? Are you more intrigued by the dim, neon-lit clubs, blasting electronic dance music in your ears than a monotonous walk through a tropical rainforest? In other words, are you a party animal? Well, in case if you are and are looking for the right spot to heat up your evening in Hawaii, then you’ve arrived at the right place! Although famous for its beach life mostly enjoyed during the day, Hawaii also boasts of having some extremely amazing bars and nightclubs that are rocking enough to sizzle up any boring or dull day.

With sparkling neons, heart-pounding music setup, and an out-of-the-world city scene, nightlife in Hawaii is one thing you totally can’t miss. These groovy nightclubs of Hawaii take you with them and drop you off in a land of euphoria. So, here are the top 10 party spots in Hawaii that will just snatch your heart away-and are the perfect place for the party lover in you.

10 Best Bars and Nightclubs to Enjoy Nightlife in Hawaii

  1. Hau Tree Bar: Are you looking for a nightclub that overlooks a beautiful beach and serves delicious food accompanied by amazing music and drinks? Then, look no further because Hau Tree Bar is the perfect spot for you. Situated in Hilton Hawaiian Village of Honolulu, Hau Tree Bar is one of the best and the biggest bars that you can discover in Hawaii. With an open view of the Waikiki seashore and the Diamond Head, this bar is the perfect place for the people who prefer their groovy parties served with a side of serenity. The bar also boasts of one of the best DJ nights in Hawaii and if that is not enough then the bar is also famous for its tropical beverages that are perfect to quieten your nerves. With a view like that and the provisions like that, what else do you need but to the grove to the music? Open for fun throughout the week, Hau Tree Bar is one spot that will clear you of your feet.
  2. Rum Fire: Agree to it or not, one of the main reasons why we all love going to nightclubs is for dancing. Dancing is one activity that relieves us of both our physical and mental tensions and this nightclub offers one of the best dance floors in the whole of Hawaii. Located in Honolulu, Rum Fire is the only beachfront dance club in Honolulu and is genuinely superior to the 10 others. You can sing, dance, drink and make your evening the best one of your life. The food, the music, the ambiance- everything is top-notch at RumFire. In the event that you desire to appreciate the nightlife in Honolulu while having a mouth warming culinary experience of new island fish with exemplary mixed drinks and real Mai Tai of Hawaii, Rumfire is the spot for you. You should try the Sand Blaster and Royal Pain from their menu of tasty cuisines. For food, you can order their hit flame-broiled filet mignon and barbecued Mahi. The club additionally has day by day Happy Hour added because of the public allure. You can move around on the dance floors and can likewise locate a quiet table with your companions to appreciate an intermittent unrecorded music evening and everyday DJs facilitated by the club. This top-of-the-line club serving vintage rums and mixed drinks should not be forgotten for your dare to appreciate the nightlife in Honolulu. Rum Fire - Top place to enjoy nightlife in HawaiiImage Source
  3. Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand: A legend among the gay community area across the states, the Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand has invited a dynamic group for ages. This bar situated at the Waikiki Grand Hotel is the embodiment of Aloha for all. It organizes live shows in the forms of different melodic exhibitions and pool tables for the guests to appreciate an extraordinary encounter of freedom and chill while exploring Honolulu. The cordial and receptive vibe of the bar reverberates with the stunning sea from its premises, making it a center for both the guests and the local people. You can try native dishes and conventional Hawaiian mixed drinks while appreciating the immensely big video screen and the hippie theme of the bar. You cannot at any point regret tasting any of their carefully assembled mixed drinks. All the days of the week have their specials on the menu like Church Sunday and Titos’ Saturday. While you are hanging out alone or with a group at Hula’s, don’t forget to try their Blue moon pitcher from their wisely curated menu of beverages. Remember this notable gay bar for your schedule to encounter the otherworldliness of Aloha while in Honolulu.
  4. Moana Terrace: If you like your ambiance calm and serene accompanied by scenic views while eating your dinner, then Moana Terrace is the ideal place for you. This bar is the perfect place from where you can appreciate the amazing view of the Hawaiian city life and the Waikiki seashore while sipping your exotic cocktail and humming to the night’s amusement. Whose night would seem dull when the view becomes so scenic with soulful music playing in the background? Also, the food at this cafe cum bar is as tasty as it can get. You definitely should not miss out on this one when in Hawaii.
  5. Lewers Lounge: Are you an entertainment lover? Do you like live music performances and shows? Do you get mesmerized by bands playing soulful music? Then, Lewers Lounge is the place for you. Aside from the personal club-like parlor serving everything from mixed drinks to cocktails, starters to desserts, you can observe a great deal of exemplary amusement any time from Tuesday to Saturday. And not just that, the lounge frequently hosts various band nights, DJ nights, and live shows. Not to mention that the food and the uniquely styled drinks of this bar are the ones that are worth not missing.
  6. Sand Bar: Situated on Waikiki Beach, this fascinating bar has all that you might have imagined about in your Hawaiian dream. From serving Delicious pupu’s to playing heart delivering music, this is the bar that ought to be visited at least once when in Hawaii. And as if all this was not enough that the bar also boasts of one of the best ambiances in the whole area. Being the best of the bests, this bar is the one that you ought to visit at least once when you are on a grooving island of Hawaii.
  7. Rumors Night Club: Do you have a thing for sparkly nights filled with grooving music? Then, Rumors Night Club has got you covered. Reputed as Honolulu’s most shining dance club, Rumors Nightclub opens only during the weekends. Be that as it may, aside from this little minus point, Rumors is the perfect spot for a wild party animal owing to the amazing music and the exotic drinks that the Night Club has got to offer. You surely cannot miss out on this one when in Honolulu.
  8. Moose McGillycuddy’s: Are you an extrovert who loves socializing with people? Then, Moose McGillycuddy’s is the perfect spot for you. Reputed as one of the most well-known spots to hang out for both the local people and the guests, Moose McGillycuddy offers live Hawaiian Bands playing till late into the evening and even has Hawaii’s longest-running Bikini Contest held every Sunday. The food served at this bar is utterly delicious, the music played at this bar is hopelessly glorious and the drinks offered at this bar are amazingly luscious. Need we say more?
  9. Mai Tai Bar: Aren’t Happy Hours the best things invented since time memorial? Do we expect anything more from a lounge than an extended happy hour? Absolutely not! Mai Tai Bar has been recognized as the best Pau Hana spot that has earned a great number of awards for a seemingly endless amount of time, year after year for its Happy Hours. Weren’t the happy hours not enough that the bar hosts great island-style local music shows twice every day.
  10. Tapa Bar: Situated in the Tapa Tower, this is one bar that stays open from 5.30 AM in the morning till the end of the day. Serving from breakfast, to lunch, and to dinner alongside exotic cocktails, this spot gives you the perfect opportunity to groove to Hawaiian contemporary music, and style!

Are you in Hawaii and looking for a great nightclub to party at? Then, these are the best possible options to explore for you.

FAQs On Night Clubs in Hawaii

Q1. Do These Clubs Open All Night?

Ans: Yes, some of these clubs are open for partying all through the night while others stay open till 12 or 1 AM.

Q2. Are These Nightclubs Of Hawaii Too Expensive?

Ans: No, these nightclubs of Hawaii are not too expensive.

Q3. Is The Food Tasty At These Nightclubs in Hawaii?

Ans: Yes, the food here is mouth-watering. They don’t compromise with their quality.

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