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Fascinating Islands in Hawaii

5 Fascinating Islands in Hawaii (2024)

From cerulean waters to verdant vegetation to sandy sea shores, Hawaii is home to an abundance of natural excellence. Despite the fact that one can assume that the six principle Hawaiian Islands would provide for a similar experience, they are more assorted than you can envision. An excursion in Hawaii pushes each one of your senses to their extreme limits, evidently with your eyes doing the majority of the hard lifting.

From Hollywood settings to wedding trip locations to the ideal honeymoon destination, the Hawaiian Islands have for some time been synonymous with romance, unblemished coastlines, and rugged beauty. Five out of the significant eight Hawaiian islands in the archipelago, which are spread across an area of about 1,500 miles, are unerringly regarded as pure heaven. But, with half a dozen Hawaiian Islands to pick from, each with their own particular personality, how would you pick the ones that appeal the most to you? Well, we’ve got you covered!

5 Fascinating Islands in Hawaii

Here’s a list of top five Islands of Hawaii that will make your travel experience the best one that you might have had so far:


Produced by the rendezvous of two totally distinct volcanoes, the island of Maui flaunts of assorted natural biological ecosystems and manmade attractions in a moderately short landmass. The second-biggest of the Hawaiian islands, Maui is a personal favorite of both the natives and the visitors as it has a tad bit of everything: brilliant sea shores, tumbling cascades, laid-back nightlife, lushful greens, and a lot of open air experience, from climbing and trekking to swimming and surfing. You can also experience a great variety of these attractions along the tough Road to Hana, which is considered the loveliest drive on the entire Earth. On this epic road excursion which is a 44-mile long venture with a total of 54 one-lane bridges and nearly as many cascades, this road trip offers the perfect opportunity to hike and explore the beaches en route. On the off chance, if all you want to do is just relax and enjoy the serenity during your excursion then Maui is the perfect spot for you as you can do the same in famous retreat regions like Kaanapali and Wailea. On the contrary, more dynamic explorers also have the option of unlimited activities in Maui. You can head to Haleakala National Park to watch the dawn from the summit of a volcano full of liquid magma and afterwards take a thrilling 26-mile bicycle ride down to the base. You can also go swimming among the ocean turtles and the lava arches off the little island of Molokini. Moving humpback whales are a sight to the eyes if you visit the Island during the season of winter. You can also visit Maui’s numerous plantations and estates to taste and explore the local specialties like espresso, dragon fruit and chocolates.Fascinating Islands in Hawaii

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Kauai is adorned with so much natural beauty, that even a little excursion to the nearby store is a picturesque drive. It is the oldest of the eight main Hawaiian Islands. Home to probably the wettest spots on earth and to the most “hippies” you’ll find in the state, Kauai is one spot that you can’t miss while visiting Hawaii. Given this geographical location, Mother Nature has had centuries to erode Kauai’s volcanic peaks and cut its rich inside to absolute masterpieces of art. Kauai is the perfect spot to explore the outdoors and to get as close as to experiencing that feeling of visiting “heaven” . The exact equivalent can be said for Hollywood as well, which often utilizes Kauai as the background in blockbuster Hollywood films. Unmistakably, Kauai’s main attractions revolve around its impervious Na Pali coastline. It is here that you can climb the Kalalau Trail with the blues of the Pacific underneath your feet, or head to Koke’e State Park for a shockingly marvellous point from the Awa’awapuhi Trail. Other not to be missed activities at Kauai incorporate a visit to the Waimea Canyon – `the Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, and snorkeling at the Tunnels Beach – the chief swimming spot on the island amidst a glorious tropical setting.

The Big Island

Bigger than all of the Hawaiian Islands combined together, this island of Hawaii is called “The Big Island” for a reason. It is undoubtedly the most assorted region in the entire archipelago, an island where you can literally ski, stall out in a heavy downpour, and work on your tan at the seashore – all in the same day. The Big Island has something for everybody and it’s generally experienced in a calm and unpretentious way. At the point, when you hit the streets and explore the island’s four corners, you understand that a “split character” is the best modifier to depict this spot. The bright Kona Coast on the west side is the place where you’ll locate the Big Island’s best seashores and resorts, the Hilo Coast on the east is tropical and wet, the most bona fide cut of the island and its thumping heart. Towards the north side, the island is all about the valleys, a progression of them cutting through the inside and welcoming you to explore, while the distant south is infertile and conceals the island’s hidden gem.

One can’t visit the Big Island without making the excursion to the Kilauea Volcano – the world’s most active volcano at present. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park located on this island has a universe of its own, with climbing trails, seeing regions, magma cylinders and a lot more. However, to really go nearer to the Fire Goddess – Pele – you have to hike or cycle to the magma seeing zone in Kalapana from outside the public park. It is there that your shoes will liquefy and your eyes will shine as you enter the “doors of damnation” and witness the force of creation at work, progressively!


Oahu is the primary global gateway to the Hawaiian Islands and frequently ignored by the visitors on the way in search of a bit more “rugged” diamonds of the island chain of Hawaii. Home to Honolulu – the state’s capital and the only legitimate city – Oahu is far more than just a “concrete jungle” of elevated structures on Waikiki Beach. With volcanic craters speaking the coastline, breathtaking sea shores, and the beautiful eroded pinnacles of the Pali Coast – Oahu may perhaps be the most lovely island in Hawaii if it weren’t for its detonating population, which represents generally 70% of the state’s aggregate.

The principal Hawaiian island of Oahu offers its guests an option to stay either at the stylish and busy Honolulu – with all the facilities of a proper American city, including the terrible traffic and crowded regions – or to avoid town and experience the island’s “nation enchant”. Although Oahu is renowned for its surf beaches and city life, yet the ultimate fun experience rotates around hiking through the jungle accompanied with a serene beach time experience along with a road trip towards the south and windward (east) coasts. A hike to the highest point of the Diamond Head Crater is not worth missing– where you’ll be blessed to receive all encompassing scenic views of the Waikiki Beach and the south coast, and swimming at Hanauma Bay – an enchanted cove that is wrapped by transcending cliffs, favored with an uncommon coral reef that is rare in Hawaii.


Molokai is pretty much the lungs of Hawaii. It is as real as Hawaii can get and drives home the message that you’re visiting quite possibly the most remote island chains on the planet. Life around here is wonderfully stuck during the 90’s, but at its best, which only increases Molokai’s appeal and not degrades it. “Slow down, this is Molokai!” is the unofficial saying of the island and if you adhere to it then you’ll find a Hawaiian fortune that is off the beaten road. Molokai is inadequately populated and of its small populace, more than half have local Hawaiian legacy. This implies that you don’t need to go to touristy luau shows to really meet genuine Hawaiians here.

Molokai is all about slowing down as compared to the high pace of today’s life and balancing the deed of doing nothing on a deserted serene sea shore with hiking to staggeringly beautiful spots.

Molokai’s most exotic experience is the visit to the distant Kalaupapa Peninsula. From 1866 to 1969, the Kalaupapa Peninsula was an isolated zone for casualties of infection who were forced to move here but long after that, it was made open for the public to visit. Nowadays, access is limited and a unique grant is needed for hiking here or for riding a donkey down to the public park.

These were the top five islands that one should not miss to visit when in Hawaii.

FAQs for Tourists Planning to Visit Hawaii:

Q1. Which Is Considered The Best Island In Hawaii For Couples?

Ans: Kauai, with its more lovely weather and romantic locations as compared to Oahu and Maui, is considered an ideal spot for a couples escape.

Q2. What Are Some Of The Major Attractions At Kauai, Hawaii?

Ans: The principal attractions here are Koke’e State Park and Waimea Canyon, also called “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” But you should pack boots and a downpour coat because Kauai is probably the rainiest island.

Q3. Which Island Is Best To Visit In Hawaii?

Ans: All of the main eight islands of Hawaii are amazing in their own ways for exploration but Maui is considered the best according to people’s votes.

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