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Top 8 Hawaii Day Trips

Top 8 Hawaii Day Trips (2024)

Well, don’t you desire to spend a good day swimming at a sandy beach with sea turtles or going for a little walk amidst an enormous tropical rainforest, or go hiking over an active volcanic site? You would be lying if you said no because this is how an ideal vacation looks like and this is exactly what a day trip in Hawaii has got in turn for you.

Adorned with splendid wonders of nature like massive rainforests, active volcanoes, and colorful beaches, Hawaii is the most desired destination in everyone’s wish list and a Hawaiian day trip is the ultimate refreshing experience that one needs to experience at least once in their life. But with so many activities to choose from in Hawaii, how will one determine what are the best ones for them? Well, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. To help ease your troubles of researching for the perfect ones, we’ve created a list of top 5 day trips that you can take during the day to make your vacation in Hawaii a trip to remember.

Top 8 Hawaii Day Trips

A Trip to Waikiki Beach in Honolulu:

Are you a water baby? Do you love sandy beaches? If your answer is yes then the Waikiki Beach at Honolulu is the perfect spot for you. Honolulu may be a city, but on the other hand, it’s the ideal destination for a beach escapade, filled with a sandy view and all the other conveniences you might require to feel directly close to home. Numerous sightseers end up staying on the south shore of Waikiki Beach because of the abundance of beauty present there. In the event that you’re not set up for an inn there, you will find that your first-day trip should be to Waikiki Beach.

Waikiki is the first thing that the vast majority envisions when they think about a vacation to Hawaii. While the white sand balances distinctly with the flashing skyscrapers of Honolulu, the beach does full justice to its popularity and fame. This is the most renowned seashore in the state and it’s filled with bars, eateries, and open-air activities to keep you involved for quite a long time. On the off chance, if you just want to have a pristine experience at Waikiki, you can rent a private shack for basking in the sun. And if all these don’t seem sufficient to you; then you can also go drinking cocktails, swimming, surfing, or paddle boarding because the alternatives here are totally unending.

Day Hiking at Haleakala Crater:

Who doesn’t love a little adventure in their life? In fact, life becomes dull without it. So, to ignite that fire of adventure, this hike over the Haleakala Crater is the best choice for you. A visit to this colossal dormant spring of gushing lava that created most of Maui is breathtaking, no doubt. The best and the most ideal time slot to hike through this crater is at the advent of the dawn when the sun transcends the mists and paints the whole scene orange, and makes it quite possibly the most delightful dawn areas on the earth.

The hike is around 30-miles in length, embraced with Hawaiian flora and fauna, making the experience all the more fulfilling. Another dynamite feature of this trip happens when the sun sets during the evening, and the cloudless sky gets adorned with billions of stars for you to look at. Providing with so many amazing activities to undertake, this Hawaiian trip becomes a must-have when in Hawaii.

A Road Trip To Hana:

Quite possibly the most jaw-dropping and dazzling journeys available at any of the Hawaiian Islands is the ravishing road that runs from West towards the East on the northern shore of Maui, finishing at the languid town of Hana. The Road to Hana takes you on a stunning rollercoaster ride, through the dynamic rainforest and into the wildernesses, past the mesmerizing cascades, and to the stretches of the expressway where the tree line opens and offers unimaginable perspectives of the sea.

With various beautiful check stops on the way, it’s more amazing than you would have ever imagined. You can use your own vehicle or rent a car to take this soul-pleasing trip; however using your own vehicle is more ideal, as it provides you the opportunity to stop and explore the different wonders and even get out and unwind at your preferable ones. This is a must-do activity if you are in Hawaii. Why? Because you love road trips; we love road trips; everybody loves road trips unless there’s car sickness involved.

Exploring the Diamond Heart Crater at Honolulu:

Don’t they say that hiking is the soul food of adventure lovers? Well, if you are an adventure lover and desire this soul food more than anything else, then this is the perfect option for you.

The hike to the summit of the historic Diamond Head Crater is one of the best day trips conceivable from Honolulu. When you land on Oahu, and when you start your excursion towards the diamond-shaped crater through the roads of Honolulu or along the seashore at Waikiki, you’ll notice the transcending presence of Diamond Head Crater. The actual crater is a colossal volcanic cone that rules the horizon. The hike to the top takes you along the absolute best picturesque view overseeing the shoreline and Honolulu. Although this is not a very difficult hike yet there is one thing that you should keep in your mind i.e. don’t forget to begin your trip as early as possible because a large part of the path is steep and the climate here is consistently blistering. Although numerous parts of the trek have been cemented with steps, the climb is as yet demanding. So, the earlier you start, the fewer individuals there are and the cooler it will be.

Go Exploring The East Coast Of Oahu:

Have you got a thing for serenity and peace-providing landscapes? Then, Oahu is the ideal spot for you. It is an island that simply continues giving and giving when it comes to amazing landscapes and coastlines. The East Coast of Oahu is no exemption and for this reason alone, you will find that the travel organizations give a committed East Coast tour of Oahu to take you on an entire day’s exploration from Honolulu. This is the ‘windward’ side of the island and it truly is a wild and desolate spot.The East Coast Of Oahu

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Less explored than the west and north shores, the eastern coast is home to the most amazingly beautiful and tropical views of Oahu. Although, there are comparatively fewer retreats and lodgings here, however that is okay since it implies that the coast is significantly more relaxed and calm, particularly in contrast with places like Waikiki.

Exploring The Secluded Island Of Molokai:

If seclusion and serenity speak to you more than the hustle-bustle of the city life and if you like to enjoy a more peaceful vacation, then Molokai is the perfect destination for you.

Popularly known as the “Friendly Isle”, Molokai is the fifth largest Hawaiian Island. With a small populace of around 7000 people, the magnificently lethargic speed of life in Molokai is an appealing attribute in a day trip, especially for the individuals who are searching for some harmony and peace. There are also a staggering number of intriguing destinations available for the courageous voyagers looking for some exploration into the island’s past. For instance, you can head over to Kamalo, where, on account of the great concentration of local Hawaiians, you can discover ancient taro patches and other horticultural wonders. It is said that hula was also brought into the world here, and this antiquated dance can be seen at the island’s Ka Hula Piko occasion, where you can also encounter a plenitude of heavenly and authentic food.

Go Exploring the Valley of the Temples:

Apart from the beaches and the volcanoes, Hawaii also has a place that is nearly equal to heaven for the lovers and followers of God. Found on the eastern side of Oahu, The Valley of the Temples is a green and verdant zone of the island, outlined by mountains and woods. It’s an unordinary attraction, in that all throughout the ensured park, various sanctuaries, places of worship, and houses of temples have been built over the years. If you happen to visit the valley, then you can discover a great number of Christian churches close to Buddhist sanctuaries, making for an illuminating encounter.

‘Iao Valley State Monument

Are you searching for complete seclusion from the hustle-bustle of the town? Do you want to explore some extraordinary topographical wonders of the state? If your answer is yes then, you can head up to ‘Iao Valley State Monument, where you’ll get the opportunity to explore more than 4000 sections of land of rainforest-covered mountains capes. The highlight of the recreation center is the ‘Iao Needle, a staggering volcanic tower that transcends the widely varied vegetation around it, estimated at around 1200 feet.


Q1. Are These Places Easily Reachable?

Ans: Owing to their high popularity, all these places are easily reachable.

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Ans: Yes, rentals are easily available to visit them.

Q3. Are these places chargeable?

Ans: Most of these places are non-chargeable.

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