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8 Things You Should Not Miss To Do When In Solvang (2024)

A charming little Danish Town, Solvang is a unique getaway spot in the Northern part of California. As named by the locals, the “Danish capital of America,” Solvang is rich in architecture, culture, and incredible Danish bakeries. Even if you are here for a quick weekend trip or for a long stay, this fantastic town will amaze you with all the incredibility and charm it has nestled. 

Solvang, the historic Danish town, has a lot of admirable aspects, and there are a lot of new experiences you can grab on your trip here. From exploring the authentic village life to covering roads on trollies and carriages, there’s a lot of interesting things to do when you are in Solvang. So, are you considering visiting Solvang soon? Or planning to spend some days here?

8 Things You Should Not Miss To Do When In Solvang

Check our list of the 8 most popular things to do in Solvang. Have a look:

1. Explore the city in Trolley & Carriage

Want to do something unique in Solvang? Or experience things that are now a talk of the past? Then do explore the city through trollies and carriages. Horse-drawn trolleys and carriage are some of the famous transportation modes in Solvang specially used by visitors and locals for sightseeing. Here they are known as Honen that is used to denote conveyance native to Denmark. These Honen (s) are drawn by two beautiful and strong Belgian horses taking the passengers all along the city. There are not more than 2 or 3 Honen in Solvang, all owned by the local Orona family, who usually get dressed up in the traditional Denmark attire in order to lure guests for a ride. Explore the city in Trolley & Carriage, SlovangImage Source

2. Plan Your Day At Wineries and Vineyards

The city of Solvang boosts in the Wine business, and there are over 100 wineries and vineyards here. From vibrant vineyards to family-owned and award-winning ones, the city has a hold over only the best. When in the city, you can explore the 400 acres Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards and taste their three major wine labels or visit the Carivintas Winery and enjoy in their quirky-themed tasting rooms; the best part is you can even take your pets along to Carivintas. Further, for sipping wines amidst tranquillity and nice views, you can head towards the Sevtap Winery Tasting Room, CrossHatch Winery, Rusack Vineyards, and the Rideau Vineyard.

Plan Your Day At Wineries and Vineyards, Solvang

Image Source

3. Go for Olive Oil Tasting

Ever heard of Olive Oil tasting? You can actually experience it when in Solvang. Besides its incredible wines and beautiful vineyards, the city of Solvang also features several Olive oil tasting rooms where you can taste and shop for some unique Olive Oil varietals. And if you are a fan of Olive’s, it is surely one of the most fun and luxurious experiences you can grab on when in the city. Here you can taste several free samples infused with Rosemary, lemon, vinegar, and jalapeno, and later on, buy the one that suited your taste buds the most. Some of the preferable Olive Oil tasting spots in Solvang include Solvang Olive, Olive house, Sanger family of wines, and the Solvang olive press.

4. Stroll Through The Village

Not usual like but the European-inspired Village setting in the USA can only be explored when you are in the fantastic little Solvang city. Begin from Mission Drive, the main street that runs through the village, and notice the Solvang’s colorful facades from all angles. For you to admire, there are several pretty flower boxes, giant windmills, wonderful Danish-inspired buildings showcasing splendid architecture, and small replicas like Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid and other additions. Further, there are over 150 cute shops in the village selling music boxes, beautiful lace, porcelain, clocks, kitchen gadgets, old watches, and whatnot. Here you can also spend your time at the art galleries and shop for pieces that impressed you the most.

5. Learn About the Danish Culture

Solvang has a lot of Danish-inspired elements, or you can say that Danish culture is filled with Solvang’s mud and air. From Bethania Lutheran Church to the clocktower in the city, everything exhibits a unique and distinct side of Danish architecture. If you are interested to know about the insights, do explore the museum at the Old Mission Santa Ines and the Elverhøj Museum of History & Art (housed in an 18th century Denmark farmhouse).

6. Shop From The Famous Danish Bakeries

You are missing the real essence of Solvang if you haven’t been to a Danish Bakery in the city. When in Danish town, every sweet lover is definitely supposed to try some incredible Danishes and other baked desserts. Most of the bakeries here have a huge line waiting for their chance; thus, if you want to go quick, make sure you be there during morning hours. Some of the specialties here at Danish bakeries include cream puffs, Kringle, almond ring cake, stroopwafel, butter cookies, risalamande, and of course, the Danishes.

Few recommendations for baked goods here in the city are Solvang Bakery on Alisal Road, Olsen’s Danish Village Bakery and Mortensen’s Bakery on Mission Drive, Danish Mill Bakery on Copenhagen Drive, and the Birkholm’s Bakery & Café.

7. Attend Popular Annual Events And Festivals Of Solvang

Solvang Summers are known for outdoor events, especially the Solvang Festival Theatre that hosts a number of concerts and other performing art events from June throughout September. September here is also lively for the popular Danish days, whereas October and December for Grape Stomp and Julefest, respectively. Danish Days are indeed the greatest celebrations in the town. Solvang’s Danish heritage is observed and honored through folk dances, music, parades, and whatnot. The city is in a distinct charm throughout September, hosting the biggest celebration of the year. Further, Grape Stomp is a traditional harvesting festival of Solvang that opens up opportunities for local foods, wine tastings, music, dance, and contests, whereas Julefest is known for the tree lightings, light shows, and basically all the Christmas charm.

8. Stay in a Danish Inspired Hotel

If you are a traveler to Solvang, then there’s nothing better than staying in a Danish Inspired hotel and observe America’s Little Denmark some more personally and close. Mirabelle Inn is one of the luxurious Danish countryside estates with all amenities of high-end hotels, including wine tasting and spa services. Though if you are looking for some budgeted option, then without a second thought, you can book your stay at the Royal Copenhagen Inn. The cozy rooms, European façade, and warm services here definitely make for the most comfortable stay.

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