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Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford

10 Most Beautiful Places to Photograph in Connecticut (2024)

The state of Connecticut is known for its beautiful landscapes. From the beautiful sandy shores and dense green forests to its many award-winning museums, Connecticut has a huge range of picturesque locales that make for the most Instagrammable pictures. Apart from its moneyed towns like Greenwich, this famous Nutmeg state is home to many sleepy seaside getaways like the charming town of Mystic. The further you explore this wondrous state, the more you get to see the adorable villages, mesmerizing winding rivers and tributaries, and iconic bridges.

Not to forget that the quintessential New England charm is available in Connecticut in heaps. You can capture some beautiful pictures during the peak of autumn with the colorful foliage in the background, or you can capture shots of vibrant entertainment scenes in big cities like Hartford. And of course, don’t forget Yale University’s impressive faux-Gothic-looking buildings and diver restaurants in New Haven. While you are in Connecticut, you will never fall short of charming and stunning pictures to capture.

10 Most Beautiful Places to Photograph in Connecticut

Here are some of the most beautiful places to photograph in Connecticut.

1. Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford

Let’s begin the journey to see the most beautiful places to capture in pictures from the town of Hartford. Hartford is the third biggest city in Connecticut, just behind Bridgeport and New Haven. The most iconic and majestic building in the city is the Connecticut State Capitol, which is magnificently topped by a gold-leaf dome. Inside the building are more beautiful places to photograph, including the impressive Hall of Flags, and if you are lucky, you may even catch sight of multiple politicians making their way in and out when the building is in session.

Hartford is also home to a wide variety of historical attractions that are worth a visit if you want to take more pictures.

2. Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge in Westport

From majestic buildings to iconic bridges, Connecticut indeed has it all. You will see two rows of waving flags welcoming visitors to Westport’s historic and scenic downtown. Lining the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge are more than 40 flags that fly all the way from late April right to Thanksgiving. The famous Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge crosses the mesmerizing Saugatuck River and is a beautiful site to take some awe-inspiring pictures.

The bridge is actually a representation of the efforts of the private secretary of Eleanor Roosevelt, by the name of Steinkraus Cohen, who was an avid advocate for the United Nations and went on to found the United Nations Association of Southwest Connecticut. The bridge today represents the huge amount of effort she and other residents of Westport put in to build relationships between towns, people, and countries.

3. Downtown Hartford

The city of Hartford is stunning no matter where you visit. Downtown Hartford is regarded as being a famous arts and entertainment center. Being home to plenty of eclectic restaurants that add to any foodie itinerary, this city is definitely worth visiting, especially if you want to capture some gorgeous pictures of evening fun. There are extensive photography subjects in this city.

While in downtown Hartford, don’t miss the famous home of Mark Twain. Also, make a stop at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art and the place where Harriet Beecher Stowe rested her head. The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art was founded in 1842 and is today the oldest continuously operating public art museum in the US.

4. Heublein Tower at the Talcott Mountain State Park in Simsbury

For getting some breathtakingly stunning photographs, you need to climb up 120 steps to reach the top of the Heublein Tower, located in the heart of the Talcott Mountain State Park in Simsbury. In fact, so popular is this place that you will find many hikers and photographers making their way up to the tower. The stunning views from atop the tower are never disappointing. The reward you get for this vigorous climb is an incredible view of the beautiful Farmington River Valley, and the entire Hartford skyline laid out in front of you.

Being 165 feet in height, this extraordinary tower can be visited all through the year, but to get the best pictures, you should visit during the peak of the fall season. You will not find a better place in the entire Connecticut to get such incredible foliage pictures.

5. Essex Steam Train in Essex

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Connecticut, it is best to climb aboard the Essex Steam Train and make your way through the stunning Connecticut River Valley as you soak up all the history in the vintage coaches of this antique steam train. The Essex Steam Train is operated by the Valley Railroad Company, and tours leave from the Essex Station starting in early May to late October. You can also combine a river cruise package on the Connecticut River on the equally remarkable Becky Thatcher riverboat to truly make an entire picturesque trip out of your visit.

6. Kent Falls in Kent

What an amazing it is to see water come crashing down the 250 feet of falls that make up the breathtaking Kent Falls inside the Kent Falls State Park in Kent. The Kent Falls is known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state of Connecticut, and it is a sight to behold. As you make your way through a misty hiking trail to reach the top, you will feel an adrenalin-fueled rush when you look down to see the water crash down into Falls Brook, which is a tributary that leads to the mesmerizing Housatonic River. If you want to get some fantastic long exposure shots, it is best to visit Kent Falls on a cloudy day.

Take your time to explore the Kent Falls State Park as well, which is set beautifully among the Litchfield Hills and is also home to a picturesque covered bridge, which makes for some incredible pictures as well.

7. Thames River in New London

Connecticut is home to many charming rivers and winding tributaries. One of the world’s biggest whaling ports, New London is a bustling city that is home to many fine restaurants, an engaging arts scene, and an amazingly beautiful waterfront. You can take some of the most beautiful shots of the various sailboats that sail along the waterfront, trying to soak up the last of the sun’s rays as the sun sets over the Thames River.

8. Macedonia Brook State Park in Kent

Another beautiful place for taking pictures is the Macedonia Brook State Park in Kent. This is a hidden gem of tranquility that is spread out over 2300 acres of woodland, hiking trails, and a gurgling brook that lends the park its name. Take a hike across the Cobble Mountain and explore the other peaks on the Blue Trail to get some spectacular vistas of both the Taconic and the Catskill Mountains. There are 51 camping sites in the park, making it an ideal place to spend a relaxing day or two.

9. Mystic

There are many beautiful small cities in Connecticut, but none as charming as Mystic. In fact, you can say that a visit to this beautiful town will be well worth your time if you are looking for beautiful places to photograph.

This is a beautiful former shipbuilding seaport that celebrates boats, schooners, pirates, and more throughout the year as a way to keep the history of the town alive. There are dozens of ways to get out on the water here, making it a perfect holiday for adventure lovers and the ideal picturesque destination for the budding photographer.

One of the top-most attractions you must check out in Mystic is the Seaport Museum. This museum is packed with incredible things, including a recreated 19th-century fishing village, an old wooden whaling ship, and a separate children’s museum. You can even board a cruise from here if you want to capture the sun setting over this beautiful town.

10. Downtown New Haven

New Haven is most famously known for being home to Yale University and its majestic Victorian and faux-Gothic buildings. This second-largest city in Connecticut is known for its vibrant arts and entertainment scene as well. Apart from the Yale University, you should also head to the New Haven Green, which is the city’s answer to New York’s famous Central Park, to take pictures of beautiful churches, paved walkways, and giant trees that dot this area.

Downtown New Haven

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