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Visit the Evergreen Cemetery - Unique Things To Do In Los Angeles

5 Unique Things To Do In Los Angeles (2024)

Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the World has something stored for everyone. From Hollywood’s charm, the Walk of fame, the Griffith Observatory to the extensive beaches, the types of tourism opportunities are endless in Los Angeles. However, there are more fun and exciting places in LA, which might not sound like tourism-centric, but being there is equally amusing and pleasureful. Los Angeles is one of the most amazing United States‘ city, and everything you explore or do here becomes unforgettable.

5 Unique Things To Do In Los Angeles

Travellers who are done with the basics of Los Angeles and are now looking for some cool and unique things should not get disappointed. The first-timers, though, follow the usual pathway and explore all the typical LA attractions, but if you are a second-timer or have been here in the city multiple time, you can consider this list of “5 Unique things to do in Los Angeles”. Have a look:

1. Visit the Evergreen Cemetery

The oldest cemetery in Los Angeles that belongs to the 18th century, the Evergreen Cemetery, is famous for quite a lot of reasons. Evergreen Cemetery is also known as one of the largest graveyards in the World, with over 300,000 interments buried on its ground. The cemetery is located in Boyle Heights and is known for the home bed of various famous celebrities, politicians, Los Angeles earliest residentials and world-renowned personalities. It is also home to burial sites of Japanese Americans fighters from World War II. Evergreen Cemetery is also counted amongst one of those very few places in America where African-Americans, Japanese, Mexicans and immigrants have never been banned. Due to ignorance in maintenance and poor upkeeping, the cemetery lost its charm and was also speculated for some paranormal activities. However, cemetery enthusiasts who visit Los Angeles are always thrilled to visit here. Visit the Evergreen Cemetery - Unique Things To Do In Los Angeles

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Further, if your interest to explore the dead is still alive, you can also pay a visit to Hollywood forever cemetery, a burial site of famous Hollywood icons.

2. Dine at the 626 Night Market Festival

A 22 minutes road drive through the I-10 E and Baldwin Ave from Los Angeles takes you towards the 626 Night Market Festival, which is organized near the San Gabriel Valley. It is an Asian inspired night market and the largest of its kind in the United States, where one can have endless fun in the most exciting ways. The 626 Night Market Festival is organized 10 times throughout the year between the month of May to September, attracting up to 1 lakh or more attendees every time. The Festival is quite famous amongst locals and a little less known amongst visitors and travellers. However, if you are lucky enough and your timing matches the organization of the Festival makes sure you pay a visit of at least an hour or two here. You can try some of the craziest food items, unique cuisine combinations and finest tastes at the 626 Night Market Festival.

Dinning here is surely one of the bests experiences but do not miss the chance to shop here from local vendors and spend some time at the market’s art and music attractions.

3. Go through Los Angeles’s Storybook Houses

Every time while reading a Fairy tale during childhood, everyone would have once dreamt of visiting such places in their lifetime. It is at the Storybook Houses where you can fulfill your dream and live your childhood fantasies. These playful residents are influenced by storybook architecture and are situated around the Beverly hills, only half an hour from the city of Los Angeles. The buildings are also known as Fairy tale house or Witches houses and seem so wonderful that if the World from books came out in the real World. The homes have crooked windows, pitched roof, mini doors and are further completed with shingled turrets, miniature gardens, manicured pathways, and colourful flowers around.

The storybook houses in Los Angeles are known to be in existence from the early 19th century, and you can find quite a few of them at various location of the city.

4. Go through the Secret Stairs Walk

Back in the past, the city of Angeles was served with several Stair walks that are now a talk of the past. Today the roads of LA are overtime filled with automobile traffic, but this secret stair walks provide one quick view of the city’s past. These amazing hidden Stair walks are lined from Santa Monica to the Silver Lake and provide a steeping view of the authentic local pathways of Los Angeles. It is believed that the city of Los Angeles once had one of the most expensive public transportation in the whole World when most of the city was covered via trolley cars. These stair walks than for one fine way for the residents of hilly neighbourhoods to easily get to these trolley cars.

Travellers who want to ditch the usual automobile routes and want to experience the city more closely often choose to get through the secret Stair walks. It surely is one of the unique things to do in Los Angeles.

5. Witness Brennan’s turtle race

There are quite a few unique things to do in Los Angeles, and witness the Brennan’s turtle race is one main amongst the extensive list. The turtle race is organized at Brennan in Marina Del Rey which is only a 30 minutes’ drive from the city of Angeles. The race gets organized every Thursday after 10 at night and is undoubtedly one of the unique experiences to explore in Los Angeles. The organizers of this exciting turtle race are Brennan’s Bar and Pub’s owners, who are managing this event for the last 40 years now. The race begins at late 10 pm and surely not a family-friendly event, due to the time and location, but in case you are visiting with a group of friends, this is one experience you can surely travel for. The exact location is 4089 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, and it is advisable to visit a little early on Thursdays to avoid the crowd and get your space on the parking lot.

Visitors are even allowed to rent a turtle and place it at the centre when the race beings, for a mere fee of $5. Further, if your chosen turtle wins, you will also be rewarded with some funky price.

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