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10 Top-rated Tourist Places to visit in Santa Rosa

10 Top-rated Tourist Places to visit in Santa Rosa (2022)

A city close enough to San Francisco, Santa Rosa is something unique and extraordinary, ideal for travel hearts who are looking for a blend of metropolitan luxury along with outdoor fun. Santa Rosa is nestled in the heart of Sonoma County, a wine wonder of California; thus, you will naturally get to explore the green outdoors here. Also, with its delightful location with mountains as one backdrop and the Pacific Ocean as another, the city attracts about a million of visitors every year.

The city of Santa Rosa is home to Natural sights, human-made museums, stately gardens, historic locations, some fine wineries and vineyards, art and culture centre, wilds and whatnot. The list keeps ongoing, and you can find an abundance of options in Santa Rosa that will keep you entertained for a week-long or even more.

10 Top-rated tourist places to visit in Santa Rosa

To get a detailed insight, have a look at our 10 Most Popular Tourist Places in Santa Rosa.

1. Charles M. Schulz Museum

The Charles M. Schulz Museum is self-explanatory to its name, a place dedicated to the wonders of Charles M. Schulz. The museum is noted as one of the best places to visit in Santa Rosa, all thanks to the wonderful and even the biggest collection of Peanuts comic strip, specifically Snoopy and Charlie Brown. It is home to several thousands of artefacts, pictures, photographs and comic components that can make even the rudest heart laugh. From original hand-painted pieces to period memorabilia, sculptures and Japanese artwork, every single object inside the museum is worth stopping at. When here, do not forget to try on some fun activities like ice skating at Snoopy’s home ice rink or try some lip-smacking dishes at the Warm Puppy Café.Top-rated tourist places to visit in Santa Rosa-Charles M. Schulz MuseumCredit schulzmuseum.org : Image Source

2. Safari West

If you are a Santa Rosa local and haven’t visited the Safari West yet, you are definitely missing something extraordinary. Safari West is a private Wildlife preserve spread over an area of 400 acres and can be reached within a 10-minute drive towards the north of cities’ downtown. It is also one of the handfuls of private zoological facilities that offer wild animal care with vacation lodging combinedly in America. However, the highlight of Safari West is the African Safari that takes one towards a little piece of Africa, fascinating and entertaining for both kids and adults. All the animals here are exotic and well cared for. When here, do not miss to interact with the extremely fun antelopes, giraffes, zebras, and ostriches.

 Top Tourist Place to Visit in Santa Rosa-Safari West

Image Source Photo Courtesy Make it Kenya

3. Old Courthouse Square (The Downtown Santa Rosa)

Santa Rosa has invested a lot in upgrading its downtown region, and you can see some outstanding results of the same while you walk down the Old Courthouse square. The setting offers a mix of shopping, dining and exploring opportunities along with a wide range of events featuring live music, family movie nights, cultural celebrations and community yoga. Old Courthouse Square is covered all around with some famous Santa Rosa attractions as well, like the Museum of Sonoma County, Burbank’s gardens, Railroad Square Historic District that can engage you all day long. When here, do try the Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican, and Latin American restaurants that are serving some authentic dishes you might not find anywhere nearby.

4. Luther Burbank Home and Gardens

A few minutes towards the South of Old Courthouse Square lies the Luther Burbank homes and Gardens, a public park worth visiting. It was once home to Luther Burbank, a noted American horticulturalist who performed several of his life works here. The site includes his former home, grave, greenhouse, gardens, fountains, ponds, everything beautifully preserved and maintained. Today the site in Santa Rosa is also noted as National and Californian Historic landmarks and is famous for several thousand plant varieties. You can visit here for free, five days a week and know the place better and closer via their Guided tours.

Amazing Tourist Place to Visit in Santa Rosa-Luther Burbank Home and GardensImage Source

5. Trione-Annadel State Park

Trione-Annadel is a huge 5,092-acre State Park located in Santa Rosa. It is home to several multi-use trails, Lake Ilsanjo, green lands, wildflower fields and occasionally sighted wildlife. The Park is highly famous amongst Santa Rosa locals, specifically the hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers, and horse riders. Visitors can even try their fishing luck at Lake Ilsanjo, though only with a permitted license. There are several picnicking trailside tables for day use picnic here at the park. Trione-Annadel still has rough and non-developed land; thus, you might not find many amenities here. While you are on your way to the state park, make sure you carry plenty of water, eatables and an umbrella along. Nice Tourist Place to Visit in Santa Rosa-Trione-Annadel State ParkImage Source

6. Spring Lake Regional Park

A 320 acres site featuring endless recreational opportunities, the Spring Lake Regional Park is not worth a miss. The Park is located in southeastern Santa Rosa featuring a massive Santa Rosa Creek Reservoir in the centre. It is operational from dawn to dusk, offering free entry, though paid parking. When here, visitors can be a part of some endless fun and exciting activities, including hiking, cycling, swimming, boating, sightseeing, bird watching. The entire Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa features a well-managed spread of more than 200 picnic tables with barbecues and campgrounds, providing first come, first serve services. The picnic tables are available all throughout the year, though the campground is operational from May 1 through September 30 (7 days a week), while only weekends and holidays during the rest of the year.

7. Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

A quick 20 minutes’ drive from the city of Santa Rosa will lead your way towards the Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary. The spa Sanctuary has been operating here for over 3 decades now and is known not only for its services but also for the beautiful natural settings. After a hectic and tiring travelling time in Santa Rosa, it is the perfect place where you can relax, rejuvenate and get yourself pampered amidst the natural Japanese influenced setting. Osmosis Day Spa is vividly famous all over Sonoma County for its Japanese gardens, bamboo gardens, Osmosis Meditation Garden and the idyllic bonsai. Spa therapies here are provided within the creek-side private cabanas, ensuring privacy and calmness both. Further, one can relax with the sound therapy and then enjoy an all organic and vegetarian lunch.

8. St. Francis Winery and Vineyards

One of the best Sant Rosa Vineyard, St. Francis Winery and Vineyards is doing business and production in the city for over 40 years now. With experience, education, learning, and expertise, they produce some finest tasting wines, especially the local wines. Their vineyards are spread over 400 acres with beautiful rolling hills at the backdrop and lush green well-manicured gardens all throughout the way. Here one can take vineyard tours, sip on an array of wines, dine at their in-house restaurant, and can even shop and take back some bottles. Further, a moderate-sized bell tower with 1,000 pounds bronze bell is worth looking for.

9. Matanzas Creek Winery

Matanzas Creek Winery is undoubtedly the most scenic Winery in Santa Rosa. It is located in the Bennett Valley region that is known for its remote but breathtakingly beautiful settings. Matanzas offers both refined quality and ultimate tasting wine along with the rustic country charm. Here you can taste Bennett Valley AVA Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and the Sauvignon Blanc. The best part about Matanzas Creek Winery is the wine pourers and guides who are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly not just sharing information about wines and vineyards here but also a lot of other talks about things and places all across California.

10. Luther Burbank Center or Wells Fargo Center for the Arts

Luther Burbank Center is an art centre in Santa Rosa that was known by the name Wells Fargo Center for the Arts until 2016. This non-profit centre premieres world-class performances, contemporary visual art, nationally-recognized education programs and several famous and worth watching art and cultural events. The art centre organizes over 100 performances each and every year featuring several notable artists, including local talent as well. Apart from weekly events, you can also explore a range of galleries and exhibitions in the form of both permanent and rotating/static exhibitions. Before you plan your visit here, do consider checking the local listings to find out when is the next big event.

Luther Burbank Center or Wells Fargo Center for the ArtsImage Source

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