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River View Golf Course

Attractions and Places To See in the Santa Ana (2024)

Santa Ana’s award-winning restaurant scene has something for every taste bud, craving, and palate: from the best tacos in Orange County to vegan spots and fresh sushi.

Children will be enthralled by all the activities and interesting landmarks in the area, including museums, parks, the Zoo, and Discovery Science Center.

San Diego is about 80 miles from Santa Ana, about a 30-minute drive from Newport Beach. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the best attractions, activities, parks, and more to help you plan your trip to the area, whether you’re taking apartments for rent in Santa Ana or permanently living there.

There are numerous things to do in Santa Ana, California, regardless of whether you are here with family, traveling alone for business or pleasure, or on vacation with friends. There are plenty of activities in Santa Ana, California, without going broke.

Below are a few of the best things to do in Santa Ana and the surrounding areas.

  1. Santa Ana Zoo

Families and children of all ages will love the Santa Ana Zoo with exhibits like a butterfly encounter, a jaguar exploration outpost, and Amazon’s Edge.

With the Zoo Express Train, your kids can enjoy a six-minute zoo tour aboard six train cars or ride the Ferris Wheel and the Conservation Carousel. Visit Crean Family Farm in Orange County to learn how turkeys, pigs, and donkeys live on an Orange County farm.

Experience a variety of exotic birds at the Amazon Aviary, which has free range in its enclosure. The Santa Ana Zoo is home to various South American birds, such as the white-bellied caique, scarlet ibis, emerald toucanet, blue-crowned motmot, and many others.

With four interactive stations and games, the Rainforest Adventure Maze is an excellent way for adventure seekers to explore the zoo’s rainforest.

Enjoy a snack or lunch at one of the many Santa Ana Zoo eateries at the Safari Playground to end your visit.

The Santa Ana Zoo is open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and is the perfect place for families to spend a day together, exercise, and enjoy the great outdoors in Orange County. Undoubtedly, this is one of the top attractions in Santa Ana that should be on your list of things to do.

  1. Visit Bowers Museum

Land developer Charles Bowers donated land to Santa Ana before he passed away in Orange County. A building was erected on the land after his wife’s death in 1931, and in 1936 the Charles W. Bowers Memorial Museum was opened. Throughout the decades, the museum has undergone various refurbishments and has grown tenfold in size. Over 100,000 items are on display at the museum to give you a good idea of the cultures around the world.

  1. River View Golf Course

Have you ever played golf on a gorgeous sunny day in Southern California? A round of golf at River View Golf Course is the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!

With over 6,000 yards of golf playing from the longest tees on the 18-hole golf course, the course has a par of 70 from the longest tees. Take part in a solid round of golf on one of the most scenic golf courses in Orange County and enjoy the challenge of a great game.

The facility offers elevated tees and greens and a night-lit driving range with target greens and pins at a distance of 10 to 300 yards along with elevated tees and greens. Didn’t you bring your clubs on vacation with you? Nothing to worry about. Rental options are great at the clubhouse.

Take a golf cart out on the greens with your friends and enjoy some beverages. A visit to Orange County is incomplete without a round of golf if you are a sports fan.

  1. Explore Lyon Air Museum’s World War II exhibits

Santa Ana’s Lyon Air Museum specializes in World War II items. It’s located in the John Wayne Airport and has many interesting items. In addition to motorcycles, military vehicles, cars, and planes, many other types of vehicles are available. The museum has several famous planes, including a Cessna O-1E Dog and a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. This museum is a great day trip for families, and the information next to each exhibit makes it both interesting and educational.

  1. Outpost Fest

There is no better place to experience music, art, and culture than in Downtown Santa Ana for one day only. This festival aims to be a “no fluff and no fillers” festival, featuring only bands that people love and maintaining a vibe that reflects the music, arts, and crafts. The outdoor stage is set up for people to listen to the various bands that perform throughout the day. Various food trucks are serving fresh classics like monster burgers at the event.

  1. Heritage Museum of Orange County

Preservation, promotion, and restoration of Orange County’s heritage and culture are the goals of the Heritage Museum of Orange County.

Santa Ana’s Museum of History sits on 12 acres and features several Victorian buildings. It is open most weekends from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

One of Orange County’s first Neoclassical Victorian-style homes, the Kellogg House is Heritage Museum’s most popular landmark among citrus trees and flower gardens.

You can visit the Gospel Swamp Farm and Natural Area at the Heritage Museum, which local high school students maintain. Visit Santa Ana’s original residents and learn some interesting facts about them.

In addition to its rich history, the Heritage Museum hosts several educational programs throughout the year for the local community. Music festivals, ghost tours, and markets selling handmade goods and local art are just a few examples. Google alerts will provide you with all the festival schedules.

Visiting the Heritage Museum in the historic Orange County district will give you a glimpse of the area’s rich history.

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