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Mt. Pinos - Top-Rated Winter Destination in Los Angeles

7 Top-Rated Winter Destinations in Los Angeles (2024)

The English holidays during the end of the year calls for planning the finest vacations. And especially if you have Southern California on your travel list, it is the right time to head here. Even though Los Angeles and Southern California are best known for its beautiful Sun, hot weather, and long-stretched coastlines, but if you haven’t explored the lakes, valleys, mountains and deserts here during winters, then you are surely missing some magnificence to add into your travel list.

The city of Los Angeles and its surrounding mountains and valleys are the locations where you must head towards in winters. Though the calming weather and cool breeze make it ideal to relax at beaches, it’s in some of the choicest locations where you can find a mix of all flavours; fun, adventure, excitement, solace, and tranquillity.

7 Top-Rated Winter Destinations in Los Angeles

If your winters are planned here in the City of Angeles, then head towards our finest picks this time. Have a look at the Top-rated winter destinations in Los Angeles:

1. Santa’s North Pole Village at Wisdome

One of the newest winter locations in Los Angeles, the Santa’s North Pole Village at Wisdome, is the city’s first-ever immersive holiday art district. It is a 35,000 sq. ft. art and entertainment park, which seems like a magical world of the North Pole where you can bring your child out and enjoy your best Christmas experience. This largest holiday installation in Los Angeles offers a fun-filled sensory journey showcasing geodesic domes, Christmas themed English home buildings, glittery star-filled festive decoration with huge rain dear mimics and Santa filling your way with fun, gifts, and excitement. With an entry ticket of $25, you can view the Santa’s Holiday Village (a village of life-size elves’ homes), a 360-degree Snowflake Adventure Ride, Emma’s Bubble Room (an icy, wintery wonderland), immersive 4D snow and light show, most unique and largest collections of nutcrackers in LA, and can decorate your own Christmas cookies to take bake home. It is one of the finest Christmas destinations in Los Angeles, where one must take kids along as well.

2. Mt. Pinos

Located in the Los Padres National Forest, about an hour or two drive from Los Angeles, lies the beautiful Mt. Pinos. It has an 8,847 feet summit and is known for its harsh snowy weather and snow play season. Amongst entire Southern California, Mt. Pinos receives the maximum snow of several feet, which would last even till the first week of May and June, specifically near the northern slopes. Considering the snow condition and beauty of Mt. Pinos, it is classified as one of the best winter destinations in Los Angeles and Southern California. The conditions here are ideal for snowshoeing, skiing, or just enjoying the thick and fresh layer of snow falling throughout the winters. Mt. Pinos - Top-Rated Winter Destination in Los Angeles

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When not with snow, the area is filled with a beautiful meadow full of pine trees, flowers, and a variety of fauna around. However, Mt. Pinos is ideal only for travellers who have prior experience with snow as accessing here can get slightly difficult for novices.

3. Beverly Hills BOLD Holidays

The months of November and December brings life to holiday cheer, special festivals & events, glittery lights, and Christmas vibes at the Beverly Hills BOLD Holidays. It is where you can celebrate your heart out and experience the local life of the city. The celebration, though, happens all throughout the season at various locals of Rodeo Drive, including 200, 300, 400 blocks and few other locations nearby. During weekends, throughout the month of December, you can see Santa Claus coming to PaleyLand (located at the Paley Centre for Media Arts) and interacting with the guests. The weekend days here are specially lit with local shopping stores by residents of Beverly hill from where you can shop and takes memories back home. When here, make sure you ride the Jolly trolley around with Mrs Santa, be a part of festivals and events at the Doheny Estate and Greystone Mansion and listen to the carolers all way around.

4. The Snow Valley Mountain Resort

A drive of an hour and a half from the city of Los Angeles takes you to the beautiful Snow Valley Mountain Resort. It is a ski-resort located in Running Springs and is the oldest continually operating one in Southern California. For the pond located in the area, locals also call it Fish camp. This Ski resort is operational since 1930 and offers snow adventuring opportunities, including tobogganing and skiing. The resort also features 12 overhead cable ski lifts, including surface lifts/moving carpets, high-speed chair and other common types. The slopes here are long gradual downhill, and it is where you can get the most natural snow in Southern California. If you are looking for a less crowded, less explored and less destroyed skiing location in the city, it is one where you must head towards. Even weekends at Snow valley happens to be welcoming fewer guest; thus, one does not need to worry about a huge crowd and less fun. The snow conditions and mountain slopes are ideal for both beginners and intermediates.

5. Descanso Gardens

Descanso Gardens in Los Angeles, though, is an annual tourism location, but winters here hold some unique charm. The Descanso Gardens have 150 acres spread with mainly forested area with some artificial ponds, streams, lawns, and several fruitful trees loaded with oranges, pomegranate, grapes, passion fruits, pear, peach and several other varieties. Out of whatever you can explore, here includes a beautiful rose garden, oak forest, Japanese garden, Camellia Forest, and the Lilac Garden. You can also get close to some animals and birds here, including deer, great blue herons, mallard duck, great horned owls, wood duck, and bobcats. However, what makes it a popular winter destination in Los Angeles is the Enchanted: Forest of Light, a holiday fantasy lights creation that is one unique kind of Christmas light show. It is one out of the world light show which is spread over a mile and is so fantastic that it feels surreal. The lights here are interactive in a unique way, and to capture this magnificent human-made wonder, people come around from the entire Los Angeles.

6. Palm Springs

A two hours’ drive away from the city of Los Angeles, Palm Springs is where you can head towards for an enchanting winter holiday. The temperature here goes not more than the 70s, even when winters are at their peak, making it an ideal destination to escape the cities heat. The winter weather at Palm spring makes it ideal for exploring the outdoors, spending some camping days at the Joshua Tree, exploring the fun of horseback riding, hiking, and fishing at several parks. The city is also famous for art walks and open-air markets where one can find everything from pottery, handicrafts, local items, authentic Californian snacks, and souvenirs to take back home. When most Californian cities are boiling with heat and scorching sun, the winter chill of Palm Springs offers a special twist that is definitely worth it to plan a holiday.

7. Los Angeles Beaches

If you are looking for less crowded and peaceful beaches to explore in Los Angeles, it is the winter season when you must visit the city. Some of the best American beaches are in Los Angeles, all large and small, with the finest views, beach adventure opportunities, and cleanliness all around. Though hot and humid months attract a maximum crowd in the city, winter months let you explore with more peace and free space around. From wide open beaches to intimate cove beaches, head towards Santa Monica, Topanga Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and the Pelican Cove Beach for the best beach winter experience in Los Angeles.

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