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Top 8 Adventure Activities In Hawaii

Top 8 Adventure Activities In Hawaii (2024)

The tropical island of Hawaii is the ultimate destination in everyone’s bucket list. What for? Is it just for the sandy beaches and local Hawaiian sea food that Hawaii has got to offer? Absolutely not! Apart from all these mesmerizing landscapes and delicious food, Hawaii has got the exact fuel for the fire of adventure burning within all of us. Apart from being beautiful, Hawaii also offers some adrenaline pumping activities to fire up your soul. Regardless of whether you’re going to Hawaii for visiting delicate, sandy seashores or for Hawaiian adventures, the islands have got you covered with regards to fulfilling all your tropical dreams. There are a ton of absolutely amazing adventure activities that you can do on the Island of Kauai, Maui, Oahu, Molokai, and Lanai. And in case if you’re searching for a rundown of activities in Hawaii, this is it!

Top 8 Adventure Activities In Hawaii

Detailed below are the top 8 adventurous activities in Hawaii which are sure to quench your thirst of adventure:

Dive with Manta Rays

In case you’re thinking about what to do in Hawaii, look no further than this action on the Big Island: Snorkel or scuba plunge with manta rays around evening time. It is one of the best activities to do in Hawaii. To the north of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island lies a cove where manta rays come daily to feed. With a wingspan up to 18 feet/5.5 meters, manta rays are the biggest of its clan. The manta rays have enormous rectangular mouths, canvassed with grills to filter its food which they open to its maximum extent to scoop as much food as possible. They dive straightforwardly all over the ocean, flipping around and about. They fly, somersault, and turn through the water in a dazzling dance. Seeing these tremendous, practically outsider like creatures so close to oneself is perhaps the most unimaginable encounter you will have at any point of your life. There are several dive/swim administrators in Kona which help you perform this activity with much safety. However, there are a couple of trips which are set up only for expert swimmers. Since the manta rays stay in the territory throughout the entire year, trips run all around the day. However, the sea swells are somewhat greater in the months of January and February which leads to some complications and cancellation of the trips. Hence, it is advised to experience this adventure in any month of the year except January and February. It is as mesmerizing as it can get and leaves an everlasting effect on the performer. No adventure can beat this activity in Hawaii!

Cage Dive With Sharks

In case you’re hoping to test the rigidity and strength of a steel confine versus the excited smile of a shark, you can do so at the North Shore Shark Adventures which take place off the bank of Oahu’s picturesque North Shore. With one final opportunity to relax yourself, you’ll first take a three-mile boat ride into the dark blue waters where you’ll warm up with the marine life first by spotting green ocean turtles, dolphins and humpback whales. When your skipper picks an ideal spot, your adrenaline and your hunger will reach their maximum peaks as the team tosses bloody fish guts into the water and asks you to jump in wherever they locate fish. Gambling your life and limbs, you’ll go through a 20 minutes life threatening experience as you would be submerged in the waters locked in a steel confine playing chicken with tremendous tiger sharks — you may also spot hammerheads, reef and Galápagos sharks that can reach up to 15 feet long! Make sure to take some medicines for nausea and sea-sickness along because if these ocean monsters don’t make your stomach turn, the waves assuredly will.

Rappelling Down a 100-Foot Jungle Wall With A Waterfall In The Background

A few adventurers come to the island of Maui just to hang — for real. For about $200, you can hire somebody to help you hang off of a 100-foot wilderness cliff with just a rope tied to your bathing suit area to hold you back from dropping down to your demise. Sound excessively fine to you? Alright, how about we add a plunging 50-foot cascade to your next fall. You have to take a trip halfway down the road to Hana (which is not less than an adventure in itself) in a little group of close to eight individuals, on a six-hour rappelling-experience from Rappel Maui. Don’t forget to bring your board shorts since you’ll be expected to hike through the forest and swim across immaculate lakes to get to your drop spot. Furthermore, when you’re completely done with the alarming stuff, you can hike to the highest point of a ridge with extraordinary views to enjoy an outing lunch.

Experience the Longest Zipline of Hawaii

Situated in the mountains of West Maui, the Flyin Hawaiian Zipline is the longest, quickest and the most elevated zipline on the island and one of the best on the planet with more than 2.5 miles of line to allow you to take in the scenic views — that is, when you’re not screaming with your eyes shut. After a 4×4 excursion, deep into the Waikapu Valley, you’ll be provided with your gear, and would be made to take off through the air, down a progression of eight ziplines, including an extreme 3,600-foot behemoth. Chill out and let your pulse rest during the adventure while your guide shows you some native plants coming along the way and briefs you up with some Hawaiian history.Top 8 Adventure Activities In HawaiiImage Source

Hiking On The World’s Most Active Volcano

A little lighter on the adrenaline (yet additionally heavier on the wallet) is a hike across an active spring of gushing lava in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Indeed, you can book a private tour of volcano hiking for about $90 per individual, or you can head to the recreation park yourself and request one of the many qualified rangers for their recommendation on what to see, where to climb and what time is ideal to see the gurgling red as it leaves the earth and turns from magma into lava. The park is enormous with many must-see spots like Halema’uma’u Crater, the Thurston Lava Tube and the Puʻu ʻōʻō Vent. Undoubtedly, it takes around a whole day to explore the park completely and do it complete justice.

Sightseeing of Kauai from a vintage plane

Move out of the dark air, in the back seat of a modern YMF-5 Super Waco, an upgrade of the profoundly touted aerobatic airplane Waco, made back in the mid 1930s, and let Air Ventures Hawaii take you on a 60-70 minute brief ride of the island. You’ll see Hawaii’s biggest coffee ranch (Kauai Coffee) and will advance past grand Waimea Canyon to Hanakapiai Valley on the northern side of the island. Keep in mind that it may look like an old plane, however the YMF-5 was intended to soar high, so on the off chance, if you have the nerve, request that your pilot show you what he can truly do.

3-in-1 Kayaking, Dune Buggy and Swimming Adventure

You can book an action pressed “Kayak and Buggy” visit with Aloha Buggies for the opportunity to drift along a few of the North Shore’s most famous beaches in an open dune buggy until you exchange your wheels for an oar — you’ll at that point kayak out to Goat Island, home to a gooney bird sanctuary. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel gear along as you will go through an hour-long exploration of the reefs off the island prior to kayaking back for some world-popular shave ice at Matsumoto’s.

Swimming with Turtles at the Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii. It is filled with many water activities to perform and enjoy. Swimming with the ocean turtles in clear aqua blue waters of this beach is a mesmerizing activity that not only pleases the water baby in you but also gives immense feeling of euphoria and happiness. Apart from that, there is also a jungle overlooking the beach and a trek along it makes this activity all the more adventurous and exciting.

There are a hell lot of adventure filled activities to do in Hawaii and these were only to name a few. And if you are an adventure junkie and a thrill lover, then you must try some of these while visiting Hawaii.

FAQs on Adventure Activities in Hawaii:

Q1. What Are Some Of The Outdoor Activities To Do In Hawaii Apart From These?

Ans: Road trip to Hana, Hike along the various national parks of Hawaii and Snorkeling at the beautiful beaches of Hawaii are some of the outdoor activities that one can do when in Hawaii.

Q2. Are The Various Adventure Filled Activities At Hawaii Chargeable?

Ans: Yes, most of these activities are chargeable but there are a few which you can enjoy without spending a single penny.

Q3. Are Safety Precautions Taken Into Account While Performing These Activities?

Ans: Yes, required safety precautions are carried out by the responsible authorities during these activities.

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