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Punalu’u Beach - Best beach in Hawaii

10 Awesome Beaches In Hawaii (2024)

Hawaii is undoubtedly positioned as one of the top destinations for vacations on the planet for a wide range of explorers. With its perfect sandy sea shores, adventurous hikes, astounding lifestyle, flavorful native food, and the aloha spirit, this chain of islands on the Pacific is definitely present in everybody’s wish list. Hawaii is honored with handfuls, if not many sea shores, some of which are absolute gems.

Hawaii, popular for its seafood and adventure sports boasts of some stunning coastlines and it is hard to rank them since they all offer something other than what’s expected. They all share a few things in common: clear, turquoise waters, lovely sand, sensational scenes, and a play station for the radiant and magnificent sea animals. The following are only a couple of the most excellent and best beaches in Hawaii. Let us know about them in little detail:

10 Awesome Beaches In Hawaii

  1. North Shore, O’ahu: To kick start our top 10 best beaches in Hawaii, we definitely have to begin with the North Shore in Oahu, which is a 17-mile stretch of children friendly, cordial sea shore. It is only forty five minutes away from Waikiki via vehicle. Along with the acclaimed sea shores known for its extraordinary, enormous waves for surfers and surfing lovers, the North Shore also consists of the Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline, and Waimea which are equally marvellous. Not very far away from that point is Shark’s Cove, which is an extraordinary snorkeling spot to enjoy swimming with bright fishes and enormous turtles. For an adrenaline filled adventurous experience, you can head over to Laie point for cliff – bouncing or Haleiwa for shark cave diving. You can also get something to eat at Ted’s Bakery. Chocolate haupia pie is their specialty. Or you can dine at one of the garlic shrimp trucks and watch the nightfall at Sunset Beach.
  2. Malaekahana Beach and Goat Island: Situated in the North Shore of Oahu, Mālaekahana Beach and Goat Island earn their own spot in the list principally for the seclusion and serenity that they offer. Mālaekahana is tranquil and quiet with fantastically incredible waves ideal for bodysurfing and boogie boarding. This beach is incredible for every individual of the family irrespective of their age group. Make sure to bring your water shoes while visiting the beach to make it simpler to swim out to Goat Island, which is a bird sanctuary. Kayaking or rowing over on a surfboard are some of the incredible options available at this beach but make sure to brief yourself about the tide changes while performing such activities and don’t forget to watch out for turtles swimming by in the water.
  3. Punalu’u Beach: Punalu’u Beach is the most famous black sand sea shore of Hawaii and is really a remarkable site. The ebony sand comprises fragments of ground magma that gets blistering hot on a late spring day. What makes this seashore extraordinary is the presence of enormous, imperiled Hawksbill turtles basking in the sun on the black sand. Furthermore, adorned with columns of green coconut trees in the background, this beach is the ultimate spot for photography lovers of the world. Despite the fact that it is a very popular beach, swimming at Punalu’u might be somewhat precarious particularly for youngsters because of a periodic strong flow and its rough nature, it’s not imprudent. There’s also a spot called the Ninole Cove where swimming can be enjoyed gracefully. Punalu’u Beach - Best beach in HawaiiImage Source
  4. Kailua: Kailua in Hawaii boasts two of the best sea shores on the planet, Lanikai sea shore and Kailua Beach. These are located on the windward side of Oahu where probably the most striking seaside view leaves an enduring effect on the viewers. The waters of the beaches are clear, serene, and aqua blue. These two beaches are genuinely two ideal spots to appreciate tranquility and to decompress from the anxieties of the world. Take a kayak and an oar with you and paddle to the bigger island of the Mokulua Islands, which are bird sanctuaries. Between these two children friendly sea shores, Kailua is more popular than its neighbor, Lanikai in all likelihood as a result of its conveniences like concessions, lifeguards, sea shore showers, bathrooms, and outdoor tables.
  5. Tunnels Beach: Located on the northern shore of Kauai, Tunnels Beach is a time tested exemplary seashore on the delightful island of Kauai. This pleasant Hawaiian sea shore is a superb swimming and dive haven owing to its huge coral reef. Its moniker results from the submerged sinkholes shaped from magma tubes. The sand is brilliant and fine and with the lavish green mountains as scenery, it has all the things needed and more for a truly flawless sea shore. This beach is perfect for families with youngsters. Bring some native Hawaiian food and eat on one of the outdoor tables while admiring the sunset.
  6. Baldwin Beach Park: Baldwin Beach Park, Maui is unfathomably stunning and perhaps the most sought after sea shores in the North Shore in Hawaii. Exceptionally viewed as the best beach in Hawaii for body surfing and bodyboarding, this dazzling sea shore is equally amazing for swimming, a picturesque walk, or even a run. In spite of the fact that it is a famous sea shore in Hawaii, the beach provides for a serene and pristine experience. An ideal area for family get-togethers, Baldwin Beach offers a great deal of conveniences like outdoor tables, BBQ flame broils, concealed structures, sea shore showers, lifeguard stations, and a baseball field.
  7. Ho’okipa Beach, Maui: Although Ho’okipa Beach isn’t perceived as a swimming beach in Maui, this sea shore in Hawaii is popularly known for an activity loaded experience consisting of surfing, windsurfing, and kite-surfing. It’s a cool spot to spend time with your family and for watching the surfers overcome the waves. Also at night, an unparalleled view of the incomparable Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles that swim up to the shore to savor the dusk is an amazing sight for the visitors.
  8. Honaunau Bay: Honaunau Bay on the Big Island has been named as one of “America’s Best Beaches’ in 2004 by the Travel Channel. It is a staggering spot for snorkeling with its simple entrance, quiet waters, and brilliant perceivability. The reef is sound and bountiful with an unprecedented assortment of vivid fishes. This seashore is incredible for both the kids and the grown-ups, as well as for the amateurs and the experienced divers. You can head out to this sea shore for a dazzling encounter, as dolphins frequently swim and stay in the waters of this beach.
  9. Makena State Park, Maui: Makena State Park is probably the biggest sea shores in Maui consisting of two sea shores: Makena or Oneloa Beach, additionally alluded to as the “Large Beach” and Pu’u Ola’i Beach, otherwise called the “Little Beach.” These two Hawaiian sea shores are separated by the tip of the torpid volcanic ash cone, Pu’u Olai and are located just about a five-minute hike from one another. This beach spot has a beauty like none other, consisting of beautiful and scenic landscapes and precious aqua, blue water. This beach is an extraordinary spot for loved ones, families and friends to bond over skim boarding, bodyboarding, and body surfing.
  10. Kauna’oa Beach: The last of our top 10 best beaches of Hawaii is Kauna’oa Beach which is located on The Big Island; it is alternatively called the Mauna Kea Beach. It brags of one of the best white sand sea shores in Hawaii. Along with the facilities that it provides and the fun water exercises, for example, swimming and boogie boarding, and commonly quiet waters, this seashore is an ideal spot for vacation for families. During the evening time, manta beams come for their supper of planktons. You can get your swimming stuff and go snorkeling in the deep blue waters of this beach or just watch the scenic views that this beach offers from the perception deck found along the seaside close to the hotel’s café. This Hawaiian sea shore, however open to the public, is situated in the Mauna Kea Beach Resort, so you need to gain the sea shore access to explore its beauty.

FAQs on Beaches in Hawaii:

Q1. What Are Some Of The Key Points To Keep In Mind While Visiting The Beaches In Hawaii?

Ans: Some of the key points to keep in mind while visiting these beaches in Hawaii are:

  • Refrain from touching the turtles as it is illegal.
  • Don’t remove the sand from the beaches because it is illegal too.
  • Don’t throw your garbage on the beach as it is punishable.

Q2. What Are Some Of The Safety Precautions That One Must Take While Visiting The Beaches In Hawaii?

Ans: Some of the safety precautions to keep in mind while visiting these beaches are:

  • Always wear life jackets while performing any water related activity.
  • Don’t turn your back towards the sea as the rise and fall of the tides is unpredictable at most of the beaches which becomes a matter of concern for the visitors.
  • Stay away from sea creatures as much as possible for you never know which one can turn out to be dangerous.

Q3. What Are Some Of The Best Beaches In Hawaii That Can Be Visited With Family?

Ans: Ho’okipa Beach, Baldwin Beach and Tunnels Beach are some of the best beaches in Hawaii that can be visited with families and even young ones.

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