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10 Awesome Tourist Attractions in Solvang

10 Awesome Tourist Attractions in Solvang (2023)

A small, laid-back town of Southern California, Solvang lies in the lap of the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. It is known for the historic Danish town, Danish-style architecture, art, and wineries. The city’s population exceeds no more than 6000; however, it welcomes more than 1 million visitors and travelers every year. Solvang earlier attracted travel hearts due to the 1939 visit of Denmark’s Prince Frederik; however, later, the town began development, making it one of the favorite getaway spots for Sol Cal locals.

While you are on your trip to this idyllic rustic village, there is a lot of fun and exciting places you can visit in Solvang. From natural sites to museums and the Holy Churches, Solvang won’t let you go back disappointed.

10 Awesome Tourist Attractions in Solvang

To get some more insights for your next trip here, have a look at our list of Most Popular tourist attractions in Solvang.

1. Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch

You will surely miss something great and exciting if you fail to visit the Quicksilver Miniature Horse Ranch when in Solvang. Easy to find, this farmland is just out of the Solvang town featuring horses and miniature ponies that nevertheless are the cutest you can ever see. You can reach it right at 1555 Alamo Pintado Road northeast from the town somewhere between Solvang and Los Olivos. Horses here are no more than 40 inches from the ground and some even smaller and petite ones. April through June is the ‘Baby Season’ here at Ranch, and it is the time when you can see the just born miniature who look no better than alluring unicorns. A quick 20 to 30 minutes stop here just for watching and patting the miniatures will make your day. And if you have kids along, do not dare to miss it.

2. Wildling Museum of Art & Nature

Wildling Museum of Art & Nature operates with the motive of educating people about caring for the dwindling natural and wilderness around. It is where nature and art meet together for presenting perspectives of preserving, growing, and celebrating the nature that is both far and close to use. Since the museum was established in 2005, it has collected over 100 permanent pieces, including large-scale historical paintings, abstract bronze sculptures, and wall murals. Within a nominal admission fee, one can take a self-guided tour of a multi-level museum, and if you age under 17, it’s all free for you. The museum building also features a one-of-a-kind gift store where you can shop for handmade jewelry, plush animals, home décor, art books, travel maps, and whatnot.Best Tourist Attraction in Solvang-Wildling Museum of Art & Nature Image Source

3. Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum

Solvang presents some world-class motorcycles via its Vintage Motorcycle Museum, located in downtown Solvang. The museum was founded by a local motorbike enthusiast and collector, Virgil Elings, in the year 2000. It features nearly 100 classic motorcycles and some rare vintage ones that you might ever find anywhere else in your life. From a rare Vincent Grey Flash, a Britten V1000, a Vincent Black Lightning to one of four Isle of Man TT racing specials, the collection here will simply blow your mind. Every single piece here at the display is at its best shape, most of them in their original untouched conditions. The museum is operational only on Saturday and Sunday with a minimal charge of $10 (only cash). Though in case if you are looking for some weekday appointment, consider connecting with them via call.

4. OstrichLand USA

A solid entertainment venue where you can get up close and personal with the giant-ass birds, the OstrichLand USA is no doubt one of the best places to visit in Solvang. Animal lovers, bird watchers, and Aviary enthusiasts, anyone who is looking to spend time with some ostriches and emus in the city must definitely visit this place. Where the ostriches look cute, emus can actually scare you with their unusual appearance and blood-red eyes. This 33-acre breeding farm features over 100 birds, each loves getting petted and fed by the visitors. With a minimal $5 entry fee and $1 for a big bowl of bird food, visitors can feed the ostriches and mind us; they are extremely fond of humans. Once done with all this, you can further shop for ostrich eggs, meat, eggshell paintings, and other items from the nearby store within the farm.

5. Old Mission Santa Inés

One of the Crucial parts of Californian history, the Old Mission Santa Inés, is amongst the 21 Californian missions built by Spanish Franciscan priests and led by Father Junipero Serra from the year 1769 to 1836. It with the 19th Mission and was established here in the city in the year 1804. Considering its historical and spiritual importance, the Old Mission Santa Inés in Solvang is often visited by locals, people from the neighborhood, and seekers from all over California. Everything here is well preserved, interesting and telling a lot about the history of the region. You can visit the church, museum, chapel, cemetery, and a lovely garden filled with a peaceful fountain and plants of all kinds. Everything apart from the museum is absolutely free to visit.

6. Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Hans Christian Andersen Museum is a mini-museum sitting atop a bookstore in Solvang town. It is managed by the Ugly Duckling Foundation and features a lot of old books, pictures of Hans Christian Andersen, a model of his boyhood home, and some Danish shoemaking tools. From Andersen’s first and early editions to his letters of correspondence and his personal poetry, there a lot of history here to view, read, and learn from. One can also learn a lot about Andresen’s fairy tales, including the princess and the peach, the little mermaid, and the snow queen. The Museum display also features some interesting books for sale; however, if you seek more options, the bookstore on the ground floor will definitely fascinate you.

7. Elverhoj Museum of History and Art

A visit to the Solvang town is always incomplete if you go back without learning about the Danish culture and history. And one of the best and most entertaining ways to do so is via the Elverhoj Museum of History and Art. The Elverhoj Museum is located in a small village setting of Solvang inside a Danish 18th Century-style former home handcrafted by its old owners themselves. The museum is known for housing the Danish-American pioneer spirit, the colorful heritage of Denmark, and of course, the history of Solvang via photos, artifacts, and digital media. You can visit here Friday through Monday from 10 am to 5 pm with no entry fee. However, the museum except for donations.

8. Solvang Wind Harp

One of the most popular things to see in Solvang, the Solvang Wind Harp, is definitely not worth a miss. This historic Wind Harp dates back to a century and is known to represent the history of Solvang. In 2015, the Harp was taken down for renovation purposes; however, in the year 2016, it was mounted again over a new pole facing the Fredensborn Canyon, at the exact site where it initially stood for straight 101 years. Wind Harp is also the last significant remnant of Atterdag College that is one of the most important parts of Solvang’s historical heritages. Spending an evening sitting nearby the Wind Harp is what the locals of Solvang love and prefer. And when the high wind rushes through the Harp, the series of lovely musical notes are a blessing to hear.

9. Rusack Vineyards

Nestled in the Ballard Canyon Road of Solvang town, the Rusack Vineyards can be your ultimate spot if you are looking for some great wine tasting and beautiful vineyard tours. It is a boutique space settled in the year 2003 with a commitment to excellence and producing world-class handcrafted wines. It is owned by Gregg and Alison Rusack and managed by Steven Garbac, all of who have been in the business for years and are taking forward their family legacy. Wine here is indeed tasteful, but one thing that attracts the most people is the beautiful setting, and astonishing vies. It is a place worth checking for sightseeing purposes in Solvang as well.

10. Rideau Vineyard

Vineyard and wineries know no end in Solvang, and another great place you can check here is the Rideau Vineyard. It was found back in the year 1997 and soon, within almost no time, grabbed its name in one of the award-winning wineries in Sol Cal for the fine wines. The Vineyards here only produce Rhône grape varietals, and they surely are master in them. You can reach here via the Alamo Pintado Road; just a quick 10 minutes’ drive out of Solvang Town. Amidst scenic driveways, beautiful entrance, oak-surrounded lush green grounds, and the wonderful French Victorian architecture, sipping a glass of wine here at Rideau feels no less than magical. Also, the dining menu here is worth trying.

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