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Waikiki - Safe and Sound Area of Honolulu

Visit Honolulu: What All Are The Risk-Free And Risky Locations In Honolulu for Tourists? (2024)

Visit Honolulu:

A petite city of Hawaii, situated on Oahu’s island, there are relative reasons you can think of Honolulu as a clear choice to have a family tour. Honolulu has got wide-ranging tourist spots that we can applaud for. It is also the capital city of Hawaii. Honolulu has got some of the beautiful places as a tonic for their new guests for confiscating all the stress from the psyche. In the whole city, you can discover a significant number of relaxing places, local street shops, dining spots, and abundant blocks around a particular locality. Honolulu also fetches stacks of historical places, attractive nightlife, ancient sculptures, and educational museums.

Where Can We Set The Best Location For Residing In Honolulu?

The most suitable location as a hideout for the tourists coming here the very first time is the hotel near the Waikiki beach of Honolulu in Hawaii. The Waikiki beach is so eye-catching, and here you can have the perfect leisure time with your family. Access to every small thing is possible in the Waikiki Beach of Honolulu in the United States as there are plenty of neighbouring stores and eateries a few steps away.

How Is The Crime Figure in Honolulu of Hawaii State?

In the dark, you need to be very alert while going out of your room to Honolulu’s streets. Honolulu has got statistics that manifest upgraded crime numbers in the past few years. It is highly suggested that you must not travel alone. Have the company of a guide or a friend wherever you go in the night.

What All Are The Risk-Free And Risky Locations In Honolulu for Tourists?

Safe and Sound Areas of Honolulu

1. Waikiki

It allows the hordes of travellers to sign in themselves in the hotels. Waikiki of Honolulu has also got a fair amount of hotels as compared to other regions. Once in a blue moon, there are possibilities of a theft cropping up in Waikiki, but brutal crimes are out. Thus, deciding Waikiki as the vital alternative to dwell will bring you a sort of shelter from threats.

2. Ala Moana Center

Ala Moana Center is actually the largest mall in Hawaii that is another location in the state with a small crime figure. The shopping center is accessible to the public every weekday between 9.30 am to 9 pm. On Sundays, the mall is likely to open at 10 am and closes at 7 pm. You can grasp the security tactic rather than visiting the Ala Moana Center in your own car, prefer public transport such as a bus. The major heartbreak that most of the tourists coming to Honolulu in Hawaii faces is their costly vehicles gone missing from the parking lots of the shopping mall. The public transports might not prove to be inexpensive, but it would somehow safeguard you from other tragic circumstances such as car accidents, car lifting, parking issues, etc.

3. Diamond Head

To conquer the best moments in the cool activities such as long walks and photo capturing do target Diamond Head as the dazzling destination in Honolulu. The severe crime, according to the statistical reports, is low in Diamond Head. It has a multi-tasking car parking system. Here your precious vehicle would be safe under the check of the sophisticated parking lot. Therefore, it would reduce the risk of the car getting stolen.

Places in Honolulu Which Should Not Be Mentioned In Your List

1. Chinatown

Chinatown of Honolulu is so fabulous for all the members of the family, but eventually, it turns out to be a hazardous location after sundown. Local sellers have also taken the initiative and contributed a lot to lessen the crime rate in Chinatown. With their support, Chinatown, at some height, has got some accomplishment in a couple of years. The illegal activities that were pretty usual in Chinatown streets have been controlled, but there are other sorts of crimes that are causing trouble to the vacationers and the locals. If you want to have a family outing in Chinatown, then beware of the fact that you must get out of there by the end of the day.

2. Waianae

If you are a sole visitor, it is a strong request to keep yourself away from Waianae. Honolulu’s site in the United States embraces some of the miraculous coastlines, but it is undoubtedly a territory to so many robbers, drug dealers, etc. The probability of vicious sin is relatively less, but minor crimes are still in existence. The locals are familiar with such situations, but the new guests have got no plan for the safety steps to take while travelling to Honolulu in Hawaii.

Must Watch Locations of Honolulu

1. Hanauma Bay

Natural processes were responsible for the formation of Hanauma Bay. The natural bay is so wonderful now as compared to the early years. In the past, this site was so contaminated and spoiled due to overutilization. Currently, Hanauma Bay is like a new one. It is also one of the critical areas where visitors make up their minds to spend some time. For the maintenance of the natural bay, the travellers count has come down. A video-based on ecological preservation is also displayed to the new guests of Hanauma Bay. It is for them so that they get the learning on nature care.

2. Bishop Museum and Planetarium

This is also titled as Hawaii’s state museum. It has got some of a unique anthology of Polynesian articles and paintings. It is also likely to exhibit the J. Watumull Planetarium, where the visitors can experience the night sky and divine bodies. A motion picture that covers the subject of dinosaurs and Polynesian civilization is also publicized in the Planetarium. Folks who are enthusiasts of science and scientific study can catch ecstasy in the thrilling Planetarium and Bishop Museum in Honolulu.

3. Lyon Arboretum and Manoa Falls

Lyon Arboretum is flourishing with almost 5000 sultry flora from Hawaii, including Polynesia as well. The sight seekers can access Manoa Falls with a long walk via Arboretum’s entry gate. The visitors of the Manoa Falls can have a bath without any restrictions. The waterfall has a massive length of about 150 feet from the ground. Both the destinations in Honolulu are worth watching in their way; ensure that you put these on your bucket list.

4. Honolulu Beer Works

No venture was titled as a success if the vacationers missed out on the beer factory’s bizarre taste known as Honolulu Beer Works. This beer house of Honolulu in Hawaii also serves diverse cuisine on its menu. Some of the unique flavoured drinks which you’ll be hitting over at the Honolulu Beer Works are The Golden One India Pale Lager for $3, Super Beast Quad Ale for $3. El Guapo Golden Ale is the seasonal brew which is served in pint for $7.50 and Taster for $2.50. Honolulu Beer Works is a high-rated place, and the majority of visitors opt for this as a classy leisure pub, especially when accompanied by their pals.

5. National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

The structure in Honolulu pulls a lot of history buffs and other site seekers throughout the year. National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific features the names and contributions of the soldiers who fought and sacrificed their lives while fighting the First World War. At the top of the National Memorial, you can clearly look at a lady stature similar to the iconic Statue of Liberty. Underneath the statue, words of the 1st black president Abraham Lincoln are mentioned.

6. Submarine Museum

The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum reflects the situations faced by the US seamen between 1942 and 1945 quarrels. The Submarine museum indicates the black days of the Korean War. You might be experiencing a walk all the way by the broad galleries, control studio, rest rooms. It has a dense compilation of the tools, arms used by the Marine officials in the war.

Summing up

Here we wrap up with this series of some of Honolulu’s unimaginable places in the United States. Do mention the site which you liked and want to go there on the holidays. But once you have scheduled your trip to Honolulu, verify that everyone in your gang or family is familiar with all the security guidance. In addition, pick out and book the cost-friendly staying option in Honolulu for a convenient journey.

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